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Using only your diapers?

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How many people her eonly sew there own diapers?
I'm a a former Hyena that now prefers my own instead of shelling out 30 per fitteds and sometimes 100+ on wool
Anyone else that doenst buy a whole lots of WAHM or mass produced dipes?

I buy on the TP or for sale boards ot see the diaper and if I liek to try to sew one like it myself.
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I bought FB's when my son was about 6mo (now 19mo) and since then have only bought 4 BSW's for something different, right before I started making my own. I now have about 6AIO's and 6 pockets and 6 fitteds that I've made myself and tend to use quite a bit. It really depends on my mood. I like variety so I switch it up from diaper change to diaper change. Really no preference.
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I can't speak for myself forever, since I don't know what I'll do yet. But other than my homemade dipes, I only have my 12 kl 0's, and I don't intend on buying any more ready made dipes. As a matter of fact, I may sell my kl's if I end up with enough dipes that I don't need them. I have fun making my own, and I can do the really super expensive stuff like velour inners and minkee outers a lot cheaper than I can buy them.
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I'm just making diapers that will fit Abby now, but I'm thinking of selling my FBs, etc and just using my own fitteds and AIOs. I may still buy covers though.
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In the beginning before dd#2 arrived i bought 3 dz infant cpf, 9 proraps newbrn, 2 dz cpf premiums,1 dz indian prefolds, 6 bsww small, 3 sm proraps 2nds, 3 loveybums fitted ov small, 4 sherpa loveybum fitted med, 6 bsww, 2 wahm ai2 (can't remember name, from ebay new) and tried 2 wonderroos, bought 1 pair of shorties from green mountain woolies, and one knitted wool soaker from wahm in canada on ebay, then i started crocheting my own soakers, longies and shorties and making my own dipes and i love them better (except for the loveybums but that is because i'm still waiting on sherpa co-op to close to try it out on my pattern. i have since sold all of the cpf she has grown out of, most of my newborn wraps, the 2 wonderroos (i hated these). now mine aren't perfect but i love them, they are near and dear to my heart. soon i will be selling my prefolds, when i finish making all the dipes i need.
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Well, my plan is that after we move, we will only use my diapers (get rid of the diaper service). But the plan has always been to use only my own covers, and except for previously bought ones, we're doing pretty good!
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I did buy a stash of small and medium FBs before I realized I can sew, and now I sew and use all of my own (except occasionally use the FBs when we are out and about).

I love my diapers! I probably have 40 or more pockets I have made, Fleece AIOs and cotton fitted. And they are all made from the Darling Diaper www.darlingdiapers.com patterns. I can't buy a better fitting more comfortable diaper. And I don't even get excited about looking at other diapers for sell anymore.

I did stock up on some wool covers and some adorable fleece shorts from Froo-froo fluff, but other than that I am finished buying pre-made.
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I'm slow at making them, but...

For newborn, I started out with 2 dozen infant cpfs, 3 dozen regular cpfs, 2 Proraps newborn size covers, 4 newborn size Bummis SWWs, 1 newborn size Bummis Super Snap Wrap, and 2 small size Bummis SWWs. When DS was born 10.5 weeks early, I had to get a couple dozen preemie size cpfs as well. CD'd for two months after he came home from the NICU, and stopped a few weeks after his due date... He was probably about 8-9 lbs by then, but peeing like a 3 month old. The infant sized cpfs could NOT handle it, I didn't even think of doubling with a preemie cpf, and I didn't know about other materials or making my diapers, etc. Switched to sposies, but kept using the regular size cpfs as burp cloths, since he was a reflux spitter upper.

Fast forward to 14 months... I decided to try cloth again. I bought a large FB and a large HH with a few different inserts to try out. The HH did NOT fit at all, and the large was big in the leg, but great in the waist. So I returned those and got two PT size FBs instead. Those fit reasonably well, so I bought another dozen. Now I was set and could CD full time. No more sposies.

Then I realized I could MAKE cloth diapers. I started out by selling a couple FBs, using prefolds with a FB as a cover, then using the PP I got to buy some PUL and FOE. I made my first cover from my own pattern. It's a bit narrow, but it works. Made a couple more covers, then sold 7 more FBs. In the meantime, I was making fitteds, plus I got one Luke's Drawers AI2 off Diaper Swappers. So now my total purchased diaper stash consists of 5 FBs and one Luke's Drawers AI2, plus a Sugar Peas wool cover I got from someone who bought it off the TP and it didn't fit (size medium is a really big medium!!!).

My goal right now is to make a couple pockets for nighttime (I've started using pockets again for that), and make some more fitteds and AIOs/AI2s. Once I have at least 5 of those diapers total, I'll sell the remaining 5 FBs, buy more fabric , and make even more diapers.

So yes, I intend to use just my own. I'm just really slow at getting around to it!
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We started with prefolds and BSWW covers. We had 3 2nd hand fitted WAHM diapers that that WAHM had used and was selling off. We also had 1 newborn fitted WAHM diaper bought especially for our DD. We also had 1 fb to try out.

We learned quickly that we didn't like snaps and hardly used the fb (my wife is a bit snap challenged as well...) We now have 2 2nd hand WAHM pockets (from the same WAHM) 1 WAHM tester one size fitted diaper (again same WAHM) and 1 2nd hand regular fitted (again... same WAHM) We also have a bunch of premium prefolds dyed by me in various forms of trimmed, converted to prefitteds or as is. Everything else is made by me. All our wipes are made by me and all of our doublers are made by me out of really awful diapers that were given to us (they absorbed about 1 pee from a newborn let alone our 10 month old. They work GREAT as doublers though

We have a ton of knitted wool that my Mom made for DD and I have made several pair of longies and a butt sweater for night covers.

The plan is to finish converting a bunch of the prefolds into prefitteds and to continue making pockets and AIO's for the rest of our diapering needs.
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I only use my own diapers. When I first started cloth I wanted to get some FBs b/c they were the only brand I'd heard of and I liked the convience. But I couldn't afford them at the time and didn't want to have my dc in disposables for as long as it would've taken me to be able to afford them so I learned to sew (from MDC! ) and made some myself. Now I love it. I'm still perfecting my own pattern but the satisfaction of having my dc not only in cloth but in cloth diapers that I made is priceless (well, dh may be able to put a price on it! ).
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Up intil this baby I have bought diapers. Only Fb's and prefolds w/covers. I'm not into paying a lot for diapers no matter how cute or well constructed they are. I would rather make my own. I definately respect all those WAHM's for the time and energy they put into making diapers for many other moms. I don't know where they get the time, I can barely get in time to make my own and crochet covers, which I et yet to finish.
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Originally Posted by Jes'sBeth
The plan is to finish converting a bunch of the prefolds into prefitteds
Please forgive my ignorance, but what does this mean?
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Originally Posted by BlissP
Please forgive my ignorance, but what does this mean?
A prefold that is shaped and elastic put in It is serged around or zig zaged It can close with snaps touchtape or pins
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We use ALMOST exclusively my dipes now. We have a few fitteds that I bought for DD1 while building my stash and a few FB from her leftover. They are all so trashed that I could never get any decent money for them. We have used them to within an inch of their lives and definitely got our money's worth out of them. I am in the process of pulling out the covers that are saleable to sell off because we finally have enough homemade ones.

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Originally Posted by BlissP
Please forgive my ignorance, but what does this mean?
You can see how to do it at http://www.diapersewing.com/prefold_to_fitted.htm I don't have a serger but have access to one. It is a really great solution when you've already got a bunch of prefolds on hand.

We leave the closures off and snappi them on which keeps them really really adjustable.
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Yep, nothin but mama made.

We have a few prefolds used for changing pads, but aside from that EVERYTHING i use was sewn by me, and there are at least 4 doz in that pile, lol!

I have bought tons of WAHM stuff when ds was smaller though, I LOVE to buy from other wahms, regardless of how much I have or how much I love my stuff. Even if I Never use the diaper, lol!

I've sold off most of that stuff though, as ds has pretty much potty trained and toddler poops stink up diapers, but I don't mind if mine get stinky, lol.
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