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Opinions on Preschool Power! Videos

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Just wondering if anyone has seen any of the the Preschool Power! video series?


How do these fit in with Montessori?
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I was wondering about this too. I thought it may be helpful, especially in preparing my 2 yo to start in August. Anyone have any thoughts?
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I have no real experience with Montessori (I'd love to get ds in but there are none close to us). Our cable has an "on demand" feature and you can access stored shows for adults and kids. Preschool Power is one of ds's favorites! He loves K'idar. I am wondering if being in Montessori since a young age has anything to do with it, but these kids are doing these tasks flawlessly and without spilling or making a mess. My ds is 3.5 and couldn't do half these things. He still loves watching the kids though.
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Thanks for responding. I'm thinking of ordering the starter set for my 2 yo - I think my 4 yo will get a kick out of them as well!

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we usually advise against the use of TV...there is alot of recent research on the detrimental effects of the light impulses and brain activity...also on the rate of obesity and TV viewing (too much passivity) I will forward these later when I have a chance. Try to involve your child with some of these activities in the home instead, this would be the best prepatation. Also you could ask your child's directress what her feelings are.
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I agree with Lilliana - I'm not sure watching the TV is the best way to learn how to do Montessori activities. Can I suggest two books? Montessori Play and Learn and Montessori Read and Write? Both have EXCELLENT games and activities to do at home with your children (they're written for parents, whether your children attending M school or not), and will have many more ideas than the videos will. They have excellent color photographs as well.
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Thanks for everyone's responses. Lilliana, I am not opposed to TV at all. My 2 yo has learned all of his letters, numbers, and colors from watching various videos - he loves it. We don't overdo it, but it has been beneficial for him. As for the Preschool Power videos, I meant to use them as a supplement to at home activities that we would be doing. I do agree that the best prep would be actually handson activity.

Flyingspaghettimama - I'll definitely check out those books. The reason I am considering the videos is because my child learns well from the TV. He just soaks up the info. I can't get him to sit for 30 minutes of reading, but he'll watch an educational video for 30 minutes. The videos would just be like a bonus.

Thanks again for the opinions!
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The videos look fun. I checked out the site and noticed they are on sale.
Enter specialsale in the cupon section.
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Thanks for the input on these videos, etc. everyone!

While, I am not enthusiastic at all about my ds watching videos, I would still like to have a few "good" options on hand for when my twins are napping in slings (1 - 2x/day). This series seems like it might be better than most of what's out there, so maybe we'll give them a whirl.

Thanks flyingspaghettimama, I'm going to check out Montessori Play and Learn and Montessori Read and Write as well. Ds needs new activities these days! Who knows, maybe I can forgo the video aquisitions if we can transition to quiet activities again during nap time instead of using video which we have been doing lately
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Hi again Earthhugmama (LOVE your screen name, btw)
I happened to see a Preschool Power video at the library, and decided to watch it to give a more informed opinion. I was sort of surprised to see the "Consultants" listed as "certified montessori directresses" and slightly disappointed as well. My first thought (honestly) was "they must be AMS"...sure enough, the M school at Winston Salem is AMS. The reason I thought this is because AMS feels that directresses can make conceptual changes to the theory based on cultural specifics. I think that encouraging children to learn from watching tv is too big a divergence from Montessori theories of how children learn best (because it is not tactile). I do not know any Montessorians who advocate using television for children at this age. Montessori wrote extensively about handing the child concrete and tangible objects because at this stage of development, the child has sensitive periods for language, movement, order, refinement of the senses and social relations. She established the connection between manipulation and brain development. She wrote in detail about creating neurological synapsis through sensorial stimulation. This is not what happens when a child watches tv. Watching tv encourages lethargy and is antisocial. The only sensorial information one receives is visual and auditory. (no gustatory, olfactory, tactile, stereognostic) Montessori wrote about learning through all the senses. I have seen recent research speculating about the negative effect that the repeated light impulses may have on development of the eye and brain. This is still being decided. It is so much better to learn from an actual person, better yet, another (slightly older) child. This is definitely what Montessori had in mind, but not the virtual reality kind.
I did like the nice materials they used. Real and handmade objects are much more interesting than plastic. There was a nice assortment of woods, metal and glass.
Somewhat groovy songs.
Some of the ideas for children's activities are wonderful (I especially like the baking, not so much the art projects) and could be happening in the home. You can find tons of ideas for similar activities in books! But I completely disagree that merely watching another child perform these skills will help your child become self-confident, and in this way, I feel that the producers of this video are being misleading. They show no understanding whatsoever of sensitive periods, absorbent mind or human tendencies. There is no time for exploration, repetition or cycle of activity in video land. Also, I feel that the activities are structured for "product" over "process". Social interaction, so fundamental to M theory, is missing as well.
I didn't show it to my daughter, I was thinking about it to see her reaction, but we never got the chance. She does watch entertainment videos occasionally (2-4 hours a month). I am interested in going tv free myself.
I was glad to see your last post about foregoing the videos all together. Contrary to tomkat, I really don't believe that this is how children learn best, if even there is any learning going on at all. I believe that the child can learn to repeat many things from tv, videos, tapes, etc...but whether or not s/he has really learned (meaning she can apply the knowledge) is debatable. It is hard to separate what the child learn from experience vs. tv. Alot of time, the child's learning is internal and therefore, difficult to quantify. What I am saying is that I don't think the child learned numbers, colors and so on only from her experiences with the tv...but primarily from her experiences in the real world, through her senses.
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