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36 weeks w/red spotting & cramps- *UPDATE*

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I'm having reddish mucousy discharge and have menstrual cramp type feelings (but no noticeable contractions). I did have a vag exam yesterday and sex later that evening, but the spotting I had after the exam turned brownish rather quickly and was gone by evening. I did have crampy feelings last night along with my normal nightly BH, but I thought I was fine this am! Its just a tiny bit of reddish stuff and I've been trying to convince myself thats okay since I did have an exam yesterday...but it started about 2 hrs ago and seems to be staying the same.
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I hate to bother my midwife, but I say peace of mind is soooo worth it! (((((HUGS))))) sandi
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It never hurts to call your m/w when you're worried, but I think you're fine. Exam + sex = spotting for sure!!! Have you tried several glasses of water and lying down for the cramps? They could also be from the recent activity down there too....

But when in doubt, make the call if it will make you feel better.
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sounds to me like exactly what i experienced when i started to go into labor. however, at 36 wks you should be fine. I was with a free standing birth center and they would take you from 36 wks on (b4 you had to transfer to the hsptl)

sounds exciting to me!!!
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I would give the MF a ring and see what her thoughts are. Drink lots , go pee lots and rest just to be sure. I would say that after an exam and sex there could be spotty..its the mucusy part you mentioned that would worry me a bit. Give her a call...ease your head.

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Okay, I got ahold of my MW on the phone just a minute ago. She said that as long as it goes away by the end of the day, doesn't increase and I don't have any contractions then not to worry. She did reaffirm that it is too early to have a homebirth at this point and that if I do start having actual labor then I will possibly have to been seen at the hospital I think I'm going to go lay down for a bit and tell this baby he MUST stay in!
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Oh, sweetie!!!! I am sending you and baby vibes!!! Lay down, drink lots, talk to baby, have a warm bath...... and try not to worry!!! I'll do that for you, ok?
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Stay in little munchkin!!
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That's what my labor was like, at 35 weeks. Baby perfectly healthy.

I hope he stays put, just like he should!!
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(((((((Stay in there baby))))))

s Becca, lie down and rest and keep up the fluids, how many days until you're 37weeks is it 14th?
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Still feeling slighty crampy this morning but I do think I may have had a few contractions in the night (I woke up rather confused though, not sure if I was dreaming ). Anyway, the discharge has turned to brownish and there is WAY less of it. I think what's left of my mucus plug (not much at all) is what I'm seeing this morning, but no more red bleeding thank goodness! I'm 37 weeks next Tuesday the 14th, so I'm trying to rest and take it easy until then. I have a chiro appointment this morning and a pregnancy massage scheduled for this evening (my doula is also a LMP) so hopefully that will make me feel relaxed and I can send some relaxing vibes to my uterus
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Relax mama... it sounds like it may be sooner than you think! I felt like that about a week before my DD came. She was born at 37 weeks.

Stay in there Alexander!!!!!
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Oh, yay!!! We sent calming vibes all night (while our power was out! are you having this lovely winter storm too?)

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Thanks! I do agree with you BlackOrchid, I don't think he wants to stay in there much longer. I swear he was trying to escape through my skin earlier, which was not a pleasant feeling I was so sure that he would be late like Anna was, but I really feel like my body is prepping for the real thing. I am 100% sure on my conception date because I was charting so it surprises me that he wants to come so soon.

moosemommy- We had power all night (although it flickered a little last night while I was trying to relax and watch American Idol : ) but my ILs who live about 3 miles from us lost power for half the night. It was snowing really, really hard when I came home across the Narrows Bridge earlier and actually sticking to the ground. It was just hailing a few minutes ago too! The wind yesterday blew the crap out of our house and we could see branches falling off the trees Very strange weather, I hope it stays okay to drive this evening because I really want (In my mind thats actually a NEED ) my massage!
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We woke up to a couple inches this morning, but now it's --get this-- SUNNY! Weird.

My baby says to your baby: "mommy wants you to stay in just a few more days, ok? then she says we can both come out and play."

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I had some spotting like that in my first pregnancy after sex once, but if it turns brown soon, then it's old and not fresh continous bleeding. Just take it easy mamma and try not to worry *hugs*. I get the feeling you'll make it for a homebirth!
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Thanks Jennifer! I'm 37 weeks tommorrow (thats when my MW is ok with it) so it looks like I'm gonna be just fine for a homebirth The bleeding was reddish mucousy over a period of 3 days so I do think that *something* was happening, but it seems to have stopped I guess I convinced him to bake a bit longer!
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good news!

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Excellent!!! I'm so glad things are working out!!!
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