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Does labor...

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Does labor start in your back and hurt your tail bone? I had cramping all last night and it started in my back and tail bone, then went around to my belly. I've had BH before but never felt real labor. I t hurt so bad all night that I couldn't sleep.
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It could! I had back labor with DD, and after a couple times of telling DH "Man, my back hurts!" at 2:30am, and then having it go away, he said, "Do we need to be timing this???" I had no idea they were ctx!! In fact, I think I posted to my DDC that I *thought* I might be in labor...wasn't sure...then eight hours later, there was DD!!

Especially if they are going around to your belly, and are coming with any regularity, I would say yes!

I would note how close they are and how long, then maybe call your provider just for a heads up. Good luck!
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It definitely could. Pay attention to timing and regularity. If there's a pattern, it's probably labor.
Good luck!
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It could be! With my DD, I had a terrible backache for days before I was in active labor... they were ctx, but not measurable by traditional methods. I actually thought I might have a bladder/kidney infection. I'd say that feeling started 4-6 days before my cervix began ripening and over a week before I gave birth.

Keep in mind that it could stay like this for awhile before anything starts. Try to relax and stay comfortable, rest alot because you will need the energy soon!
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This last baby most of the pain was in my butt! LOL When she was born, it was my butt that was killing me, and afterwards thats what hurt! So yes, if the baby is positioned a certain way it cn..
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Yep, could be! With my first I never even felt pain in my belly - just a deep pain that would intensify and then de-intensify with each contraction. I didn't feel like I could time them b/c the pain never actually went away btwn contractions (just lessened). Then with my 2nd dd I felt it both in my back and in my belly. So I think it's definitely possible that you're in labor. Let us know!
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I have never had back later before, but for those who do~YES! That certainly sounds like labor to me! We wanna update as you are able! (((((HUGS)))))) sandi
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Hi! All the pain stopped. If it comes back tonight, I plan on calling my dr. in the morning. I hope its not labor, I'm not ready,lol. I'll keep you all updated on this. Thanks guys!!
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With my first, that was exactly how it felt. A bad backache that kept coming and going away. Finally DH starting timing and they were coming regularly. In my case, though, it was a 30 hour labor that ended with healthy babe born with episiotomy and vaccuum suction, cause he was positioned backward. My sincere hope that all that intervention will not be needed for you!!!
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