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I bow to the greatness of the lacto queen....

Originally Posted by DebraBaker
I just ran through a calculation of how long my children nursed, alltogether.

I came up with 20.5 years or 246 months.

I will need to figure out how many months some of them tandem nursed unless I can count that time twice if I was nursing two at once.

Um....I think I'm the lacto-queen.

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Oh, blush, thank-you.
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[QUOTE=eightyferrettoes]Friggen fraggen quiverfull catpoop on a stick;

: : : : :
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yes folks, i have been reading every single freaking post of this novel...i am currently on pg 68 or so, and have been saving it in my favorites so i can pick up where i left off.

I will post when i have read the whole thing, but just wanted to bring it back up!
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Did anyone notice that on the Dortignac family website there are "links" to other family websites? (Including the Duggars) Weird, eh?

btw...Jinger as an exotic dancer someday....he he he!!!
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As I noted earlier, we need to set up a Jinger freedom fund to help her recover from her childhood.

She will set up a cultic recovery org. with the funds she earns writing a tell-all book about her childhood.

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Originally Posted by DebraBaker
She's like a Tribble on the original Star Trek series.

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ok, here I go after reading the WHOLE freaking thing..

I know folks who do the quiverfull thing, and make the older ones raise the younger ones.

One family comes to mind in particular...they had a daughter, then four-ish yrs later another daughter, another daughter about 5 yrs later, then finally a son 5 yrs later, and a surprise girl 2 yrs aftere that.

By the time my friend, the oldest was early teens, she was so freaking burned out on caring for babies and cleaning house that she hated kids. Period.

she couldnt wait to move out, and literally left the day she turned 18.

The next day, her next youngest sister was moving into her old room, and they were moving the baby into her room . She was only 12. She was going to be responsible for that baby during the night from then on.

I do not see the rightness of the "buddy "system full time. In my own experience, forcing older kids to raise the younger ones creates Kids who hate kids.
I remember specific instances of this screaming 4 month old baby with colic being handed off to her oldest sister late at night, while mom and dad closed the door and got a good night's sleep. I took the baby and walked her for ages, until i guess the parents got embarrassed and came and took her.

Now, I DO believe that chores/responsibilty, help a child feel right in the home. makes them feel valuable, as part of a team.

I feel like children need to believe that they are invaluable to a familyunit. That without them things would not be as great. I want my kids to feel needed, wanted, loved, etc. Make sense?

Now...to the Duggars.....I already said I dont care for the buddy system imposed onthe older ones. Yes, asking one to grab someone to put shoes on, etc, is gonna happen. but dont make the big ones raise the lttle ones!

I dont see anything wrong with them choosing to have 16 kids...they are debt free, their kids look happy, they are obviously clean, fed, not abused, etc. I do wish that there was more evidence of mom and dad doing one on one time with the kids, rather than the group older siblings attention.

The food thing...well, I do know one qf familiy with 10 kids who manage to grow nearly all their food, and raise their own beef. also milk their own cows.

The mom works from daybreak until midnight, because she doesnt make the older ones raise the little ones, not much anyway.

And still......the effect of being the oldest of 10...her oldest daughter was so bitter by the time she was 15, she said she NEVER wanted kids. NEver wanted to marry. Left home, rebelled, found a guy, took birth control pills, is now nearly finished with her degree and is going into law. She has only recently begun tentative communication with her parents.

I will finish by saying I am qf....I can easily see myself with 4 or 5....but I cant make my brain stretch further than that.

my heart has been burdened lately with babies who need adoption..who knows if this is the direction the lord is pulling us in??

I guess that's it...i may remember something else later i wanted to say!
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????? for DebraBaker...

Are you guys qf, or did you just continue to keep having kids until you decided 8 was enough?? I know some folks with big families, and it isnt a religious thing at all....just a personal choice. If I ask them if they're quiverfull, they look at me all confused.....
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i didn't know this thread was still alive : subscribing to keep up on the :
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8 was the perfect number for us.

With every other child, I knew I wanted more and the thought of not having another would rack me with grief.

I saw my youngest in a dream two months before she was conceived.

I knew she was going to be my last, so I've enjoye every little stage she's gone through, but I'm happy to be where I am right now and I do not ache and pine away for another baby, haven't since she was born.

Sometimes, my kids whine about taking on too much work, but that means cleaning up after themselves and helping me babysit once in awhile, the big deal recently was I took Zoology in the first summer semester, I asked people to help out no more than once/week. There was some hemming and hawing from the 16yo, but, once I assured her that I wasn't asking any one person to do it more than once/week, things fell into place, generally, Jeanette took MOnday, Jessica took Tuesday, Jonathan took Wednesday and Jim (my brother,) took Thursday, and I had Friday off.

Everything worked out well, but that's being a family, everyone helps a little so no one person has to do too much.

From what I see of the Duggars, the kids do too much, I have never put my baby in a child's room (baby's always in bed with dh and me,) and I wouldn't foist a crying baby off on a child.

What the heck's wrong with people?
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good enough reason! i always felt like I would know when I had enough. Like, I would feel that finality. I had a friend who had 7, 3 of which came after a tubal ligation reversal. She said she knew from conception that the baby was the last one.

and btw.....does everyone here know DB is blonde?? And looks good in a bathing suit??? I have avoided the bathing suit this entire year....2 babies in 2 yrs.... ..not good for the old waistline.:
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Oh, stop it!!!
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Um, why does bamamom get to see blonde Debra in a bathing suit and I don't?
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Give it up, Dar, you've seen the stupid picture.

Do you *really* think I'd ever leave you on the outs?

Um...it's in my blog...
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just saw this last night. we got cable on tuesday.

i ask my oldest to watch the youngest a lot...go play with him, i need a few, etc

i have the 8yo read tot he little ones if i am trying to get the babe to sleep.
sometimes i feel like i put too much on him. i only have 4 kids

having a babe sleep in his room so i could conceive another? arrghhh.


is tayed up until 130am watching them so i have no more coherent thoughts.,

i will try to read the rest of this thread since i read only 80 posts or so...wow!
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I dont think there's really anything wrong with asking the older ones to help once in a while, its when they are flat out RAISING the younger ones, as is obviously the case with the Duggars.

Mom says they do the buddy system b/c mom cant be everywhere at once!!

I just hate to see older children raising younger children, then watching those older kids turn out to hate/resent little kids.
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Hey look!!

Senior Member
Our Lacto-Queen!!

Debra Baker is our lacto queen!!: : : : :

That is too hysterical!!
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My breastes are famous.:
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Originally Posted by DebraBaker
Give it up, Dar, you've seen the stupid picture.

Do you *really* think I'd ever leave you on the outs?

Um...it's in my blog...
OK, I looked at the blog. Yes, I've seen that pic, but it was much smaller and I didn't know if it was you, or one of the J'girls. :

Lacto-Queen! :
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