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im just wondering for those of you who used the toe socks...do you use the part that is the "top" of the sock (b4 you cut the toes off) as the top of the babylegs or the bottom?
and do you use baby socks or toddler socks to sew to the bottom part?
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These are too cute! ooh, now I want to break out the sewing machine and give it a try!

So how do you use rib knit? or baby socks? use easy terms, think "sewing for dummies" (you can leave out the "turn on sewing machine" though )
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I'm so sewing expert, I just tend to figure things out as I go BUT these are seriously easy to make. For the BEST instructions I've found, check out this link:


The instructions are done through photos with comments. It's super and I've used them to make a couple of pair already. Just follow the steps and you'll be fine. No extra elastic, ribbing or anything required, just a pair of knee socks!

Have fun...
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Originally Posted by pbreffe View Post
Wait... I am confused... what exactly is the purpose of this??? So that baby doesn't have to wear pants?? And if so... where do you buy boyish looking socks?
we use the babylegs here to add an extra layer under pants when it's cold. They also help keep socks up. It's kinda the same idea as wearing long johns in the winter. But during the spring and fall dd just wears them w/ a diaper around the house. Don't have to pull on and off and on and off the pants all day long.
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It's especially helpful if you EC, leads to quicker pottytunities. Also, the babylegs website says that they stops "gapiosis" where their little pants ride up and leave the bottom of their legs exposed to the cold. For a girl, you could also use them with dresses to expended the wearing season.

Anyway, hope that helps. As far as where to find prints for boys, sorry to say that you just gotta look. I've found some at Target, Sears. I'm sure there are others as well. Old Navy usually has good knee socks but their patterns change often so you'll just have to shop around.

Have fun!
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I couldn't find ANY cute boyish prints (anything without pink and glitter) so I bought and used mens tube socks and red heel socks. they work great and are still cute and functional. I may try to tye dye them though for fun
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ooh yea I did it! I cut the cuff off some old baby socks for this pair, but I think I'll try the technique varaonaid posted for my next set. Thanks! (now I can't wait to get some funky prints! I started with solid knee socks)
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Oh what fun!!!

I made my first pair today before finding this thread...
I bought a pair of striped tube socks, w/o the heel...
I used 1 inch fold-over elastic to bind the end I cut. Turned out cute : )

Now, I'm going to try making a pair using the site posted above:


Off to buy more socks tomorrow
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Ok I have to sub to this thread. I have a few pairs of toes socks that the older girls wanted to get rid off. I want to make them into baby leggings.

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Oh, how I wish I had thought of this (or found this thread) before I ordered 2 pairs of babylegs the other day! Ahh, well... I found some cute argyle knee-high socks on sale at Old Navy today....black w/ blue & purple diamonds. I also got a pair of black baby socks for the cuffs.

We'll see what I can do with those; I think they'll look adorable on my little guy!
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YAYY!! DH was aking me to knit a couple pairs of these when the babies started crawling to protect their knees. Needless to say, I didn't get to it. wish I'd found this sooner! I'm off to find knee socks!!
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Ooo, another sewing obsession for me! I was just thinking of buying some babylegs to put under dresses in place of tights for my 1 year old. Now, I'm off to hit Target to find some cute knee socks.
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I bought 6 pairs for $15. Thats the same as ONE pair on the website. I did have a hard time finding cute boyish pattern though. I ended up getting plain gray and a blue stripe pattern. And I was hoping for some Halloween ones but I didnt find any.

Woo Hoo, cant wait to stitch these up! Thanks for bumping this thread up!
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i just got some cute ones from target. they are womens, but they have monkeys and puppy's and frogs on them. i'm just going to cut off the bottoms and ziz zag. if i don't make it easy, i won't get it done. they're just cut right now, one pair i left the toes on and just cut the back. it's a frog and it looks so cute.
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Just an FYI for those looking for Boyish socks for babylegs..
Old Navy has a really good selection for boys...Camo, Olive/Navy stripes, etc...They sell for 3 for $12...and are so, so cute!
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I went to Target yesterday and found some leg warmers at $1.00 section but the fabric is slippery type and all they had was Medium size for girls 6-8 size. (colors were black, pink, dark pink). Also I checked at Walmart and they had 2pc set of knee high sockes and matching ankle socks for 3.99 (or 3.88? something around that price). It could be perfect matching socks for mom and the baby. I still need to learn how to make the cuffs though...
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fairy tale- those are SO cute!!

naturally-Those are what I used, the knee/ankle pack. (I thought I was getting 2 pairs of knee socks, DOH!) They turned out really well. They stay up and don't cut into their thighs. They are also long enough that I can pull them down over their toes if the floor is cold. The cuffs are really easy, it takes 10 minutes: http://www.flickr.com/photos/babyhopes/tags/babylegs/ I know thats been posted before, but there it is again.

I also bought a couple pairs of the super cute toe socks for dd. I just cut the toes off and made an elastic casing at the bottom. They are really cute, but they do dig into her though a little bit after a while.
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