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hi there. i've been in a blended family for 3 years now, i have two stepkids, a girl (14) and a boy (13). My sd stays with her mom after an incident where they (the kids) took my sis-in-law's mobile phone 2 years ago. after a year, my ss came back to live with us. everything was just going smooth until my ss took money from my mom-in-law. i was so angry that i suggested that he should be sent to a child psychologist, but my in-laws disagreed. they said that problems like these can only be resolved within the family. a few months after that, two more similar incidents happened involving my ss.

my husband wants to discipline his son but his mother always intervenes, which i think should not be the case. in my opinion, the parents should be the one who has the final say in disciplining their kids. we stay in my husband's family compound, which i think, makes the situation more complicated. My mom-in-law would always say that as long as we stay under their roof, they should be the ones who have the final say, even with the kids. what will i do? help!