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DH and I love this show. We only regularly watch two shows...and now its three! I'm usually a latter day sitcom hater...but this show just makes me laugh.
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Arrested Development *totally* paved the way for this show. I like it, but still am really peaved that AD was cancelled.
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I've not seen any new episodes for a while.... has it been cancelled?

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I haven't heard anything. They were running double episodes as a mid-season filler...hoping there will be more!

ETA: I did a search and there is 1 unaired episode, no plans to cancel yet but no plans to renew niether. There is an online petition to "save the show" though.
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where's the petition--I'll sign!!! I love this show but don't have tivo, so I never catch it..... I'd hate for ANOTHER awesome show to get canned b/c it's not CSI or Law & Order....
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Online petitions don't really do anything. You're better off e-mailing ABC with your support.
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true, very true....
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that's a shame. It's in a bad time slot for me (past my bedtime)-I went to watch it before Easter and The Ten Commandments was on, then I forgot about it (which I do often.)
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I love that show. I will be pissed it if doesn't come back on.
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Originally Posted by Alkenny
Online petitions don't really do anything. You're better off e-mailing ABC with your support.
Does anyone have the email address that we should use?

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It's been canceled.
Cancelled shows include ABC's entire rookie slate, with the exception of the midseason drama "What About Brian." Series not returning next season include "Rodney," "Freddie," "Commander in Chief," "Invasion," "Hope and Faith," "Sons and Daughters," "The Evidence" and "In Justice."
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I guess the majority of America isn't smart enough to enjoy witty humor. :
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Boo Hoo

I really liked that show and was hoping it would help with my Arrested Development withdrawl pains. Too bad.
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