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anyone pg testing this weekend

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We are TCC baby #1...had a m/c over Christmas. I'm currently 10 dpo and going crazy. I'm thinking of testing tomorrow on Valentine's day. I feel a little "crampy" and felt a little "nausea" this morning...but it could be all in my head!

I can't stop thinking about anything else right now! I bought a 3 pack of Clear Blue (test 4 days before pd...). Last time in Nov I tested early and was disappointed....I couldn't help it.

Who else is testing this weekend? I will say some prayers!!Abylite
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I'm thinking about it. I had planned on waiting until early March, but tomorrow will be cd 28 and I think it would be neat to find out on Valentine's Day, if there is indeed anything to find out.

I'll pray for you if you will for me!

peace, Beth
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i was also holding off until today (valentine's day) thinking that it would be a nice way to tell dh i'm pregnant. i won't tell you the results because i don't want to jinx this thread. (does that mean i just told you? )
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I plan on testing Sat. morning!
It will be 18dpo according to my temps.
Abylite can you say a prayer for me, and have you tested yet?
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going crazy!

Hello! I'll say prayers for all of us. I did "break down" and test this morning...it was -, I'm 11dpo. I thought MAYBE there would be a little chance that I could "beat" the stats on the box and tell my dh on V-day. It's ok. I think I'm going to test everyday...I don't even care about the $. I want to know!!!

How is everyone else holding up? Abylite
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I got a BFN too. Hopefully AF will show up soon so I can get absolute confirmation and get on with my life.

peace, Beth
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I got a totally blank test (no control line!) this morning and will try again over the weekend.

Please pray for me, and I will pray for all of you!!
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Tested this morning and got BFN. When I went to FF to put in my temp and stuff the cover line that I had was gone and it said ovulation not yet detected.: So I quess this is another anovulatory cycle or a delayed ovulation. I'm so bumed out, I though finally my cycles are back on track. Luckly I have an OB/GYN appointment Mon. for an unrelated issue, hopefully we can get to the bottom of this.
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i'm so frustrated

I hope you ladies don't mind me replying with a long answer/post- cause I'm afraid I'm about to.

I'm at cd35 with no signs of af. I tested yesterday and got a positive. I was so excited! - it was my first + ever! It was, and still is, distinctly +. (btw, it was an EPT)

I was excited but skeptical. I ran to walgreens and picked up clear blue easy, because their 3 packs were on sale. I rushed home and peed on a stick- except I didn't have enough pee. So I wasted the test. Then I waited 5 hours and peed on a stick again and, just like you EnviroBecca, I got a no result, no control line stick! AAACK. So I waited until this morning and got a bfn!

DH is at the store right now getting me more tests.

Any news Abbylite?
Congratulations Jennifer?
I'm sorry NAMY and Beth. I will pray for you EnviroBecca. Good luck to everyone testing!
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wow, what a story! i can't wait to hear what the next test says. however since there is more of a chance for a false negative than false positive i think congratulations will be coming your way soon! let us know.

(mine was neg )
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going crazy!!


no news yet except for BFN 3 times! I'm due for AF on Thurs so I tried the Clear Blue...(also got them on sale at Walgreens) but it makes me wonder reading Butterflymaiden's story! But as Jenn said, it's good that you got a positive at least once!!! :~)

I know I'm obsessed, but I'm going out today and buying more tests from a different company!

I'm praying for all of us. Last time I was pg (but m/c at 9 wks) I had a positive around this time...4 days before my "expected" pd.

I've been feeling queasy off and on...I'm wondering if it's all in my head because I'm getting so anxious!! I'll keep everyone posted!

How's everyone else holding up? Abylite
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i got a bfn too

Well, I went ahead and tested this morning... which was 15 DPO since I didn't get AF yesterday. got a BFN.

Went back to bed and cried all over DH. Maybe i tested too early? Has anyone else used the cheap internet tests from moms2be? ARe they better/worse than, say, First Responce? Cuz i went and bought a 2pack of First Response and will take it tomorrow morning.

Will let you know what happens,

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Any news Joy? I'm so anxious! I tested 2 times yesterday, both BFNs. I'm dpo14... due for AF in 2 days. I'm usually regular. I do have some hope still...maybe not enough hcg in the urine?

I woke up in the middle of the night and also tested...BFN. I wasn't sure if that was my "morning" urine. I guess if I expect the worst...and end up being pg then I will be thrilled.

How's everyone else? Abylite
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Got another BFN this morning with a first response. Can't figure out if I'm testing too early or if we missed the boat. Am actually very very depressed. How do all of you manage to stay sane through this process?

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had to join in the fun!

hi to all on this thread! I am in the same boat as most of you and had to join in! AF is due thursday and it's taking all i have not to test early. DH says i'm nuts and that i need to be more patient, so i turn to you all for companionship!
I had a post last weekend about some strange pains and I'm hoping they were implantation cramps. they only lasted for like 1-2 days and were on friday and saturday. if they were really implantation cramps, does anybody think that a hpt would work now?

babydust to all!!!
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Ok, here's my story.

Took at test on the 14th (cd 28) and got a BFN. I had been having cramps the day before and even worse cramps the evening of the 14th so I was absolutely sure I'd get my period within hours. Wore a cloth pad for 2 days. Nothing. Cramps went away completely by Sunday. I had also been having very sore nipples for about a week and a half(I'm nursing a toddler). The soreness is now completely gone. So, here I am, no more cramps, no more soreness and still no period. What the heck? I had some abdominal pain a couple weeks ago and was *very* much in the mood (much to the delight of dh!), so I think I may have ovulated then.

I'd like to hope that maybe I'm pregnant, but don't want to get my hopes up. I've only had one post partum period and know they can be quite irregular for a while. I'm scared to take another test because I don't think I can deal with one more negative, kwim?

What do you guys think?

peace, Beth
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Joy...it's hard to stay sane! I can't stop thinking about if I'm pregnant or not. I'm at work right now...so at least my mind is somewhat occupied. I couldn't sleep last night.

I'll test again tomorrow morning. I'm glad you guys are "here" to keep me company and let me obsess about all this and understand!!!

All I keep thinking is that last time I tested at this time...(2 days before pd) I had a positive result...and now I've gotten nothing but BFNs...so therefore, I must not be pregnant...

I know...I"m crazy!!

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