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Just call me Confused??

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Hey everyone,

Wondering if anyone can help me out or know anyone who's btdt.

My CL is usually 26 days. I went through the process to be a gestational surrogate with a transfer last Nov. It was neg. My CL after that initial AF off the drugs was 31 and then the next one was 27. So was expecting a CL of 26 this time. I ovulated late, usually day 13 but more like 16/17 this time around. I am now 11 days late if a CL of 26, 6 days late if CL of 31. Only time I have ever been late is when I'm pregnant(even counting when I first got AF, regular from day one). My dh had a vasectomy 2.5yrs ago but anything could happen. I finally tested last Sat and got a positive test. Then I re-tested Sun. morning, Sun afternoon, Mon afternoon and Tues late morning, getting a negative result for all of them. So, needless to say I'm very confused.

I went to the Dr. today and she thinks it's positive and sent me for a beta test. So, hopfully we'll find out soon.

Now to clarify it was not an evaporation line I saw, I read the test in time and this was a test I've used before and know it's reliable.

Anyone else been this royally confused :
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I really have no idea but didn't won't to read and not respond. I hope the results are what you want them to be!!!!
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Any news?
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No news yet. Hoping to get a call today or else I have to wait until Monday for the news. The joys of living in a small town
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No clue, but good luck!!!!
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Originally Posted by African Tulip
No news yet. Hoping to get a call today or else I have to wait until Monday for the news. The joys of living in a small town

My friend had two kids after her husband had a vasectomy. She finally had to have her tubes tied. (They REALLY could not afford the kids, but do their best.)

I hope you get the results you want. Good luck.
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so? SO?

What did they say?

inquiring minds that want to know!
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Have not heard from the Dr's but AF finally showed up on Sat. A huge weight off our heads. If we were indeed pg we would have welcomed the baby with happy spirits and open arms but really not looking for more children.

Dh will be seeing the Dr. to be tested as we both feel this was a blighted ovum. I've never been 14days late in my life and the first test was very positive.

Thanks for the support everyone. :
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I'm glad it turned out the way you wanted it to!!
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