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need a little help

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i'm trying to relactate a 5 month old.

she has been on formula for 3 mos or so now

i would like for anyone that has succesfully relacated to drop me a pm

i'm also in search of a sns

anybody has1?

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Wow, what a wonderful, dedicated mama you must be! I wish you all the best in your efforts!

To answer your questions, though: I don't have any personal experience with relactation, but I want to point you toward some people in your area who could help!

First, have you tried contacting your local La Leche League leader or group? You can look them up in the phone book under "La Leche League", or try here http://www.lalecheleague.org/leaderinfo/html
I'm sure they could give you personal support and get you in touch with a lactation consultant, and help hook you up with an SNS device.

This message board is a wonderful place for support, and you might also want to visit http://www.breastfeeding.com, which has lots of info and an extensive message board that might be helpful.

Hope this helps!

God bless,
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You may want to check out http://pumpingmoms.org they have a yahoo group and can put you in touch with an online support group of women who are relactating.....they are a wonderful support! And what a wonderful thing you are doing!
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