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4th Trimester Swap

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As most of us are nearing the end of the "4th trimester," I was wondering if anyone would be up for a swap, now that these honies are here and we know what we need for them!

ETA Guidelines:

**This swap will involve sending a package with a $20 value!

Time Frame:

Post your ISO list by March 20th at 10pm EST

Send Choices by March 22nd at 10pm EST

Match-ups Posted ASAP

Have your packages shipped w/ MANDATORY DC by March 31st

~ Post an ISO list of whatever you're in need/want of for yourself and your new baby (New In Package, Like New, Very Good, Gently Used - please specify conditions you prefer)

~ When sign-up time is over, PM me with the names of who you can send packages to, and the maximum number of packages you can send. You will receive the same # of packages that you send. It is important to remember packages in this swap are valued at $20 - so you may wish to send fewer packages.

~ Once I receive choices from all Mamas, I'll post a match-ups list to the thread ASAP. Be sure to PM those you're sending to for their addresses!!

~ Delivery Confirmation is required and important !! Hang on to or post those DC#'s, please!
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cool idea. and i have a ton of stuff for sale..maybe someone here would like some of it.
and i am now in search of another MT!

how do we do this? do we have to go to the TP or can we do it here? i never participated in one with you guys before....
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how fun!! i hope somebody needs diapers!! i can whip up custom ones even

oh and rach, we did it all here last time
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Would this be for new stuff or used stuff, and what kind of stuff would it be? I have never done a swap before.
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  • carrier if you have one lying around-- I already have a ring sling and a mei tai
  • 3-6 mos. spring clothes, size S nursing tank/shirt (used/clean)
  • simple baby toys
  • smells good baby wash

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I was thinking we could all list our ISO's, and then pick who we wanted to send to...just specify whether used is okay! I love used stuff -- that's part of the fun of swapping!

Oh, and Rach, I hope you're looking for a new MT because you love yours so much not becuase something happened to it!
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ooooooooooh i'm SO in!!!
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are you on teh yahoo group. you can see why im looking for another one there.
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I've never done a swap before either, so I don't really know how it's done... can someone explain it to me?
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is this a regular swap or a reverse swap?

if regular, just post your ISO list. i like reverse swaps so much better b/c you actually get to pick what someone actually HAS instead of someone trying to come up with a pkg. of stuff you want...but thats just me.
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Count me in! I never did any swaps during my pregnancy because we were so broke.
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edited to add guidelines...you can start posting ISO's.

Rach, I'm so sorry that happened to you but I'm glad it wasn't the MT I sent...I always feel so guilty when something I trade/sell to someone doesn't work out for them!
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For Luke:
Bumbo seat
Hanna zippers to fit 18 lbs. or so - used is fine but no big stains please
Footy Sleep and Plays, 6-12 m. size, no stains
Robeez 12-18 months, boyish or GN, very little wear preferred (love the squirrels!).
Side-snap fitteds size L
Prefitteds, to fit 18-20 lbs. or so.
Big wet bag
9-12-18 month B/F or babywearing advocacy wear
Organic/Natural bath products that are actually healthy....
Kids music that won't drive me insane....love to try Laurie Berkner
Bumpy Day Covers size L
Maam pacifiers NIP please
Medela Steam Clean microwave bags
Wet suit size 12M or so (I have one somewhere but I can't find it, and I want to start swimming!)

For Aaron:
Toy MT
Mr. Jolly's Roundhouse (for his Thomas Set)
Fishing Dock(For Thomas Set)
Chocolate Factory(for Thomas set)
Stuffed Philly Phanatic
Baseball/Football cards (nothing actually valuable, just something fun!)
Summer clothes, nice condition, size 4T (or big 3T)

Carriers (I've amassed a collection so I'm only interested in these specific things....I'd consider any a double package)
Any woven wrap, I'm interested in all sizes but please LMK what it is.
Size 3 stretch cotton print hotsling
Napsack MT
*Onbuhimono (I'd love a freehand or babyhawk, but am open to others...)*

Glamourmom tank or nursing bra top L or XL no black or white
Nice 3/4 sleeve or short-sleeved cotton or knit tops, size L
DHA or Fish Oil capsules (low mercury), NIP please
Lost Season 1 DVD
Ghiradelli or Williams-Sonoma peppermint bark (NIP)
Any delicious organic milk or dark chocolate, NIP
8 skeins the same Koigu PPPM (I'd consider this a double package as well)
1600 yards or so any worsted, fingering, or sport-weight yarn for baby blankets, not 100$ acrylic though blends are okay.
any 2 skeins the same 100% wool like peace fleece for soakers/longies

Books from my ridiculously extensive amazon.com wish list (name Kristin Fromal)
Gift cards to just about anywhere
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I'm in. Just hoping I can come up time to do it. I feel like my time is so sporadic lately. I'll add my ISO soon!

I'll keep adding to my ISO until the deadline... I like gently used things, ESPECIALLY FOND OF MAMA MADE THINGS, and of course would prefer any food to be unopened.

***Godiva Hot Chocolate! (seriously, I wouldn't mind an entire swap pkg comprised only of this Hot Cocoa!)
GOOD chocolate - dark, milk, white, truffles, nuts whatever.
Padded straps Mei-Tei/Asian Baby Carrier (made by you is great!)I'd love to send some favorite fabric.
Northern Essence anything or gift card www.northernessence.com
Stationary (cheap but not tacky)
Hair Clips that have those claws for updos
***Book: How to talk so your kids will listen

Baby Josephine:
*** 2-layer hemp jersey rectangle 13X17 serged on all sides. Like a Duz-it-All.
Bibs non-plastic drooler bibs with snaps or velcro closure. Made by you is AWESOME!!!
Socks like Gymboree, Old Navy or whatever like those that don't fall off 6-12 mos
Medium Bummis Whisper Wraps in good shape
Medium Fuzzi Bunz
Tye Dye clothes or plain hand dyes that I can stamp 6mos+
Bathing Suit
Playmat thingie with toys that dangle
Wooden toys

Big Kids:
Laurie Burkner CD any (burned is fine)
Dan Zanes CD any (burned is fine)
Curious George CD (burned is fine)
Glue sticks (used are fine)
Those little foam shape thingies that can be glued onto paper or crafts
Trainers boyish, girlish, GN 2T/3T
Girly underwear in 2T/3T
Clip barrette with bow (for toddler hair)
Bubbles (Favorite are Gymboree, because they don't pop easily)
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I'm in

Bumbo Seat
Md side snapping pockets Good used condition or better
Bamboo pocket inserts or doublers
Bumgenius pockets Good Used condition or better
Boy or GN Tye Dye clothing size 6-12 months and up
Boy or GN cloth diaper, breastfeeding or Pagan advocacy wear 6-12 months and up
12-18 month and larger boy or gn soft soled shoes in VGC
Boy or GN UV protective swim wear size 6-12 months, preferably two piece and that covers most of the body
Mei Tai's (I just love them and would love to try some different types like babyhawk or kozy)
Nursing Bra's in Size 38 H
Bravado sleep bra in Lg ++
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I am in too. Here is the start of my ISO:

Any baby clothes 9mo or larger
-boy or GN
-I love Hanna Anderson and Gymbore
-used ok but no stains please
-Breastfeeding,, co-sleeping, CD advocacy clothes

A MT or wrap style carrier. I am plus sized so large sizes.

3x or 4x nursing wear, used ok but no stains please

Mommy treats
-gift certificate to Subway, quiznos, or Pizza Hut
-any salty or chocolaty

Nursing Neclace

Prowrap snap covers in Med

AIO med sized (Sam is close to 14 lb)

Laurie Berkner music

Robez (doesn't need to be name brand) style shoes for Sam (boyish, shoe like if possible) his foot is 3 and 3/4 in long don't know what size that is
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my ISO (im not so good at doing this like some of you are), but this is what i can think of:

kozy (hint, hint, hint)

lands end diaper bag (the blue one)

nursing tops/dresses (used to be size med. but think i am pretty stuck with size large for awhile)
nursing tanks - i have pink; would like blue, green, white or black
mothers milk tea
nursing bras (i used to be 32C...so now i think im like a 40C). prefer it not to be white..im sick of white!!

fbs med.
unbleached cpfs - size med.
shirts size 9+ months (WHY do i not have any of these?)
any Boy/gn Hanna Andersen 9+
small toys that i can exchange for the toys on his boppy (look at my pix if you want to know what im talking about).
any AP type clothing (getting a bf'ing one)
Bumbo seat (we are ALL looking for these i guess)

gift certificates to:
WAHM or other AP websites
to disney world (so we can come see Michelle! & jewley's mama! lol!)

used clothes is fine with me, just no stains or tears, or holes. if YOU would wear it out in public is pretty much my test.
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I think I'm in. I'm one of the ones who had never done this before but I'll give it a go..

my iso is:

Basically any type of carrier except for ring slings - they are all I have and I've tried making some others, but would love to see the 'real thing'

girl or unisex baby clothes for very hot summer 3-6 months plus

i'm keen to try any cloth diapers - aveena is 12 lb, so what ever size that is.

Used is fine - just the same as everyone else - If you'd use it/wear it then its good.
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blouses appropriate for teaching, but loose enough for nak. to go with brown or black slacks, fall colors. Size 12 (M)
running tights, size 12
running/athletic socks
pouch sling, subdued colors. I'm 5'7"
dairy free chocolate

B/GN clothes, any size >6mo. No onsies or licensed characters
thick prefolds
diaper liners (doublers? to add absorption)
AIOs for 15-20 pound size
swim diaper
baby banz
fun toys appropriate for my office
Baby Einstien or similar DVDs

Elliot comes to work with me. ANYTHING that you can think of that would make it easier is appreciated.

Hair clips
Lip gloss (non toxic!!!)
slender size 4T summer clothes (or big 3T) she really likes stretch pants, elastic waist, no licensed characters, please
2 piece summer pjs, size 3/4T, no licensed characters, please
fun kid's music that won't drive adults insane
pool shoes, size 8/9

Used ok.
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I'm in! Will be back to post lists.
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