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HI again!

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I haven't been around for very many months, but I am still here, and I am still expecting! At the start of my second trimester, our family contracted EVERY SINGLE virus that has come through this year, one after the other. From coughing and vomiting so much, I did something to my back. I pushed through the pain until I did something even worse to it while kickboxing, and then I couldn't wipe my bottom or dress myself! It was very painful for a long time, and the second it began to get better, I developed what we thought was a severe round ligament pain.

Well, we were wrong! LOL! My appendix ruptured, and the docs all said it looked like it had been leaking for about three days! I had surgery right away (once we figured out what was wrong) that included a five-day hospital say. I am one blessed woman! Recovery was really, really hard. FINALLY, after six weeks post op, I am PAIN FREE!!!! WAHOOO!

Before having a few good weeks, I had decided to birth in the hospital for the first time with an epidural. I was sooo tired of hurting!!! Now I feel like a new woman, and we are going to try for our fourth homebirth. I am working on getting our supplies ready now, and my midwife is just THE BEST!

Also during this time, I lost LOTS of my friends~and then my very best friend moved out-of-state just a week ago. WAH! So on top of getting ready to meet our baby (*I CAN'T WAIT!!!!*), I'm also doing some soul-searching. With such a heavy loss of confidants, I have to see somehow that the only common denominator is ME! OUCH!

Okay, enough about ME! I'm off to catch up with Y'ALL! (((((HUGS))))) sandi
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HOLY CRAP!!!! That is scary, I am so glad you are okay!
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OMG! I am so sorry you've been through all that! Glad to have you back here though!
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Thanks y'all~that means soooo much! It was such a painful journey, though the emotional sometimes (from having to still take care of everyone when I really felt like I couldn't take care of myself and had nothing left to give) was worse than the physical. Now I feel much more normal physically, but I'm still awfully weepy! (((((HUGS))))) sandi
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