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It is just so cool to see that second line come up!

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I'm such a dork and dollar store tests makes it so easy to just test, test, test!! I don't have any symptoms except that I'm tired (knock on wood) so to feel better about that I have tested 7 times. Every time I still get that thrill!
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A friend who tried for years and years to get pregnant after her daughter's birth finally just admitted to herself that it wasn't going to happen again and sent me her leftover ov and preg tests (then got pregnant 2 months later).

So I had all these "free" test. Took one on the 3rd (neg), 6th (faint pos), 9th (not as faint, but still faint pos)... I have one left. I keep going back and forth between taking it again just to see it darker (I hope) since I don't have other symptoms that strongly yet... or just hanging on to it in case we need it after this baby is born. I need to learn to more completely trust my body... I *know* I'm pregnant... I don't need to see another positive test...

(but I kinda want to )
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with my boys, i didn't test until i was late, so the line showed up immidiately as the dye traveled across the strip. with this one i tested over a week before i was due, and when i didnt see the line right away i tossed the test. i went back up a few minutes later just to make sure and saw a very faint positive.

i took a test a day til i was out of tests. i love seeing it come up positive!!
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I've never found pg tests at a dollar store! Maybe cause I'm in Canada?

I did buy a pack of two... my period was late, but I thought I might have o'd late too, so I wasn't sure if I was *actually* late or not. But it was positive right away. I keep thinking about going and doing the other test... I don't really want to keep a test hanging around until we need to test again, and if I'm just going to throw it out anyway...
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I have Dollar General here, and one didn't have them, but they also only had a really small personal items section. The one closest to me has a nice personal items section with pads and yeast infection meds, etc. The pregnancy tests are over near the yeast infection stuff and the douches. They're weird shaped boxes compared to the name brand ones I usually got. But they are indeed only $1. I bought 5 for this cycle... Used one before trying, just to make sure I wasn't already preggo (Last cycle I'd gone 4 days late and had preggo symptoms, but negative hpts, then the day I was supposed to go get a blood test at the doctor's, AF showed up, so I didn't test anymore). I then used one a week ago before going on a trip... It was a real long shot, since I wasn't due for AF until Monday, and my luteal phase is not 14 days. Of course, it was negative. Then I used one on Monday, got a bfp, took a second one later in the day, just to see another bfp. And I took one more today, again, just to see a bfp! Now I'm out of tests.

After taking 8 tests last cycle, trying to get a bfp since I *knew* I was preggo, it's so nice to see 3 bfps this cycle!!!!
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Congrats, Eden!! I'm a test-taking junkie too, usually 4 or so each time ;D
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Hi Terri!!!! I can't believe we are pregnant again! Congrats to you too!
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I'm a test addict too
This time I got 3 BFN and 2 BFP
Oh and dollar store is just the best
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Less than 1 hour ago I tested and I'M PREGNANT with baby #2.

I kinda knew though...didn't really need the test, but was glad for the confirmation!

I haven't told my husband yet...he is at work...so I've told my 3 yr old who watched me test! I also called one of my best friends--woke her up and told her to package up those newborn cloth diapers for me!

Haven't told my folks yet either...they wouldn't 'approve' of me announcing so early--just in case. Mom had a miscarriage once and I think it was much harder on her...

Just not sure about hubby's reaction--although he knew I bought the test...so it won't be a total surprise. He wanted to finish his degree first, and he is deploying in Aug and won't be here for the birth (unless I go to him--he is deploying to Curacao!!) so I can understand his worries, but a new life is just SO MUCH MORE EXCITING than any of those worries to me!

ps--if any of you reading this are local friends, please refrain from spreading my good news until I get a chance to do so! heehee
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