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Millicent Ruth announcement and birth story.

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Millicent Ruth was born February15th. I had had lots of contractions for about a month, some even close together for long periods of time. On 11 pm Valentines Day my water broke,I immediatly called my midwife and doula and told them I was heading to the hospital because I just had a sense of urgency.A bit (15 min or so) after I got off the phone with them my contractions got more painful and difficult. We loaded our stuff and our oldest son in the truck. The minute my parents arrived we took off. The hospital is close by and I was in the room by about midnight or so. The nurse checked me and declared I was about a 3. I was crushed because my contractions were so on top of each other and rather painful. I had been a 3 at a appt almost a month before! Steve did counter pressure on my back while sitting on the bed, it really helped. Then my doula had me stand by the bed leaning on the birth ball and swaying my hips during ctx. She had her hand on the small of my back and other hand on my hip helping me rock.Finally I said this sucks I need to do something different. My mw suggested a bath and turned on the water. I said I know it's just too soon but I am having pushing urges. She said hop up on the bed and I will check you. I did and she declared me a 9 with a small cervical lip. She called the nurses in to set up the warmer and birthing stuff. I breathed through a few ctx while they did that. After she said I could push, I really just let my ctx happen,it was hard to switch gears!I could feel her moving down even though I was not pushing. Steve was on one side of me and Kerri was on the other with the Wendy the midwife down below. Wendy and Steve helped me with my legs and with the next ctx I pushed out her head. Wendy had me stop the best I could so she could do some suction on the baby because there had been quite a bit of meconium in the water. On the next push she was born. I lifted her up to my own chest and covered her with a blankie to keep her warm. I had some bleeding and so I began nursing Millie almost immediatly. The nurses were really wanting for me to have pitocin but the nursing itself slowed the bleeding. Pretty neat I thought. She nursed for quite awhile because I really wanted her to get some colostrum right away as I had been gestational diabetic this time. It worked and her sugars never dipped. Another cool benefit of breastfeeding. After she had nursed I finally let them weigh and measure her. She was 8 # 6.7 oz. 22 inches long. Another natural childbirth. The time was 1:03.Barely 2 hours after my water broke at home. Zach and my mom were there for the birth and it was really special to have them so close. Garrett met his sister at lunch time that day.
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Congratulations! I love your birth story, thanks for sharing.
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Great birth story, thanks for sharing it! I just had to po in to tell you that I your daughter's name! I'm into "old fashioned" names as well. I lobbied my husband so hard to let me name our first Melanie Ruth, but he didn't like it, so we went with Melanie Rivkah. Enjoy your babymoon!
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Congratulations Rachel!!!

Can't wait to see that precious girl in person--hopefully before my baby decided to arrive!
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Lousli, we love old names too. My grandma is a Millie, my mom is Ruth.

Chelsea- I had a crazy dream last night. I was at your new house (which of course I really have no idea what it looks like) and was on the floor playing with Livi. I felt something between my legs (must have been wearing a skirt LOL) It was a tiny foot. I said Chels is that a foot, you were like Oh S*** um yeah! Then a few seconds later a baby was born. Like smallish body, but long dark hair to the shoulders. Then it seems like something was wrong and your husband who was not there earlier in the dream.LOL went to flag down an ambulance. So wierd, that is all that is coming to me now. The birth was effortless.
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Congratulations! I also love old fashioned names! Have a blissful babymoon!
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