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Corey Evan has arrived!!!

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Corey Evan finally decided to make an entrance and bless our family!!!

He weighed 6'10, and was 18 inches long, such a perfect littel boy with lots of shaggy golden red/blonde hair. He is absolutly beautiful and we are all just in love with him!!

Saturday at 1:45 pm in the afternoon, my water broke, I walked around from then until 7:30 that night before I felt my first contraction, they started very very strong and less than 3 minutes apart. We headed for the hospital at 9 pm when I could barely stand it anymore, and he was born at 10:35 pm after pushing twice.

He is such a blessing, and I am amazed at how something so precious is finally here in our lives!!! March 4th 2006 is a beautiful day!!!!!!!
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Congratulations! I'm happy for you...I know you have been waiting for this. Your baby sounds beautiful!!!
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Sounds like all went really well. Happy baby moon to you! I think he has a very strong name. My second was a little peanut like that and it was so fun to have one that little.
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Congratulations! Have a blissful babymoon!
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