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I just removed my tv, tell me I did the right thing!

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We just got rid of our tv in favor of a free piano. Although we hardly ever turned it on, lately I have been abusing it to plug the kids in while I try to tidy, cook, etc. When the tv was on no one in the house communicated and we all looked like zombies.
Why do I have reservations about this? How long till we find a new rhythm?
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I think you totally did the right thing...We a TV free family and couldn't be happier....You will learn to live without it quicker than you might think!!!!!
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kudos, I can't bring myslef to. I think my 8 year old would lose it.
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I totally wanna trash mine. Or at least have it on very seldom. I feel like my dd is watching too much even though she only watches pbs or noggin. Right now I'm creating a list of things we can do together like crafts and stuff. Stuff that we haven't done or don't do already. Once we leave CA (in a couple months) it will be alot easier because I'll actually be able to create a play/learning room for her. Anways, you did the right thing! Kudos to you!!
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You 100% Totally Completely did the right thing. I could not be more behind you on this. My sibs & I grew up TV Free and I am SO Glad. Dh and I have no TV and we do not regret it. However, we did have cable for about a year at the beginning of our relationship- once we got rid of it it did take a while to get used to not having that "easy out". But you will get used to it and you'll be so much better off- so will your kids. I could go on and on- about feeling sure I have a better body image than many women b/c of no tv, that we buy less crap, we have more time to spend actually living, anyhow you get the point I'm sure, or you wouldn't have gotten rid of it to start with.
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Good for you mama!

Replacing it with the piano is a great idea. You may be in for a rough couple of weeks but I bet no one notices pretty quickly. I can totally see distracting the DC so you can get something done. Maybe they can help with the chores instead?

I want to go TV free. DH thinks that I am a nut .

One compromise I thought of was to put the TV in our bedroom so we only watch movies. DH is still not on board. Fortunately, Spring is coming and we'll be doing stuff outside in the evenings. That will cut down on our TV time.
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Good for you! We haven't gotten rid of the TV but we have gone through periods where we stop watching, and it usually takes ds just a few days to adjust. It's like kids forget how to entertain themselves and need a few days to get back into it. I hope you'll update us on how it's going in a week or two!
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I also want to go TV free. We don't have cable, haven't for quite a few years now, but even so, I feel like it is on way too much. I do think i'd miss it for a while. Things are so hectic during the day lately that I just like that mindless hour or two watching TV before bed, and I am not sure i'd want to give that up. OTOH, I think there are a lot of good books I'd get to read, as well as time better spent with the kids during their awake hours.

I also have an 8, 5 and almost 2 year old. I think it'd be an adjustment, but after a while, better. Maybe we'll do a "trial month" and see how it goes.
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I say good for you

We have TV but its only for movies which my oldest is addicted to. My middle child is so not, lol she goes and play while there is a movie on. Drives us all batty as we would like to just sit and be quite and shes a ball of energy.

A free piano, now thats a really good score
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Good decision

Yes yes yes! I think that it was definitely the right decision. Our kids are TV-free and we are also in the process of looking for a cheap used piano to plink around on. Your life will be more in the short run, but we're all in this for the long haul, right? Good luck with the transition, we haven't been through that but I imagine it would be tough.
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Getting rid of our tv was the absolute best thing we ever did. It took a few days for the kids to adjust, but the difference in them was so obvious within the week that we have never regretted it.

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We watch it too much,though a lot less than some. I just got "THe Plug-In drug" in the mail, hoping to talk myself out of it. With a new babe, I want to get out of the habit. i applaud you!
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Yes! Congratulations! We do have a tv - but only get reception for one channel which is out of Canada and barely comes in ... but we do have a DVD player which we use on occassion.

Sometimes, we will discuss getting cable - (for the educational shows - but then we realize that will just never work and it is so much better without....

It is amazing what can be accomplished without the tv to pull you in.

Warm wishes,
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Thanks mamas!

It is going well so far, my sister is here for a week's visit so that is a great distraction.
The piano mover was so good looking, both sister and I agreed that watching people is more fun him than watching tv
I also knew it had to go when dd watched an episode of Barney: during a PBS campaign and in addition to corny Barney songs, I had to listen to pleas for money to continue "quality programming".
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What a totally awesome thing you replaced the boob tube with! Congrats.
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Thanks redhotmama! Just thought i'd let you know that I was inspired by your thread, and packed up our tv today too. I put a bookshelf where it was. I talked it over with the boys first, as I didn't want them to think of it as a punishment. They surprised me with how receptive they were to the idea. I asked them for a one month trial to see how it goes, and said that we will have a special movie night once or twice. I also told them of things that we could replace the tv with, and they are excited. So am I.

Kicker is, dh is gone to a training seminar today. I wonder what his reaction will be when he gets home in an hour and sees that we are now "unplugged". LOL
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Originally Posted by Mallori
I also told them of things that we could replace the tv with, and they are excited. So am I.
Yay for you! I think it's neat that you talked it over with your kids and they're excited about the stuff you can replace tv with. I remeber when kids would ask my brother and I- well what do you do without TV? We'd be so confused- it seemed odd to think we would have nothing to do if we didn't have tv.
We do have a DVD player for movies, but we don't wind up watching a whole lot of them. We just have other things we're doing.
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You're an angel! I've been trying to get dh to let me get rid of the darned thing! He says he hates TV but doesn't want me to get rid of it. Go figure!
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Watch,it will be the best thing you EVER got rid of!
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oh I am so jeleous! I would totally get rid of my tv for a piano any day! do you have a cd player or radio? we don't watch too much tv but always have the XM radio on!
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