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tense sleeper??

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Hi everyone,
I have a quick question. My ds is almost 4 weeks old and I worry about how he sleeps. He crunches up and makes grunting noises almost every 5 to 10 minutes when he is lying down and sleeps. His legs go up and his arms go up and he gets really tense for like 30 sec and then he relaxes again?Is this normal newborn sleeping behaviour or should I be worries. (not that I am already worried) He hardly ever does it if he sleeps on my shoulder or on his tummy on my chest?
I am already worries that he has acid reflux, could this be another symptom?
I know that all newborns make noises, but do they tense up like this, too.
I will probably call our ped tomorrow anyways...bur maybe you could put my mind at ease...
Thank you,
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Wow! Thanks for posting this! My 3 week old does the EXACT same thing. I thought it was just her. She never does it if she sleeping on me or if she is in the bed with my husband and I. I didn't think much of it, I thought that maybe she was dreaming or relieving some gas but I would love to know what your pediatrician says.

PLease keep us posted!
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Gabriella is 3.5 weeks and she does this (is grunting and stretching in the cradle as I type this actually) She is very difficult to burp so I attribute it to gas pains. I've propped up one end of the cradle mattress a little bit and while she still grunts and groans, she doesn't seem to be distressed like she used to
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Thank you for youe reply. I found out that my little one has gas and that pretty bad. He didn't pass too much (which might contribute to the problem), but he was sometimes up all night straining and grunting, it was horrible. I got gripe water today and I don't want to jinx it, but after the first dose he nursed, lied on my shoulder and went to sleep. No bouncing, walking around for 30 to 60 minutes, just hung out and went to sleep. I put him down now and so far no grunting....knock on wood. I hope so much this works.
the last few nights were bad, for him more than me, but I am also exhausted.
Wish me luck and I hope your babies are well, too.
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What is gripe water? I think that mine has pretty bad gas as well and thats whats causing all the grunting, moaning and fussiness. Any other advice for gas?
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Here is some info on Kellymom about gas Lola


I am not sure it would really pertain if you arn't BFing tho ( I dunno if you are or arnt. )
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Thank you for the link. Yes, I do breastfeed and I don't eat dairy, I hardly don't know what to eat any longer because I cut out so much already. I haven't had dairy since he was born. I do massage and bicycle legs, burp him all the time. I belive by now that his system is immature and because I took antibiotics to to GBS before and during labor that his intestinal flora is imbalnced, so I started probiotics now. I should have done that sooner.
I decided to give him gripe water after a lot of thinking because he was straining for 8 hours and longer every night, it was terrible. So for me right now the benefit is high from it. i hope I won't need it for long and his system matures and the probiotics kick in.
For the pp, gripe water is a mixture of ginger and fennel extract (sometimes also chamomille) that is supposed to reduce gassiness. The problem is the other ingredients in there like glycerin and fructose for instance. Just do a google search or search here on MDC for gripe water.
I hope my little one will better so very soon.
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Good Luck! I hope the little one gets better soon! I know how awful it is to hear those sounds all night. Elaina has terrible gas and we are doing all we can to help but it is sooooo frustrating! The other morning she had spit up blood from straining all night- it was awful!!!!!!!! I feel completely helpless when they groan all night in pain.

well, good luck! and keep us posted as to what works and what doesn't for you.

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Very normal. At this age they easily feel like they are falling and have the startle reflex. Try swaddling tightly if your going to lay him on his back. I go against reccamendations with my girls and let them sleep on the tummy. They are just so much more peaceful. Then the baby sleeps with me at night usually nestled in the crook of my arm
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