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I told DS today (when I took the test). I was trying to call my best friend and let her know, and she wasn't answering her phone, so I was jumping up and down in excitement, waiting to tell her... And DS started jumping up and down too (ok, bouncing - he doesn't actually jump yet). I pointed to my tummy and said there was a baby in there, and he said "baby", which like a PP's son, is one of the few words he actually says (besides animal sounds!). So he said "baby" several times. I don't think he has ANY clue what's going on, but I do think it's a good to tell them.

A friend of mine had a miscarriage, and her daughter was 2.5 and knew about the baby and knew about the miscarriage. When mommy was going around all sad and depressed, it was important that the daughter knew WHY mommy was so sad. She just told her daughter "Mommy is sad right now, but she'll get better". Later, when the daughter saw her, she said "Mommy sad. She'll get better". That made the mom feel alot better, and the child understood that it wasn't anything the child did that made her sad!
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I told my boys this weekend.. my 9 year old asked me if I could please have a baby sister this time (if it was that easy hun!) and my 6 yr old said "kewl"

my 4 year old, who is my "baby" just looked at me funny and said "im the baby..." Soo.. that ones going to take some work.. lol
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I just got my BFP this morning (like about 30 min ago lol)!!!!
and I told the boys right away...
I told ds#1 that first the leaves have to grow on the trees, then the sumer will come, then the leaves will fall and the baby will be here after Halloween...
It will be still a long time...
He looked at me quite intensely and then said...
but mommy....
I have to get lots and lots of Candy

we'll leve it like that for now...
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I tested Tuesday and called dh at work to tell him. We agreed to not spread the news for a while--probably 3 months.

Wednesday morning, we woke the kids up to tell them.

The reason we considered waiting was that my last pregnancy ended in a miscarriage and I really didn't want to put them through that again, but then I realized that there was no way I could have hidden the m/c from them anyway. So, if it happened again, I'd be in a position of having to tell them about the m/c AND explain to them why they didn't know about the baby in the first place. Plus, it just didn't feel right to keep such big news from them.

Anyway, they're all happy about it.
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I sort of wanted to wait to get my blood test results back but we ended up telling her this evening anyhow. She said that she wants to rock the baby to sleep and put the baby in her bed with her. She's such a sweetie. She's wanted a baby for so long too.
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I"m on a mainstream ddc, also, and most of the mamas on there are waiting til the end of the first trimester to tell everyone. I never waited, even after all my m/c. It just seemed that everyone would be able to sense that we were sad and would want to know why.
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