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birthday gift for 8 year old girl?

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Can anyone suggest a good birthday gift for an 8 year old girl? I seem to have forgotten the types of things I liked at that age!

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beading kit
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My DD will be 8 in June and she really likes board games. She likes Apples to Apples Jr (which says it's for 9+ but any kid who can read can play it) and Monopoly the most right now. She went to a birthday party and the girl got a hair beader, and that seems to be very popular. She also likes crafts like Perler beads, soap making supplies, etc. She also has some Liquid Rainbow paint that is neat. You paint a design on a baggie or piece of plexiglass. After it dries, you peel it off and can stick it to a window like a suncatcher.
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I love giving craft stuff as gifts, and there are so many cool things for 8-9 year old girls.

At a bookstore near me I saw all these kits - one had supplies and instructions to make fairies, one was a learning to crochet kit, one was about the art of paper twirling.

Someone got my 8 year old nephew some fusible beads, an idea book for the beads, and a bead organizer and he loved it.

I also second the idea of board games - my nephews and the kids at school love them. I love Apples to Apples, I didn't know there was a Jr. version. Its a great game.

I usually just check out the Hearthsong catalog if I'm stuck, they have such great stuff!

Good luck!
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We generally do a Klutz kit (they have some inexpensive "Make a Bead Princess" or Ballerina or Fairy ones as well as more expensive ones).

We also like games--- board or cards. Sleeping Queens (card game) is the favorite around our house right now.

Any craft items, cute journals, etc... are all big among DDs friends.
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Does she like to read? There are some great book series for young girls. Craft kits are always a hit in our family.
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Yes, craft kits, art supplies or a gift certificate to a book store ....

We offer new knitter kits - they are adorable (the link is in my signature).

Warm wishes,
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Does she knit? Knitting supplies are a good choice for this age . Also, my 8 year old brother LOVES board games. There are a large selection of cooperative board games available that he really enjoys playing, and I remember enjoying board games at that age as well. If she enjoys fairies maybe a flower fairy kit?
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