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Birth Plan?

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OK mamas......first time birth center birther here YIppeeeeeeee! Anyways, I had a pretty extensive birth plan written out when I had ds1, and unfortunately I seemed to have lost it I talked to my mw about having a birth plan and she pretty much said that that was the purpose of the birth center; and I laughed because I dont have to worry about half of the things I had to at the hospital. BUT, I feel that I should still have one for several reasons; i.e. if something should go wrong, etc. But am I being over-anal?
I guess I feel that I need the no-vax/ no eye gunk/ etc thing IN writing should the need arise - what do you think???? And if you do write a bith plan, any good sources for a blank; I can't for the life of me remember where I had found ds's.

THANKS for the advice!
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It's always a good idea to have a birth plan in writing, if you ask me.

Firstly, if you are having a contraction and some idiot decides that that is the best time to ask you if you want A, B, or C, you can point to the birth plan (using the finger of your choice, of course ).

Secondly, if you have made a choice that the people who are going to be there are not entirely supportive of, you can just tell them to follow the birth plan.

Thirdly, if something does come up, you have that paper there that says you are well informed about the situation (for the most part).

I am using a hospital and my dr prefers to go over things as they come up, but I'm writing out a birth plan anyways. Since my mom will be there, it's her job to make sure the hospital follows my directions .
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I'm not looking forward to putting mine together, only because of the fact that I'm a vbac and I feel it absolutely necessary to have one for the birth center, one incase of non-emergent transfer, and a c-section birth plan, so it's going to take a while and be exhausting (yeah, add me to the lazy thread). I never realized how important all of those could be until things didn't go the way I thought they would last time. A birth plan may well have saved me much grief.

Even though your mw will "know" what you want, get it all down in writing! I really don't think you can ever be too anal about it because you just never know what's going to come up.
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I just finished my birh plan. I used birthplan.com. I used it last time with dd#1. I like it's respectful tone, with language like "I would prefer, I like, etc." You still get the idea across without sounding demanding or belligerent. I just had the most wonderful discussion with my dr. at my last appt. We went over the things I wanted to include in my plan, and she was so supportive of everything. I feel so much more at ease now.

Anyway, I used that interactive form, and then copied it into Word so that I could add and tweak as I wanted. Hope that's helpful.
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Originally Posted by semomama
I just finished my birh plan. I used birthplan.com.
Cool! THanks for the link,Stephanie!

This is on my "to do" list ... I really, really have some things I'd like to have go differently this time around ... there are some things I just feel better having in writing, you know?
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Here's some links - having a homebirth, I'm considering doing one too, but haven't gotten around to it yet...
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LeighAnne, thank you for all those links!

My mind has turned to thoughts of the actual birth lately ... I've been very much enjoying this pregnancy (it took us almost two years to conceive this June Bug ... it really is a dream come true!) and that has been my total focus ... but now, as I turn the corner and approach my 3rd trimester, my mind is sort of switching gears, you know? I've been thinking a lot about the act of giving birth ... things I'd like to be different from last time ... and also about how you can't really totally "plan" a thing like a birth, you know?

I've heard second children come faster ... I hope this is true

best wishes!
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Thank you for the links. I went to birthplan.com and now have a birth plan to take to the hospital.
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Originally Posted by KnittingKara
I've heard second children come faster ... I hope this is true
In my experience... yes. :0 Labor with #1 was about 24 hours, #2 was 9 hours and #3 was 6 hours.
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I have not looked at the links listed, but did want to give a few "birth plan pointers" if anyone is interested. Make short, concise statements - while including things like "I would prefer," etc. is nice, it is not necessary to begin each statement with this type of phrase. It is obvious that is your preference or you wouldn't have put it on the plan and it becomes a little repetitive and makes it less likely to be read. Use bullets - when shift change occurs and a new whoever walks in, it is easier for them to read, especially at 3 am. Lastly, keep it to one page. All of the things listed above will make your plan something your birth attendants are likely to read, and that really is the point, isn't it? I would also advise you to make a separate plan for baby - a baby plan. Listing all things you do and do not want done to the baby, to be placed directly in the warmer upon your arrival so that whoever is attending to baby doesn't have to flip through your birth plan to find the necessary info. Even though your baby may not go to the warmer, this is likely to be where the baby nurse, etc. lingers. Putting baby's info on a different sheet also means that the info can more easily travel with baby should he/she have to go to the nursery. Hope that helps and good luck!
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Originally Posted by mum2tori
In my experience... yes. :0 Labor with #1 was about 24 hours, #2 was 9 hours and #3 was 6 hours.
YES! That's what I want to hear

<---- Kara, whose labor with her first lasted from around 9:30 on a monday morning to 7:59 am when her daughter was born on Wednesday morning ... and who would TOTALLY go through it all again in a heartbeat (!) .... but is hoping she won't have to

doulanichole, thank you for all the tips about writing up a birthing plan ... mine is two pages now, but I think I'll revise with the "bullet" approach and simple sentences and also make a separate page for the baby. Very good to know!
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