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dehydration and wet diapers....

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My dd is about 15 months.. and seems to have come down with something. She only nursed yesterday.. and still threw up about 4 or 5 times. She threw up once last night... but did wake up this morning with a wet diaper. She has been acting fine today... definately not sick. She has had no fever ... slightly warm but not really feverish at all. No throwing up today until about 30 minutes ago where she threw up once.

I am not usually concerned with a little vomit... but she hasnt had a wet diaper since she got up this morning. She has nursed lots tho and only thrown up once... she is showing no other signs of dehydration.. she has tears, her eyes and mouth are moist.

So would you be concerned or not just yet? I am so paranoid over this tho my gut says that she is fine and to just keep nursing her.
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My ds had an awful stomach virus at exactly that age. His doc said if no wet diapers for 6-8 hours to go to the ER. The ER doc said if no wet diapers for 12 hours they would begin to be concerned. So my assumption for the future is that once you get close to 12 hours with no pee it's time to talk to a doc.

ETA: if she seems to feel fine otherwise, I wouldn't go to the ER but would call your ped. Your gut is also worth listening to.
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well she just peed yeah! lol ... i can relax a bit more now Thank you for the info on how long is too long.. thats good to know
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My little guy has been throwing up too. Probably peeing every 12 hours or so... I'm just curious - what is the worry with dehydration? I know that probably sounds like a stupid question - I know that dehydration isn't GOOD, but what happens when one gets too dehydrated?

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Well, if we are totally dehydrated we are going to die. Every single one of us and every animal. Even every plant. We all need water to live. Without water nothing on this earth can exist.

But we have a lot of reserve since we are basically made of water. I think something like 75% of our body or more is water.

A child can go without liquid for a long time. Like 2 days. And no child will do that. Breast milk is liquid. The very best. If he nurses once or twice a day he will not dehydrate. Assuming he cuts back only for a day or two.

Since you can not really go by how much liquid is sufficient, the best way to measure it is by how much he excretes. One wet diaper in 12 hours seems to be what was suggested by at least one doctor. Sounds reasonable enough. Although if he does that for several days I would say it is not enough. He would be dehydrating slowly.

Sometimes when a child has a fever he will not eat or drink. IMO that is because the body deals best with one thing at a time - disease or digestion. And when there is a bug in the kid, it's best to take care of the disease first.

In our family we do not bother to encourage the child to eat OR drink when one of them is sick. We have never experienced that one avoids all liquid longer than ca. 6 hours. Generally when a fever breaks and you offer a child a drink he will drink quite a bit to make up for whatever he has lost.
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All the kids that die of diarrhea in developing countries actually die of dehydration. Your body needs a certain amount of water to function and starts shutting down at some point. Babies and young children can get dehydrated a lot faster than an adult (2 days without fluids would be hard on a healthy child, but one who's losing water and electrolytes through vomiting and/or diarrhea could be in a really bad way...).

In addition to very infrequent urination (Sears says 12-18 hours w/o pee indicates severe dehydration, I just saw on his site), if a child is really dehydrated they may breathe rapidly, become very lethargic and a bunch of other symptoms I can't think of right now. A kid who was only peeing twice a day but bouncing around would not make me panic.
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Thanks, Gitti and Mavery. I'm a little concerned... I changed his last pee-pee diaper late this morning. He hadn't pee'd since when I put him to bed at 7:00 tonight (and he's not a night pee'er anymore). But he did nurse quite a bit today. Granted, he threw up a ton of liquid (and a little bit of food) around 11:00am. He threw up a little more around 3:30 and 4:00. Hmm. I know he'll nurse tonight, and I'll try to get some water in him in the a.m. Yikes.

He *is* acting fine - actually started to kind of bounce around a little before bed tonight. I'll definitely keep an eye open though.

Thanks again. I'm glad I asked my "stupid" question!

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