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Programs and Supplementing at Home

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Hi all !
Any of you montessori mama's supplementing at home or doing any educational programs at home in addition to your child attending a Montessori school?

My sisters school in NY, had discouraged this. The teacher felt that "she would not do it right" or something like that. She ignored that comment and proceeded on, mostly in the reading arena.

My DH is really interested in Math. He heard about the Shiller Math program from a homeschooler dad and was considering that. We have been reading up on it.

We have Spanish videos and computer educational games but that is about it. DD is age 4. We tend mostly to focus on activities outside, like planting, parks, zoo, library, taking care of chickens etc. DD did have one of those preschool books from the store and had fun with that.

This summer we will be busy with Daisy girlscouts, but pondering about next academic year (3-6 class), if we will try to do more at home.

Wondering if any of you have experience any problems or conflict with supplementing at home with traditional or montessori like materials or activities? Did your dc get confused or then bored with school (hopefully that is a myth?).
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We have never had issues from the school with supplementing their academics. Honestly, supplementing is not something we would initiate on our own, just because I like kids to have time where they are just "being", but our kids ask for it and seem to enjoy it. The activities we do or materials we use are not Montessori and the kids have never had any trouble switching between home and school.
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Sometimes it can be confusing for children to switch back and forth between two different learning methods. For example, in a Montessori children's house, the child will learn the sounds of the cursive letters (via the sandpaper letters) but even before this work is presented, the child spends alot of time playing "sound games": analyzing the sounds of the words by speaking and listening. When she has a sound foundation, she will be introduced to the sandpaper letters. This is a big process that goes on for quite a while, lots of repetition, variations and excitement building before she goes on to the moveable alphabet! So this is one way to support what is going on at school. If the child asks "what letter is this?" answer with the sound the letter makes. The best support you can give is reading with the child, singing, reciting poetry, and also all those outings that you mentioned: natural history museum, zoo, etc. The best prep you can give in the math area is baking! All within the context of reading recipes, measuring, counting 3 tbsp., etc...there are so many indirect preparations for mathematics.
I have seen children in my class who were not interested in working with the materials as much as I would have liked to see, later to find out they are doing alot of workbooks, runoffs, etc(school-like work) at home.
I would not discourage it however, if they are interested, but in agreement with what was said above, only if they ask.
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