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Need Help With a Boy Name Right Away!!!

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Hello Crunchy Mamas!!!

I am having a naming dilemma! At 40 weeks, we need one right away! Daddy wants to name baby Walter (I hate it!) and I want to name the baby Kaelan (and he hates it!), so I am posting here to rally up a vote. I feel that Walter, while not a bad name, is so old, it is so 1920's and feels very 'grandfatherly' to me. And the nickname Wally seems weak and like a pushover. Daddy feels that Walter is a successful name and feels that he will likely be wealthy and successful. Kaelan is my top choice, I feel it is very strong, masculine and unusual.

My son is named Aiden, which is Celtic/Gaelic as well as Kaelan. The two names go well together. Some people have expressed that Kaelan sounds feminine though.

All of the names up for consideration:

My Suggestions:


Daddy's Suggestions:


He just suggested Logan and I love that name! I am trying to convince him that Logan is a keeper! I can compromise on that!!!

Thanks to all!

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I like Logan! I think you should try that one out on him when he's born

My nephew's name is actually Kaelon, and I like the name, but it does end up coming out "Kaitlynn" when younger kids say it

Edited to add: Welcome!! always nice to see another crunchy Mama joining us here
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I like Logan and Caleb.
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Aaron - A fine name!
Caleb - Kind of trendy sounding (very popular where I live).
Preston - I know more girl babies named this (which is a shame as it's an ugly girl name). But I'd avoid it for that reason (plus it's a surname, which I think is fine for a MN but not a a FN). Sorry.
Kaelan - Sounds totally made-up and like a misspelled Kaitlyn (which already can be spelled a hundred diff ways ugh). Definitely wouldn't go there. But that's just me.

Daddy's Suggestions:

Walter - I agree it would be a bit doddery, but Walt's a great NN! Wally's not.
Logan - Although a surname it's not as surname-ish sounding as Preston. Does that make sense? So it's better than Preston but still not my fave. Plus I think Logan's Run so I think cheesy 70s TV show. But I'm old. *grins*

Of all your choices, I'd go with Aaron or Walter, NN Walt.
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Honestly, I'd go with Logan over Walter or Kaelan. If you like, it sounds like a good compromise!
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My personal choice would be Caleb (it's not popular here at all). But, if you both like Logan, that's a good one too (very popular here).

Here's a little story for ya...
My sister's name is Cailin, which I beleive is pronounced the same as Kaelan. She was "supposed" to be a boy... she was going to be named Caleb. Well, when she popped out and had no boy parts... my parents thought Cailin was a perfect alternative.
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My husbands name is Logan. Only possible con about choosing that name is that it's become a more popular girls name lately. Lots of baby girls are being named Logan right now, but I'm not sure if that trend will stick or not. So when your baby is growing up, there could be more female Logans instead of male ones. If that doesn't bother you at all, then I'd pick that name (but my opinion is a bit biased).

As for the others, these are just my opinions. Good luck choosing a name!

Aaron - So many already have this name, I hear it all the time
Caleb - Becoming very popular and fast, but I like it anyway
Kaelan - The spelling would give him too much grief I think, plus it seems more like a girls name?
Walter - Old fashioned, but ok if that's what you like (I can't help but think old people when I hear it though).
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My brother in law is Logan. Can't say I'm a super huge fan of the name, but it's nice and he's a super cool guy.
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Oh my god, grace!
before i even click this thread, when i have read about baby boy's name, LOGAN came into my mind.
i was really surprised when i saw your post and found out that you have suggested Logan.

so definitely i will say Logan.....

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I really like the name Walter, but I am a fan on old man names.
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I actually really dig the name Walter! It's unusual and I just love the idea of a cute little guy with an older name like that. Wally, not so great I guess, but Walt is good. I also like Kaelen though and can get why you favor that with Aiden. My husband's name is Aaron so I'm biased, but I've always liked that name. Not at all crazy about Logan, & as previous posters suggested it's getting more popular.
Good luck! Marian
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In order I prefer Logan, Aaron & Walter.

I have friends that have a Walter that is now 3 years old, they call him Walt and I think it's kind of funky/cute

Kaelon & Preston are too girlie for me personally and Caleb is too popular.

Good luck but don't feel rushed, I wouldn't worry about it until after he was born - you never know you could look at him and it could be an easy decision.

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I actually like Walter (could be called Walt if you prefer). I know a Walter that is in his 30's and one that is 6 years old.

But if you both like Logan, it sounds like that is the perfect choice. With ds2 we had to go with a "compromise" name since neither of us liked the other's first choice.
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Can I throw in Declan? It's Irish and it would go with Aiden. And, I'm a bit biased (see signature)

And, other than that... I really like Logan! Our dental hygienist called her son Logan and it really suits him!
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I agree that I see a lot of girls being named Logan these days, so that would deter me. I'm in the Walt/Walter camp. Grandma/grandpa names are all the rage! I think it's great.

Check out www.babynamesofireland.com if you want more Irish names. My favorite boy name is, of course, Ronan!

good luck,
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I vote Logan! I HATE HATE HATE Walter (although that could be because it's the name of my very non-successful never-had-a-job-in-his-life broke alcoholic abusive father.... ) I also think it does not 'go with' Aiden at all.

Yep... my vote is for Logan!
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Dh's cousin and his wife have a sone he sma age as our oldest sone. Our ds is William Warren. their ds is Walter Warren. He goes by Walt, and I love it.
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Hi there

The name would be spelt Caolan - which is pronounced cwaylaan. There is no K in the gaelic alphabet. Its a very traditional gaelic name. We werethinking of calling our latest caolan but have since decided on Tadhg Ruadhan.
Best of luck
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If you're trying to get him to cool off on "Walter," (and I would -- no offense to lovers of Walters out there) try renting "Sleepless in Seattle." The hapless, dopey, kind of annoying character that you don't want Meg Ryan to end up with is named Walter, and I feel like there are several scenes where the name is tied in pretty closely with the dopeyness. Maybe that'll help!

Good luck with the name and best wishes for a happy, healthy birth!
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I already posted something on this thread, but wanted to add this:

I know there are "sterotypes" connected to names, or people just have certain connotations. However, Walter is not at all like "Madonna" or "Elvis." (Not that those are bad names, just examples!) People may think of Walter as an "older person's" name, but if your ds is named that, once they meet him, they won't think that so much anymore. Because now they'll have a new association - your darling son! So if you dislike it only because of what image it evokes for you, I'd think more about if you like how it sounds.
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