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I'm so flipping OCD and impulsive that I just ran to Whole Foods to get the stuff I needed! Good grief, MDC has created a monster in me! It is SO cheap for the ingredients, even organic!!! I spent less than $2 on the oat flour and corn meal (2cups and 1cup). I already had the salt, but even w/ that, it wouldn't have been more than $10 total to get me through a GOOD long time (months and months, if not a year). Wow! Time to make pretty!
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Ok, got everything mixed, and did my scrub. My face is very blushed from scrubbing, but it wasn't harsh. I used more water, and it dissolved nicely. My skin feels tight, but NOT dry at ALL. It is soft and smooth. Let's see how I do w/ a few more times over the next week or 2. So far, I'm diggin' it! Can't say any better than the bs/honey concoction, but perhaps just as well or as an alternate. I loooooooove the soft microfine bs scrub, but I did feel the salt in this recipe working for me very very well. I use organic oat flour and corn meal, and Redmond's RealSalt, which is THE sea salt to get. It contains 50+ trace minerals, including iodine (naturally). It is not bleaced, kiln dried, heater, or altered w/ chemicals or pollutants. It is in it's natural form, kinda tan/almond color, for those of you unfamiliar w/ REAL sea salt. I use it in place of any salt. Anyway, I"m rambling! Awesome homemade skincare recipe, yet again! Thanks so much!
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I think I will try this on the days when I'm oily. I've been using oil and sea salt on a washcloth, and it's working great. However, there's been a couple of nights I really would have rather not used the oil. Also, my husband is normally very oily, anyway, so he might want to try this.
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subbing. I want to try this.
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Originally Posted by mrsuribe View Post
Thank you for all the info! I've been looking for a more natural skin care routine!
me too--Thank you!!!!
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I know this is a really old thread, but WOW! I tried the recipe and it's awesome!! Makes my skin feel soft and smooth, and hydrated without feeling oily. Now let's just hope that it and some TTO will clear up my stinkin' face! :
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Thank you! Thank you!

Wow! I just came across this thread in looking for more natural skincare for nursing/pregnant moms and it is awesome! Thank you so much for sharing all of this information! I am going to start this today!

A Blessed Mama
: :
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Acne Treatment
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ann marita - this is great. two questions - what is the dilution ratio of the vinegar? and 2 - do you have any advice for rosecia?
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Well, I'm glad the spammer bumped this for me to find! I have bad acne.. I've been trying everything- raw honey, bs, acv, witch hazel, and i feel like it is slightly getting better but it's not great.. I will try the salt and oat flour tonight and see if it helps!
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Originally Posted by sprouthead View Post
Well, I'm glad the spammer bumped this for me to find!
Me too!

I would love it if Ann Marita came back because I'm dying to know what book she speaks of. Perhaps it's Jeanne Rose's book?
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I am sooooo glad I found this thread. I know its old, but wow, what great info! And after reading it all (not including the pesky spammer message I ground up some oatmeal, mixed it with baking soda-added a little water & honey and ....viola! the best clean i've gotten in a long while AND my face was soft & smooth and pretty. Maybe oat flour is the way to go for us oilyskinned ladies!

I wish Ann Marita would log back in & update us on the book as well!
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