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I am having trouble

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I have looked and searched and searched...I have to go to a wedding on April 6th and being 9mths pregnant I have to find a suitable dress. The bride's mom is my best friend so I probably will be hanging around the bride and mom alot so I need a suitable very nice evening gown...I searched the internet until I can't stand it anymore and haven't had much luck...maybe I am searching under the wrong keywords.

I just need to find a style and i will go to a tailor to make the dress. any help is much appreciated.

thanks i edited it to fix the date
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Really? I saw some wedding-able dresses at Mimi last week but I don't have an event to go to so I didn't try them on. Do you have a Mimi near you?
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Doh sorry - I didn't notice that you're in the UAE. Well Mimi is online, so maybe that will work. I just hope you meant March 16th and not March 6th!
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I ordered some stuff from these sites earlier in my pregnancy. They have nice dress selections.. i don't know your style, but since you're having it tailored anyway they might alter it to suit you?

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Go to fabric store and take a look at their patterns...not to make yourself necessairly if your not handy with that, but they always have tons of different styles of things so you can get an idea. Also if your an ebayer...look under maternity and formal or just maternity...you might see something there. Also Old navey have really nice phesent type dresses with a blazer..though not super fancy you could add a beaded blouse or something underneath it and dress it up. Your not in the wedding party right?

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Carley:Thanks for the links!!! I am checking them out as I wait for the dresses to load....one of my major problems though as I checked other websites last nite is that my upper arms are huge so I don't want to wear something sleeveless and my legs are so swollen and big I cant imagine wearing a gown that is short... wow the angel dress is awesome - maybe I can have the tailor make it with short sleeves and a dark color.

Citykid mimi has some coool styles maybe I will have to take a CD with me of all of the lovely dresses to the tailor.

Phoenix_Mommy_4:Your not in the wedding party right?
this is an arabic wedding so they don't really do it that way by having bridesmaids etc...but the ones closest to the family are usually always helping out and stay close to the mom of the bride and family so technically I would be in the spotlight.

thanks everyone I think I can do well with what u have given me!
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