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this is awesome!! I love your enthusiasm! A couple of comments...

In the car if ds had to go I would just say "it's ok to go in your diaper, we'll change you as soon as we can" Some people bring along potties

About poops, I don't know the name of it but there's a digestive reflex that starts when the individual starts eating and then leads to pooping. It might not be as visible in a tiny baby who's nursing all the time but easier to tell in an older baby or toddler who's eating less often. Some signs to look for for poops are the baby getting really still and quiet, or getting a certain look on his face (can't describe it, it's just a look :P)

I used the sink only at the very beginning and the started squatting down or kneeling and holding ds over the toilet, with the seat up and facing the back of the toilet.

Isn't EC such a cool thing .....

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Originally posted by hlsanders

I'm thinking ahead to logistics. What do people do when they are in the car and their babies need to go and give them that 'sign?' I mean, does it frustrate the crud out of them when you aren't in a place to respond immediately? Does it discourage them in a sense?

I have Trickle Treat, but it is only a smidgeon of information . . . maybe I need to get that bigger book that is like 250 pages of EC wisdom.
i hatecar rides for this reason! actually what i say to dd is i know you have to go pee pee but we are in the car, and i can't take you right now. you have a diper on and you can go in the dipe and i will change you as soon as we get home. she may get frustrated but i don't think she gets discouraged
i have the big book, but i never read the whole thing... i am always lending it to other people
have you been to ahleema's web site? it has a lot of great info and every emaginamble link to other ec sites
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Heather, this is so cool. I was so interested in EC but didn't give it a good go until Jake was older. So he "tells" me when he has to go poop. Man, I haven't changed a poopy diaper in like 3 months or so. He always goes on his potty. It's SO COOL! Family & friends are always like, "You don't know how lucky you are" and "You do know this is a freak of nature and you won't ever have this happen again." :LOL

We're totally doing EC from the get go with #2 WHO I HOPE WE CONCEIVED LAST NIGHT. :LOL

Anyway, you've brought up a ton of questions I've had myself... like what do do in the car etc. Very cool thread!
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Originally posted by pamelamama
Wow, Heather, I better finish your soaker before it becomes unneccesary!!
Well, dipes and covers will be needed for a good while still - esp. at night!!
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Originally posted by Moonbucket
We're totally doing EC from the get go with #2 WHO I HOPE WE CONCEIVED LAST NIGHT. :LOL
Keep us posted, 'k?'

Yes, this is pretty cool . . . so sayeth Kenny who loves all the attention!!

Thx for the car suggestions! And it makes sense that you can release them to 'go' in their dipes if you can't get to it right then!!

I made a 'chart' to see a pattern. I know - there goes my anal self, but it'll help me get this together in my head faster . . . his 'schedule,' I mean.
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cool! I'm so glad to see a mama with other children doing this. I've mentioned to my mainstream-but-open-minded friend that I'm thinking about ECing with the new baby (to avoid the potty training issue, which I'm really not enjoying!) and she says that I'd be suprised how hard it is to pick up on stuff like "poopy faces" when there are two kiddos around. Makes sense, but makes me want to do it more b/c it means that I'll have to pay attention to my second child like I did my first, KWIM?

The EC group here seems to grow and grow. I'm not totally committed to it (thus why I'm still building a stash), but I AM totally committed to at least giving it a shot...out of laziness (like I said, I'm truly hating potty training!).
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Wow Heather, how exciting!!! It's soo cool isn't it?

and Abi (former EC'd baby)
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Missed poop twice now . . . he just hasn't changed his face or anything.
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Wow, that's great Heather. LOL about your girls peeing the teddies, hehe.
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Ooops . . . I wasn't watching and he peed in my daughter's pink cup at the sink. She WAS watching and scolded him proper. Then she refused to take it to the kitchen because it had 'boy pee' on it. Something I should know about boy pee? HAHAHA!

He's napping now . . . 2nd nap today. Hopefully I can catch the 'after nap' pee.

I have been online all day - well, since 11:15. This is getting ridiculous. :
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Yay, Heather! Go, Heather! Woo woo woo!

I think it definitely gets easier as they get older, because they go longer between pees and poops and it falls into a pattern.

I think you should the Baby Bjorn little potty - the best 9.95 I've spent so far! We rinse ours out and dump it in the toilet for poops, but just rinse pee down the sink or the tub.

I also really like Laurie Boucke's book Infant Potty Training. For those of us that love too much information, it not only tells you the hows but also goes into the history of potty training in this country and gives a lot of information about how they do it in other countries. Makes me feel more secure that EC isn't totally out to lunch, KWIM?
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Caught an after nap pee . . . whoo hoo, that's like 5 caught pees today!!!
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I also suggest the baby bjorn little potty, we just got ours last week and Sebastian loves it. I have the cutest picture of him on it, I need to figure out how to post it.
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Okay, I looked at that Baby Bjorn potty, but Kenny is only about 8 weeks old now - so . . . the potty? Really? This early?
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When is it too late for EC? My boys are 2 and a half (too late for sure) and 12 months. Can I try this with my one year old? My 2 and a half year old will sometimes pee on the potty, but for some reason is afraid to poop on it: . He knows when he has to go, but will ask for a diaper and become distressed at the suggestion to go on the potty so we leave him alone. I would like to avoid some of that with my one year old, but frankly I think I'm too lazy to EC . Should I try to catch a poop with my younger ds or is it just too late?
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Originally posted by hlsanders
Okay, I looked at that Baby Bjorn potty, but Kenny is only about 8 weeks old now - so . . . the potty? Really? This early?
Yes, get the potty. You won't be sorry. You can hold him up for now, but pretty soon he'll be able to sit up on it alone. It's a great place to put the baby down while you get a fresh diaper ready (if you aren't doing the naked butt thing).

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Okay, that makes sense. Thx!
Caught our 6th pee today & now daddy is home to see the next one!!
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I've been following this all day, Heather...with great fascination! Esme's eight weeks old too....and I haven't really given EC the "look" it deserves. That is soo cool; that you caught 6 pees on your first day.

Amyb.....how do the "sit" on the potty by themselves so young? Could you explain this to me? If it makes sense....I will run out and buy the Baby Bjorn potty right now.

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I have a pic of Sebastian on his baby bjorn potty in my sig now
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Thanks MammaMel!! Really cute! I am having my hubby pick one up on his way home. They should have em at Babies R Us, right? I'm exciting for Esme to wake up so I can try this! Heather you have inspired me, girl! I was like you....I knew what EC was, but didn't really give it the "look" it deserved. I don't know....I just thought it would require alot of work, be incovenient, not work, etc., etc. (much like my thoughts on cloth diapers wayyy back!) Soooo, we'll let ya know how it goes.....

For those of you who EC baby girls......how do you hold them?

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