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I might be having twins. . . AGAIN

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I mean, it's way too early to know. . . But I just have this feeling. I had this feeling before we even started ttc (you may remember my thread, "anyone paranoid they'll have twins again?"). My twins just turned three and they were conceived with the help of clomid (5-10% chance of twins). In part due to the risk of twins, and also because clomid just made me whacko, we decided not to use drugs this time around and I did lots and lots of acupuncture instead.

Can acupuncture increase your chances of having twins?! Why didn't I ask this question long ago?!

I found out I was pregnant on Sunday, and went in for a beta Monday morning. It was 13 dpo, and the level was 227. The singleton average for 14 dpo is 68. At 14 dpo with my twins, my level was 405. 227 could become 405 in 24 hours if it's a twin pregnancy. I know that you can't tell anything from hcg levels alone, but I'm seriously a bit freaked out. I'm going in again tomorrow for another beta test. . . maybe that will give a better idea.

But, as I wait to know (I guess it will be at least a few weeks before I have a u/s if I choose to go that route), I would love some reassurace that even if I DO have twins again, everything will be okay. I'm more than a little scared.

Thanks guys.

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It'll be okay! And just to give you some reassurance, my HCG levels were always smack in the middle of "normal" and that was with 3. I hope it all turns out alright for you!
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First of all Lex, Congratulations! :

And even if you are preggo with twins again, it will be okay. It will be a blessing regardless of how many there are in there.

What does DW think about all this?
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Yeah!! COngrats!!

What is there to be scared about? You already know that you can survive two babies, and two toddlers. If you have twins again, it would be much easier because you already know soooo much!!
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Wow, Lex! I am so happy for you that you're pregnant again! Yippeeeeee!!! You had such a good intuition with your first pregnancy that you were having twins...maybe you're on the mark again this time. I did think of something while reading your post. They say that you have a 1 in 4 chance of conceiving fraternal twins if you have already had one set of fraternals. I know you conceived using clomid but what if you released the extra egg on your own and it just happened to be during a clomid cycle. That would mean that even if you aren't using it again this round that your chance would be 1 in 4. Wait...I'm suppose to be reassuring you and not showing you the ways that your chances would be higher. LOL!! I know that you'd be nervous about having twins again but I also know that you're such an awesome Momma and whether you have 1 or 15 babies inside of you...they are each so blessed.
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You will be able to handle it! keep us posted congrats on your pregnancy
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Just wanted to give you a big congratulations too! I know I am not the most chatty here, but I have often gotten a boost from reading your posts - you definitely are a wonderful mother - it should be no surprise that a couple of little souls would think it worth sharing your womb!

I have to admit I take a stick my head in the sand approach. The 1 in 4 chance that 1Plus2 mentioned scares the heck out of me. But then I resort to my mantra:

"I feel so fortunate to be able to have more children. If I knew my only option was to have twins again, I would do it in a heartbeat." (Okay, maybe a really long catch my breath and exhale deeply heartbeat :-) )

I use a similar mantra when my fears about having a child with a serious disability surface. I really cannot control what child I have or how many at a time. And honestly in a way I am glad that is something I can't control - how limited my choices would be by my prejudices and even by my doubts about my own abilities.

So take heart, you will be okay if it is twins again!
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Thanks for all the support, mamas! It means so much to know that you guys think I could handle it!

So, first beta at 13 dpo was 227, second beta at 16 dpo was 1036. These numbers are completely average for TWINS, but of course still fall in the range of singleton pregnancies. I scheduled an ultrasound for 7 weeks, but haven't decided yet if I'll go through with it.

Everyone keeps referring to "the babies" inside me, and then laughing and correcting themselves to say "babY." It's freaking me out!

I do think that having twins a second time could be easier (depending on the babies, of course), at least the nursing would be, and the baby wearing, and just the comfort level of caring for two babies. But add to the mix two almost-four-year-olds and I think there would be nothing easy about it.

A couple months ago, my bestfriend (and mama of twin babies) asked Lena (dw) and I both if we could choose the outcome of our next pregnancy, would we pick twin girls or a singleton boy. We both picked twin girls!! We kinda shocked ourselves there! But I just have this feeling that if it is twins, it's gonna be twin boys again. . . Now, that would be pretty funny, huh?

Anyway, I will surely keep you updated as I find out more. I'm so glad to know you guys have confidence in me!

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I don't normally post on this board, as I am not a parent of multiples. But I saw the thread title in the new posts and just had to pop in.

One of my mom's best friends was the mama of multiples many times over. She had a singleton, then twins, then triplets, then twins. No fertility drugs, no intervention, just lots of natural multiple pregnancies/births. (Her OB told her that any future pregnancies would most likely be multiples, too.) She said that after the first set of twins, everything got easier. Dealing with multiples became the only way she knew how to operate -- she said she was more at a loss on what to do with a singleton. So perhaps, since you've already BTDT with twins, it won't be much of an adjustment if you have another set. It will feel like a much loved, well worn sweater you just slip back into, kwim?

I hope your pregnancy is a smooth one, whether you are carrying one baby or more.
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bumping this up to see how you're doing lex. And yes of course you can handle it, you've already BTDT.
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Just ONE baby

So far this pregnancy has progressed pretty much exactly as my twin pregnancy did. I am 3 months pregnant, but look more like 4 or 5. I was just as sick (if not more) this time around too. . . lots of puking, and just generally miserable first trimester. I am hoping that the rest of this pregnancy is easier, though. I mean, obviously I won't get as big, and I don't think I'll have any of the preterm labor issues I had last time either. It is such a different thing to be working with a midwife and planning a homebirth. I feel like this whole experience is going to be really healing for me. My twins are really excited to be big brothers, and I'm glad that we waited this long to have another baby. They are definitely not babies anymore!

Thanks for checking up on me!

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