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Nov-Dec02 thread for March06

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Just wanted to start a new thread for anyone interested in conversing about our wonderful, amazing, talented, beautiful, crazy, spirited, hilarious, awesome little 3 year olds.
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and I really owe an update ......
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Originally Posted by abranger

and I really owe an update ......
Hi Amy and Georgia.
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OK, so I'll just talk to myself here,

(And abranger.)

We bought bunk beds for Zach's room, and the kids really love them. We also bought daybeds for the girls' room, but we haven't set them up yet (because the new bedding I ordered hasn't arrived). We may or may not be getting another foster care placement- a 9 year old girl. She's got a lot of the same medical issues that Crystal does, so we were planning on having those two share a room. Julianna would move to Zach's room on the bottom bunk. I really hope it works out because I think we have a lot to offer her here- trips to the lake, the Renaissance festival, shopping, etc. Not to mention all the craziness that happens here on a daily basis! I know it would be hectic having *4* kidlets, but I really think I'm ready to take it on. Whatever will be, will be- isn't that right?

Hope everything is going well for you all... :
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hey gals. i have watery eyes and sneezy self. and it was 83 degrees today so i don't know if i was just hot or with fever. meanwhile i had a dilemma with onw boy who had hid my keys and we couldn't go where we wanted for 30 minutes because he didn't know where, and the other broke a glass pane on my french doors to the back. doesn't that sound fancy - they are really old, unweatherproofable doors. meanwhile ruby is miss boss and looking ridiculously pretty. i just bought up a bunch of summer dresses for her at the thrift store.
so see, you aren't missing anything unusual. oh, reed started to actually read a few weeks ago, yes, at seven and half. show where his body's abilities are. so what do i get in return for that? he started typing in words to suit his potty humor on google. so i have spent several hours cleaning up and redefining his computer and clay's and trying not to panic and berate myself because dh uses that computer so it had less controls on it. and several hours looking for plane tickets for a wedding we are going to, debating over and over, convenience, or price? sniffling.
really i'm just recovering from dh being sick, being angry, interviewing and getting a promotion. now i just want to be alone and lay down for a week.

ruby has been naturally making all these little stations. she has been avidly playing with a tiny tea set for awhile with her buddies, but now it is rampant. she has little places for different stuffed creatures to sleep. she reads them books and feeds them and such. it is adorable and fascinating her methods and exactitude and simply her girlness. reed is slightly amused and then forgets to respect the stuff and knocks it over by accident. and the places she picks are of course the most obtrusive like hse owns the house. so lots of wailing. i am starting to really see the girl she is and will be in the future. she is fabulous. and drives me mad.

and yes, she and clay are still nursing to sleep. she might nurse in the mid of the nite or in the morning. otherwise is not usual. and i'm the opposite - nursing keeps me fat. i actually have to eat lots and get my metabolism going or my body gets worried about survival and keeps every litle bit it can. i am 20 lbs heavier than i was last year so i am feeling aggravated cos my dh said something about it in a bad way. which of cours ehe has apologized and regrets, but too late it got said. i guess i'm still kinda mad at him, even though i think i have handled this last 'fight' extremely well.

bleah. oh well, i'll get over it all. just takes time. and health.
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I hope you feel better soon, Casina.

I exercised today. I had gotten lazy with it. I ruined it by drinking some beer though...
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I'm actually feeling (mentally) like a human being today. I'm trying to get excited about Purim, and trying not to think too hard about my van coming back (I'm supposed to have it *Friday*, but I'm afraid that if I want it too much, it won't happwn so I'm trying not to think about it). I'd like to do some major decluttering and get baby stuff put away on Sunday, and I will if I decide to drop the kids off with my mom and sister again this weekend after our trip to the ILs.

I'm developing an upper respiratory infection of some sort. It's not fun, every time I cough I feel like I'm peeing myself. One of the hazards of being 8 months pregnant, you know? It's okay, though, since this will actually be my first illness of the season, save for a very minor cold back in October.

Lots of stuff is going on around here, and it's not all ubercrappy. I should be able to start knitting again soon, for example, because my needles are all in the van. It's not quite as strange as it sounds, I generally take my knitting with me when I go someplace, and if I'm working on a project I'll bring it inside with me but of course I wasn't thinking about grabbing yarn and needles after the accident, just the kids. That will make me happy, though. I like knitting. Plus, I owe Amy some socks. :sheepish:

BeanBean came upstairs naked with clean pajamas and underpants in his hands. Now he's wearing them. What an oddball. I guess he also wants to spend the day lying around and doing nothing. I'm all in favor of that, but I do have to cook some chicken and make some pot pie to freeze for post-baby days. Considering that I haven't had nearly as much time to prepare meals as I wanted/planned to have, I've actually got a fair amount of food in the freezer. After the pot pie and the french toast get finished, I should be able to get through the post partum period with almost no cooking at all. Hooray!

I've got to take another pill, and BooBah definately needs a bath. We'll see what happens next, but I'm not planning to do anything intense today. I totally need a day to relax, I've been running around like a crazy person for so long.
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hi guys! i've been here, just not posting much. morning sickness is really gettin' me down lately and all i've felt like doing is complaining...hence no posting. i've graduated to actually puking caused by watching commercials about food, lol. today, so far, i'm doing good. which is good cuz i have a 'photo shoot' today (finally getting nice picture of babies in slings for my brochures)

Razi is still crazy about nursing. i love nursing him but it is downright torture right now as my nipples hurt when i simply put on a shirt, lol!

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hi everyone!


i dont have much time for MDC these days.. but i try to check up on everyone here once in a while. thanks for starting the new thread! maybe ill be able to keep up with it.. when they get so long i get intimidated.

my 2 kiddos both have a bad cold right now.. its lingering and snotty and gross.. ngaio isnt quite as run down as elwynn but she has a constant supply of boobie juice and elwynn is lacking in that i wish i wish he would nurse.. ive expressed some milk but i find it hard to get much that way and then i have to mix it with other milk because he doesnt like the taste...
(which i dont like giving him when he is sick because it is so mucous causing) so i hav't done it for a while.. i hope this sickness passes soon.. its so hard to get them nbetter without being exposed to something else..the little boy i do child care always has a runny nose . ak.

ngaio is teething i think.. but happy.. we are EC'ing and doing really well with that. she uses her potty almost all the time. 3 months have gone by sooo fast. she is already holding toys and playing with stuff and rolling over and getting heavy! ithe day never came with my elwynn so its quite a contrast.

im still finding the day to day with 2 kids hard. i love it... but elwynn is being quite the spirited 3 year old these days. sometimes i think its just me not having the energy/time to really get down and dirty with him and play like we used to that is making him be so whiny and needy but maybe its just everything combined. i feel like im doing the best i can right now but i still get down about it.

sarita i remember that crazy sore boobie thing when i first got pregnant with ngaio.. i kind of helped elwynn along in the weening because of that and i really wish i hadnt now.

rhynna: you are hoing to have a new baby soon! that is so exciting

casina: sorry to hear that you are under the weather.

baby needs boob. gotta go

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Rynna- you sound like you're doing better.

Sarita- I used to HATE watching food commercials, or even thinking about food when I was pregnant with Zachary. Ugh... Not the happiest memories, lol.

Fern- so good to hear from you! Just come and give us an upate when you can, don't worry about reading all the posts. We miss hearing from you... You'll have to explain to me how you EC, because that sounds SO interesting to me! I remember reading posts way back when from Xmas Eve (remember her?) who was talking about her DD being out of diapers completely by 5 months! I couldn't believe it at the time. That's just amazing!

We lost our health insurance on 3/1 and Zachary has an ear infection. He woke up this morning and said "I have wack in my ear, I need a tip-tip!", but he didn't have a fever or anything. Then he started really crying and complaining that his ear hurt. So I took him in to the ped and got medicine. It just sucks that we had to pay for it all. If only he would have gotten sick a week ago...
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Leah--does Zach sleep in the top bunk?

We bought Owen a junior loft bed back in September and he has yet to sleep in it. LOL It was so cool when we first bought it but he has an issue with it or something and we currently have 2 beds in his room. The loft and the toddler bed. I'm not pushing it at all because he's such a good sleeper--don't wanna jinx that at all.
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Yes, he sleeps in his bed for about half the night, then he ends up in our bed.
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Casina, I really wish we could get together for a day. I love your posts, and I get the feeling we are dealing with a lot of the same issues.

Leah, how exciting that you might be adding a new little girl to your family! I do remember Xmas Eve and I miss her posts.

Fern, so lovely to hear from you. I agree with Leah, just post when you can.

Sarita, I'm sorry I didn't email you last night. I'm so sorry you aren't feeling well I *love* the pic of Razi in your siggy.

Amy, can't wait to hear what's new with you!

Rynna, glad to hear you are feeling better.

We are doing allright here. The days have been long and crazy here. We had a huge and very successful garage sale Fri and Sat last week. We sold our car, paid it off and bought an old Suburban to make this trip in. We got a very good price for it, but it needs some work. Thankfully my dh can do most of it. On the first day of the garage sale I found a little puppy in the street. She was tiny and homeless and we didn't know where she came from. A friend took her home for the night, but that didn't work out so we took her in. We had her for three days before we named her (Sachi - it is Japanese for blissful and fortunate) and since she was soooo tiny (4lbs! and she looked like she had some Pit Bull in her and the people at Petsmart thought she looked about 7-8 weeks old) I was actually pumping a bit of milk for her which she loved. But then on Monday she started convulsing... and not walking well... my dh rushed her to the vet... she had distemper and we had to put her down :cry We are all devestated.

So yeah, it's been really hectic here.

We were suppose to leave for Virginia tomorrow, but we are going to wait a bit longer. Get the new (to us) truck running reliably and a few other things that need to be taken care of. When we go we will probably end up staying three or four weeks instead of four days. I'm so ready.

Mariah has grown up so much lately. It is startling. Her language skills have really blossomed.

Much love to you mamas!
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Punk! That is such a sad story about the puppy I get so attached to little things like that. Don't worry about not emailing.

Mamafern, I'm just glad when I see you here, you don't have to feel like you have to catch up (I totally understand the overwhelming thing about reading posts!) Hope you guys feel better soon!

Brayg, I think I just joined the group and soon after didn't here much from you? Are you the mama that makes diapers?

gtg make cornbread to go w/ the vege chili I made! yum!
(hopefully it stays down, )
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So glad to see this thread! This can be my new hangout!

It's been a tiring winter and I'm so glad that it's almost over.

Ds was officially diagnosed with Pervasive Developmental Delay in December. I've been trying to find a new place to live in my homestate. Also trying to find an appropriate preschool for ds AND looking for a job myself. Kinda hard to find a preschool and job if I don't even know where I'm going to be living. Sigh.
On top of it all, I started having palpitations and other odd heart related things. Going for testing and all that.
Yep, a very stressful winter, indeed.

Ds is still not full toilet trained. He has good days and bad. NO way could he wear his underpants out on errands...I know he'd forget. Man, I've never had such a problem potty training before. Then again, I've always trained other peoples children, not my own. LOL.

Ya know what I totally love right now though? I love how ds just comes up to me out of the blue and gives me a hug and kiss. Oh boy, he makes my heart melt.
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Hi everyone!

I think I am finally starting to get caught up at home and at work. I feel blessed to have had 2 pretty much free vacactions to Florida this winter but things really get out of hand at work when I am away that much.

I am kicking myself for deciding not to run for state senate. A complete horror show is now running unopposed AND he just was in a car crash while drinking and driving I've been really stepping up my political work though so I won't let another opportunity like that pass me by.

We are still on the fence about weather to send GA to preschool next year or to just keep her at her incredibily wonderful and loving family daycare. We still need to hear if we got in to a couple of the schools before we decide. Feels like when I was a senior in HS checking the mail for fat envelopes

We are doing NAET treatment to hopefully get rid of GA's allergies. I am trying to not get my hopes up but it's not working. We have to pay for the treatments out of pocket so if they don't work it will be an expensive experiment. On the other hand if she is 'cured' of her dairy allergy I'd be willing to pay anything.

GA has seemed to have matured overnight. Just last fall we were in 2-3 year old tamtrum hell. Now she is so aggreable, and always seems to be in a good mood. She sings and makes up fabulous songs. I half way wonder if some of this is from the treatments. Whatever the cause we are having a great time. She has also become such a daddy's girl. I am loving it. I am getting a little break and he is getting a taste of my life for the past 3 years

OK I have rambled enough. Andrew hasn't updated the website yet here are some new photos.http://www.photoworks.com/share/shar...EEA2C05C&cb=PW
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wow. i didn't realize i hadn't looked at georgia's pictures in awhile. today's the first time i've seen a photo of you amy!

i always thought i would have salt and pepper hair by now cos my mom did already.....and yes, it is really fun to see the kids mob the partner when they have been just watching it.

i love you mammas!

fern, i promise that two will be lots of fun. i feel it is alot of growth as well on all sides. theres nothing like the first child bond though, remembering the buddy dynamic. though i admit i hardly remember it and it was often too intense for both of us. today i feel that reed has been neglected though, simply because he has slightly special needs and i wondering if i am doing him right with how things are going.

but then, everything feels wrong today. of course it will go away.

and look what you have been going through liz! it is impressive how you are surviving and appreciating the sweet things.
so what is pervasive development delay in regard to you and your son? where is he at in fine motor skills?

that's actually a decent label for what i am dealing with in reed. a little odd and difficult, but not as bad as some. sometimes it just looks like ultra extra immature boyness, especially to casual observers.

rynna, i pee if i cough too hard or sneeze or blow my nose in general. and i'm NOT pg. so there!

leah, most of my issue is that i'm a big baby and i have to take care of dh too and it makes me aggravated.

i remember i got all wound up about illness the first time i had a three. illness like cold and bacteria happens, and i cried that reed wasn't nursing. it IS part of growing up and building the immune system. goo is getting things out. i got so paranoid and tired that i basically stayed home and had no friends for a year and reed still got sick almost every six weeks (from dh from work?). of course he has been indestructible for the past few years now. ruby has been off and on fighting illness for the past two months like me. never enough to really be under. but it's okay. and we play with others that are okay with it too (and probably have the same illnesses!). i guess after a point for me there is always going to be someone sick and i'd rather do the things i want to if we are up for it rather than quarantine now. you do have to find your own balance for your family.
i think what really made me decide to relax about it was behaviours relating to dh and his family. trying to blame exactly who the illness was from. not being able to ask for help because they were too worried about getting sick. being afraid to help friends who were sick due to fear of contagion.

so here i am, trying to make myself feel better about being sick and such.

i'm really mad at my inlaws today i am ready put both of them togerther in the same area and yell at both of them about this stinking divorce. i can't do it unless i decide it will do any good though. and i'm not very smart these days cos i'm grumpy so i better get over it.
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Casina- Ds's fine motor skills are pretty good. He can lace beads, etc. He can't use scissors yet...Even though we try.
Ds is behind on things like: Cognitive skills; speech (big one); social. He also has sensory issues.
Ds has a wandering eye and has to wear glasses. He is nearsighted.
This poor child is going to have a tricky road ahead. I have no idea how I'm going to get a child who is on the autism spectrum to wear glasses. Yeah, He may try them on...For about 30 seconds. He can't stand having anything on his face.
I must admit that I'm the same way. I, too, have to start wearing glasses and it's a battle for me. I want to rip them off my face!
I was supposed to start wearing my glasses last February (2005) but I just couldn't see right in them. I had asked the man where I got them about it and he just said I'll get used to it. Well, when I went to a different eyeglass place about ds's glasses, I asked them about it. I had my presciption tested on the lenses and, sure enough, they had gotten it wrong!!!!! They had gotten the center wrong!! No wonder!

I digress. Anyhoo, I'm just overwhelmed lately. I just can't seem to handle everything going on right now. I suppose I could just stay put (not move) but I can't stand the public 'special needs' preschool in this town. I do believe that preschool would be a huge help to him but I really want to send him to a private school. Trouble is, he won't get the 'therapies' he needs at a private school. Oh, and I can't pay for private school.
There is one local private school that is interested in hiring me and possibly giving me a discount on the tuition for ds. I have to call them today to set up a time to look at the school. Not sure if they are going to be willing to take on an assistant that is not certified (i DO have experience though).
Aagh! It's just making me crazy!
Plus, state assistance is shutting me off.

Goodness, I need a vacation. LOL.
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People in my family tend to die long before they have gray hair... it's a combination of dying young and looking very young for our ages. Just a few weeks ago someone told me I didn't look a day older than 18... they were trying to figure out how I could possibly have a 5 year old, and maybe that BeanBean was so small for his age because I was so young when he was born that surely he was a preemie. Um, hello, he's three, and petite but not super-tiny, and I was twenty-five when he was born, which isn't all that freaking young. :

Anyway, my mother still has mostly black hair, and she's 57. My grandmother died at 83 and was salt-and-pepper. Weird stuff. I'm kind of hoping that I'll be a freak and get gray hair earlier. I may bleach it in my mid-40's and dye it gray.

I'm sick, though. Really sick, like I've had a high fever and the blah blah miseries all day. I've been a horrible parent, and very greatful that BeanBean is capable not only of fending for himself but of taking care of his sister. He even changes her diapers if they're not poopy, what a love. I feel horribly guilty, but I'm so sick that I don't care. Sitting upright is painful. Right now, I need to find BooBah's shoes because she took them out of the thingy and lost them, and I've got an appointment tomorrow morning for physical therapy (I really, really hope I don't have to cancel because I'm sick... it's the best thing I've got going right now...).

I hired a lawyer so that I don't have to talk to insurance people anymore, becuase doing so has just been causing me more tzurris that I don't really have the energy for. And my van is (maybe) going to be ready tomorrow. It has to be painted and reassembled, but all the parts are ready for that to happen. They said maybe tomorrow afternoon. It's almost too good to be true, though, and that's why I'm not holding my breath.
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