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Preggie mamas-(or mamas of NBs) share your NB stash!

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I'd like to see what everyone else is planning on using. (or in the case of mamas of NBs- what is being used!)

I'm gonna go count everything...and then post back...might even share pics...
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What i'm using-
prefitteds from Shandelle, Funny farm creations. These are great in a snug wrap. my own nb fitteds, especially overnight under a wool soaker.

I also have a few very baby side snap fitteds, these are a good fit and absorbent too.
I like the nb prorap covers. For wool, we have alot. lol The cushie tushie soaker is an awesome fit, as well as our Baby Woolies longies.
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So far I just have prefolds, covers, and my own fitteds. I need to start building I guess. I used just prefolds and a couple of fitteds with ds and it worked out great.
This baby is a big surprise, though, so I'm just thinking of building up my NB collection.....I had to let it sink in for a few months: !
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I am due in May...

I have so far..

19 small fuzzi bunz
a couple of fitteds someone sent me in a swap
4 pul covers
1 wool soaker I got in a swap...
1 Happy Heiny..

I think I might just buy a few more pockets and fitteds...

I don't feel like dealing with prefolds
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My son is almost 4 months old now. Our system is prefolds and Bummis SWW during the day and eezifold hemp fitteds with a wool cover at night. I also have one Happy Heiny if we have a sitter but it does not get used that much although it fits great. I just find it easier to trifold the prefolds when they come out of the laundry and put them in the diaper stacker.
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I won't even be starting TTC until next month, but my NB stash is well under way : ...

15 NB Muttaqin Baby velour inner/velour outer fitteds
15 S KHW fitteds (6 OV; 9 hemp)
4 S El Bee Baby with sidewalls
NB/S Mosaic Moon organic chai latte longies with matching hat
NB Nautical Knits black rainbow longies
S Kiwi Pie blue sky cover
NB/S Mosaic Moon rainbow soaker
S Firefly Easy Wool cover
2 NB Loveybums wool covers (1 jersey, 1 interlock)

Plus I'm keeping myself busy by knitting lots of NB/S soakers and longies. I
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24 Preemie Prefolds
24 Infant prefolds
8 pocket fitteds (stuff with preemie prefolds)
a whole mess of covers (proraps, diaperaps, some handmade/unidentifiable, most secondhand)
3 NB size wool soakers
3 SM size wool soakers

Seems simple but it works really well for us!
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12 preemie PF's
24 infant PF's
12 birdseye flats

3 NB Proraps
2 preemie Bumpy's day covers
2 NB Bummis Whisper Pants
3 small Proraps
2 NB Bumpy's soft covers

I wanted to keep it simple and cheap!
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I'm due in about 2 weeks and here's where things stand...

24 premie prefolds
6 NB Diaperaps covers
9 XS Fuzzi Bunz

36 infant prefolds
5 S Diaperaps covers, 1 Nikky cover
6 S Fuzzi Bunz
2 S Happy Heinys
1 S Swaddlebees
1 Mommy's Touch One Size
3 bumGenius
1 Wonderoo
1 Magic-All

As you can see, I'm planning to try a bunch of pockets in size small to know what to stock up on for the next size(s) up. I am not a fitted dipe kinda gal!
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I have so far:
6 NB/XS fitted (mutts, AngelWraps, WAHM, etc.)
6 S fitteds (SugarPie, WAHM, etc.)
3 covers (ProRap, Sugar Plum Babies, WAHM)
2 XS Fuzzi Bunz
3 S FuzziBunz
1 S Ella's Pocket
1 VeryBaby XS AIO
1 Rumpster S AIO

I've registered for:
4 XS Fuzzi Bunz
6 S Fuzzi Bunz
6 Kissaluvs size O
6 Bummis Super Whisper Wraps
6 NB AIOs (4 Very Baby and 2 Magic-Alls)
Gift certificate to L'il Bunz

As you can see, we're planning on trying a little of everything! We'll probably also buy a few prefolds and snappis to test out.
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I've got about 36 preemie prefolds (expecting anytime now, I'm 29 weeks)
6 preemie proraps, about 6 newborn, and 6 smalls
24 unbleached IPF's
6 small FB's with cottonbabies
1 XL Bummi's tote, and lots of cloth wipes
several snappis
and about a dozen Dritz pins
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I am currently working on a photo page for Rory's stash which after 4 days we STILL haven't used everything in yet! As a side note most everything was traded for or used as I didn't want a ton to go on the newborn stash! We have about 20 knitted soakers/shorts/longies a few aio'sand fitteds: a couple cuddlebuns, tykies (LOVE them) , sugar plum baby (BTW Angie they fit FANTABOULOUS I LOVE them), a FLAM, and itty bitty buns, 2 VK, some bums- a daisy, I think in total i have about 70 or so fitteds maybe more I don't know anymore and I have a few of my own fitteds in the stahs as well obviously! I haven't found any that i don't like I will try to remember to update later with a link to the stash pictures!
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This my first time to cloth diaper. Here is what I have for the newby.

24 unbleached infant CPF's
6 smalled fitted (sugarbritches)
8 small covers (loveybums, bummis, wiggleworm bottoms)
1 small fuzzi bunz
1 small happy heiny
2 small daisy doodles
3 small jelly beans AIO's

And then I have snappis, pins, cloth wipes, wet bags, etc. I can't wait for the baby to come!
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I'm due in 3 weeks and my stash is pretty much done because I'm outta $ and time

*6 Kissaluvs galores fitteds- size 0
*2 Valor Kids NB fitteds
*4 Sugar Plum Baby NB fitteds
*1 Very Baby XS fitted
*1 Lukes drawers S contour
*9 Mutt NB fitteds
*14 handdyed preemie prefolds
*3 knit by me NB soakers (cashmere/merino blend -SO soft)
*1 pr babyology longies- size S- slightly felted on purpose to make them NB
*1 Stacinator stretch NB wool cover
*2 BizzyBHive NB wool covers
*2 NB WAHM AI2s (really ugly but work well)

Small (will buy more fitteds and knit a couple soakers):
*6 Kissaluvs galores fitteds - size 1
*36 infant lightweight prefolds (not sure if these will fit this baby as a newborn or not...dd didn't wear them until closer to 6 weeks old)
*2 small KP snap in diapers
*4 Kiwi pie cashmere covers - size small
*1 small fuzzibunz (not sure if we will use it or not)

I do have more small stuff lying around but I will probably sell it for stuff I will actually use. Of course we have snappis, pins, wipes and wetbags already from dd too.
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Great stashes mamas!
I love the simplicity of some of those! PFs & covers! So streamlined!
westgre- yours sounds so nice! I'm sure it looks great on a shelf!

I'm a weirdo- and hate having just one of something...if it's dipes- it needs to be an even #.

Okay...going thru mine now...
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Here's mine so far. http://www.picturetrail.com/gallery/...43&uid=4425138

On the way or missing from pics are:
2 newborn proraps
2 newborn Bumpy soft covers
2 small Bummis covers
2 embroidered FCB size 0 AIO's
2 more plain PUL FCB size 0 AIO's
2 hand dyed OV side snapping Elbees
FCB Size 1 embroidered AIO
Fussybutt wool cover and fitted set
BBB " Sweet Peach" soaker from TP
Embroidered FCB AIO from TP

I am also going to order a few small Fuzzibunz and then I think I am set for now.
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Okay, I'm going to join in, even though mine is very simple.......

12 homemade fitteds (planning on 6 more)
12 infant pfs
6 flannel flats
10 small doublers

4 nb proraps
4 sm proraps
1 sm nikki
4 sm bummis original
3 nb/sm wool soakers (knit by me!)
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I have lots of "onesies" in my stash because I wanted to try a little bit of everything I have:

18 preemie prefolds
24 infant prefolds
1 XS VB pocket
1 XS VB fitted
1 XS VB aio
8 kissaluvs 0
2 NB HH sherpa fitteds
3 S LHC fitteds
3 S SugarPlumBaby fitteds
1 NB Mutt
3 infant GMAR prefitteds
1 S VB fitted
6 S Crystal's Cloth fitteds (my favorite!)
2 S HH sherpa fitteds
2 S Angelwraps aio
6 S HH
1 S FB

I have a couple of pair of NB longies, a small pair of soaker shorts, 4 or 5 S Bummis wraps, 3 Green Earth wraps, 1 NB and 1 S Stacinator fleece cover,

I also have a bunch of mediums dipes, covers and longies from my older dd. I'm a bit overloaded with diapers
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Okay...keep in mind that we were TTC unsuccessfully for a couple of years...and had a miscarriage in December...so a lot of this was purchased while dreaming of the baby who would one day wear it. (some is from trades, some used, but most new) Some of them were charity purchases. And a very few were from previous babies.

And I can confidantly say that I now have the perfect stash

2 NB Elbees
9 XS Elbees (dyed OV )
11 S Elbees (assorted)
22 NB Muttaqins (2 customs on the way)
12 OC Diaperbabies Itty Bitty Buns
2 NB OCV Swaddlebees
2 XS Firefly Sleeptights
3 SM Kiwi Pie snap-ins
5 SM Kiwi Pie fitteds
2 NB Kindhearted Women bamboo fitteds
12 NB sherpa PFs (custom made by Doodlebottoms- super scrummy!)
12 SM Imse Vimse terry flats
12 SM Fun Organic PFs
8 Skoon flats (we will be using these as PFs)
24 infant Tiny Birds OC PF
a few misc. OC, OCV & hemp PFs

1 Preemie Bumpy day cover
1 NB Bumpy day cover
1 NB Bumpy wool cover
1 NB Nikky cotton cover
1 NB Niji wool cover
1 NB Niji cotton cover
1 SM Niji cotton cover
1 NB Nikky wool cover
1 XS Fuzeasy wool cover
1 SM Fuzeasy wool cover
4 SM Kiwi Pie cashmere covers
1 NB Kiwi Pie cashmere cover
1 SM Elbee Wooly Bully cover
1 SM Lana cover/soaker
2 NB Tiskin's Trousers crocheted soakers
1 NB Tiskin's Trousers crocheted longies
1 SM Tiskin's Trousers crocheted longies
1 NB/SM KnitWitz longies
1 NB Nature Baby Knits longies
1 NB Sissy Crabapple soaker
1 NB Cushie Tushie (by Julie) soaker
1 NB Dandelion Dreamers crocheted soaker
2 NB Dandelion Dreamers knit sleep sacks
1 NB Mosaic Moon soakers
2 NB/SM MM soakers
3 SM MM soakers
1 NB MM longies & hat set
1 NB MM longies
4 NB/SM MM longies & hat sets
1 SM MM longies
1 SM MM longies & hat set

Wow! That seems like a LOT of wool! We use wool longies in place of clothes, though...so it's not *just* a diaper cover.
Definately don't need any more wool...I had no idea I had so much... :
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Ok.....I will add as I find stuff as it is all in storage.

I also help low income mamas with stashes and then they trade things back in to upsize. So this is my own stash (that I loan out) as well as some donation pieces that have been used and returned. So alot of this may be going back out. But this is what I have in Newborn/Small sizes.

2 Very Baby PUL AIO's (one yellow/one peach)
2 Starbunz fleece newborn AIO's (Strawberry and Watermelon)
1 fleece Pea in a Pod newborn AIO
1 prorap PUL small AIO
1 Patchwork Pixie fleece AIO small
1 Crystal's Cloth PUL froggie AIO small
1 Righteous Baby AIO with a contour Size 1

9 Fuzzi Bunz small (various colors)

Little Lambs w/inserts (will use as fitteds)
8 newborn
2-3 smalls

1 small sherpa fitted
8 Righteous Baby FLAG's newborn size
1 FMBG fitted that is orange and yellow; matched dragon wool cover

PUL covers
2 newborn Bummis (one white/one froggie)
1 Bumpy day cover small
1 Bumpy night cover small
2 Green Earth covers premie
2 Green Earth covers newborn
3 Prorap covers small

Fleece covers
1 Stacinator cover pink stripes newborn
1 Stacinator cover cream small (maybe newborn)
3-5 Polar Babies fleece covers sz B (various prints/colors)

Wool Covers
2 dyed Aristrocrats small
4 neutral Aristrocrats small
1 orange w/dragon applicas FMBG
1 purple Lana (I think small)
1 small purple and sage Patchwork Pixie
1 med (runs small) purple Sugar Plum Baby
1 multi sz (?) monkey Baby it's You
1 pair of aqua and blue longies

One Size
18-24 Motherease one size fitteds
9 sherpa one sz fitteds
2 SOS fitteds
4 Luke's Drawers fitteds

2 doz newborn prefolds
3-4 doz infant prefolds

12 or so various flats

6-8 sets of Dritz pins
Diaper Duck
6-10 wetbags in various sizes
20 or so snappis (they are always walking away)
100+ wipes
50+ inserts/liners/doublers
3-5 changing pads
wipe warmer

Most has been purchased used. This stash has already diapered a few babies. : Because so large, even with passing on to other mamas and getting it back, most have little wear and tear.

Some AIO's have turned into fitteds, 1 SOS has been thrown out, a couple have holes (mostly a couple prefolds) but over all they are in great shape
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