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Need help re: breast hypoplasia

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I was diagnosed with breast hypoplasia, insufficient glanduar tissue, when my second son was 2 months old. It was completely devistating to me, not being able to BF excusively, and I still feel guilty about it on a daily basis. Ethan is 10mos now and I'm expecting another babe in August. I'm happy we're expecting, but I'm already anxious about feeding and depressed about not being able to provide nourishment for my child.

I've heard that with each pregnancy milk production increases, and I did see somewhat of an increase with my second son. I definetly feel a change in my breasts this pregnancy, they feel heavy and sore, which I haven't felt before---is this a good sign?

I used the SNS with Ethan for a few months and plan on using it again if need be; but eventually we will probably use a breast/bottle combo--what is a reliable way for me to tell how much breast milk the baby is getting--I've heard conflicting ideas about pre/post wiegh-ins.

Also, does anyone have any info on milk banks in the US--that may be a good option for us if it's available

Thanks so much!
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Hi, and welcome to MDC! I know some mamas have struggled with this issue, so if you run a search for hypoplasia I know you'll come up with some threads.

Good luck!
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If you can exclusively breastfeed once your milk comes in, keeping a count on the number of wet/dirty diapers is a very reliable way of know your little one is getting enough (6-8 very wet cloth diapers and at least 1 dirty diaper per day). The web site for milk banks is www.hmbana.com and it lists all the locations in North America. I'm sending positive thoughts your way in hopes you won't need the milk bank info .
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Thre is a good chance your milk glands will increase this time. Perhaps a galactagogue like fenugreek or a drug like domperidone, will help, if necc?

Try and let go of the guilt. You were dealt some cards, ya just gotta play em. We all have to. We do the best we can. There are no perfect mothers. Write it all down, all the bad feelings and have a ceremony to release them.

Yes, watch for enough wet and soiled diapers. Is baby alert, growing (length and head circumference), meeting developmental milestones?
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Thanks moms

Thanks for the support; I'm definetly going to go ahead and give it another go---perhaps we'll find third times the charm. I used fenugreek last time and will again; it can't hurt. YOu are right, I just need to focus now on letting go of the guilt; my babes are lucky to get all the milk that they do from me, even if it isn't quite enough!

Thanks again!
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