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HELP! itchy cold sore surfacing!

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I have been super-stressed so along with my huge forhead nipples (big zits) I feel the itchiness of a cold sore starting. I just wanted to get some ideas about treatment topically and internally. TIA!
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Go to your health food store and pick up L-Lysine. I also use a topical homeopathic Herpes cream made by a company called Homeocan.

You could also go to a homeopath and get him to recommend a customized remedy.

Whatever you do, do it fast. If you catch it soon enough you can stop it from forming.

ETA: and additional vitamin C is always good too!
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Thanks technogranola!

I found l-lysine in the cupboard. I am off to look for that cream! I have been lucky that I haven't had cold sores in years! Bummed that it is happening now
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Originally Posted by soybeansmama
I found l-lysine in the cupboard.
Sweet! I always take more than the bottle dosage says when I feel a cold sore coming on. I usually double it for my first dose, then take the bottle dosage 2 or 3 more time throughout the day until the itchiness goes away. You likely already have your own technique, but that's what works for me!

Crossing my fingers for you that you stop it in its tracks!
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I don't get them, but DH does.
A pharmacist told him once that when he first feels the itching, to rub it with an ice cube. I guess the virus doesn't like to be iced down.
DH says it has saved him from many a cold sore.
I've also heard camphor helps.
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I second the recommendation to double up on the lysine, I have 1000mg caps and take them 3x a day when I feel a cold sore coming on. I take 500mg a day for prevention, and that works well, but if one is coming up the higher dose is a must.
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lemon balm tincture will help alot if applied at the first sign of a coldsore. And also I know it's not natural and I don't know what it might do to you but "Abreave" realy works well. I used it on my last coldsore and it was gone in half the time and never realy developed a big blister, just a red spot.
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Weird...as this "cold sore" is progressing it doesn't feel like ones I have had in the past. It is small itchy little bumps that are slightly oozy, not big pulsating blisters like I have had before. It feels more like a rash. I wonder if I over did it with the tea tree oil in my OCM mixture. It is starting on the other side of my face as well! AAGGHH!!! It feels like the time that I had a pimple starting and I over-treated it with witch hazel and tea tree (full strength) and it blew up into this disgusting itchy blistery bubbly thing...

I am getting scared now

anybody have this type of reaction to tea tree oil?
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Ugh, sounds scary! I hope you are okay! I can tell you that I most definitely can NOT use tea tree oil on my face. I've tried tea tree oil facial cleaners, toners, blemish sticks, and straight tea tree oil and EVERY time I break out in a pimples. I haven't had the same reaction you are, but it sure doesn't fix anything on my face for me, it makes it worse.
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was cold sore scare, now allergic reaction!

So, what I thought was a cold sore forming is now a severe allergic reaction to the tea tree oil that I added to my OCM mixture. I feels like hundreds of cold sore blisters all over my face. The small blisters are oozing yellow crusty stuff and I can feel my pulse in my forehead! I have no Idea what to do! Tea bags have helped with the swelling and ooziness, and benadryl helps with the crazy itch. I am a bit of a freak show...

Thanks for the responses, I will use them when it actually is a cold sore...
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may I join your thread?

does the the l-lysine work if the blisters are already there? I started to feel the itchiness yesterday and today woke up with 7 little blisters on my lip!

I havent had an outbreak in 7 years!
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In the past when I have used L-Lysine from the first tingle of a cold sore it has just seemed to help with the duration of it. For me it doesn't seem to stop the cold sore from forming, it just doesn't get as big or last as long.

What I am dealing with now started as an itchy bubbly spot on my lip and is now all over my entire face! I got online and found some pictures of people who had similar reaction to tea tree oil products and the DR dealing with these patients first treated them for the herpes virus and it didn't work.

I hope that you find some relief! Cold sores are definatly no fun. Good luck!
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Thank you for the info.

wow, your reaction sounds horrible, I'm so sorry. I hope you get better soon!
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