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allnaturalmama- Do you remember where you bought it?
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Ok-I am starting all over from scratch, since I thought I was done having babies and was waiting for my grandkids to arrive in a few years (yes, I have an adult child-scary huh). But, having learned from last time (after spending lots of money and time stalking)-I have issues using diapers made by others (with a few exceptions) so here is my stash plan (started, but not complete yet).

for early on:
2 dozen preemie indian prefolds and pins
2 dozen pocket fitteds with microfiber stuffers
1 dozen PUL pockets
various OV/OV pocket fitteds-depends on how much OV I have LOL
several knit soakers/longies/wraps (collecting previously loved items and knitting as fast as I can LOL)
3-4 light windpro covers
4-6 wool interlock pants
2 sleepy sacks by me
a few wool doublers for overnight pockets
2 liners for diaper pail
2 small wetbags for going out
3 dozen wipes (ov/sherpa I think, haven't decided yet)

for later:
same as above-only bigger sizes LOL-

I am obsessive about changing diapers-and change as soon as baby pees/poos so I go through LOTS of diapers per day. I will probably add additional indian prefolds because I have an addiction to petting them-at one point I had 14 dozen for Harley LOL-but that doesn't go as far as you would think when they pee every 15 minutes LOL.

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i need this thread. haven't bought anything yet. i have tons of birdseye diapers but they are not brand new. could i use those as a back up for when all my chinese prefolds are in the wash?

westgre- i notice you have lots of different kiinds of covers. i guess it is most important for the covers to fit to prevent leaks? are you going to wash everyday?
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I am returning to cd after doing it for ds#1 9 years ago and then going to disposables for ds#2 & dd#3. We are moving out to the boonies with no garbage service in May, so this led to me looking into cd for dd#4 due in 3 weeks. Now I'm totally addicted to cd!!

36 infant ipf
2 nb bsww
1 nb prowrap
6 sm bsww
1 sm calico baby fleece cover
1 sm loveybums interlock wool
1 sm aristocrat
1 Mommy's Touch
1 BumGenius

On order:
36 regular ipf
12 premium ipf

For size medium, looking to try:
Tootle Shells
Wiggle Worm Bottoms
Motherease airflow

Will also probably go with BumGenius as our out & about diaper, so thinking I'll add another 1/2 dozen of them - when the colors come out.

Weesh - I think I finally feel like I'm ready!!
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Ok, I'm glad to have a chance to write this all down...

4 preemie prefolds
3 Itty Bitty Buns
5 xs fuzzi bunz
7 xs vb fitteds
3 wee weka umbilical scoop fitteds
10 birdseye flats
1 preemie prowrap (fits the itty bitty's-- dd#1 was 6lbs 9oz @ birth)
1 nb prowrap
1 nb diaperwrap
** I need to buy some Dappi nylon pull-ups in NB

15 vb fitteds
4 fuzzi bunz
3 wonderoos
4 Motherease OS
12 unbleached prefolds
4 diaperwraps
3 Rolie Polie wool covers
1 pull up wool
1 stacinator side snap fleece
** buying some Dappi in Sm too

I also have 5 yards of PUL in colors coming to make some pockets... I think I'm getting close to done until I have a newborn to test them on! Since I've sewed all the fitteds myself, I may just keep going and donate the ones we don't use to the Miracle Diaper drive.
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My stash?

26 size small Fuzzi Bunz
32 microterry soakers

I like things simple.

Will buy bigger sizes when she needs them.
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DS is 9.5 weeks old now and just moving out of these diapers and into smalls. He was 5 pounds, 10 ounces at birth and didn't fit anything but the preemie prefolds for a good 2 weeks.

Fitteds -
12 Kissanots (Kissaluv 3rds)
2 Kissaluv size 0s
1 Kissaluv contour
7 Righteous Baby FLAMs
1 Sugar Plum Baby newborn
1 LHC small
1 PWP newborn
1 Loveybum OV
1 Peewell

Prefolds -
8 preemie Indians
8 infant Indians
4 Tiedyed infant Indians

Covers -
2 newborn Proraps
2 newborn BummisSWW
1 newborn Bumpy day
4 newborn Bummis Whisper Pants

Wool -
2 Loveybums jersey
1 Bumpy newborn

AIOs -
2 First Class Baby size 0
2 MagicAlls
1 PWP fleece-in-one

Our small stash that he's wearing now...

Fitteds -
1 Elbee small
3 PWP smalls
1 Firefly Nightlight
1 Sugar Plum Baby
1 High Top Baby minkee small
1 OV tester

Covers -
1 Prorap
1 Bumpy soft
2 Bummis Whisper Pants

Wool -
1 Fuzeasy small
1 PWP small
2 KiwiPie small
1 Bumpy small

AIOs -
4 MagicAlls

Pockets -
2 Wonderoos
3 BumGenious
1 Snap-Ez cotton pocket

Plus he's still wearing all the infant prefolds.

I've also had a small Snap-Ez PUL pocket, small FB and small Aristocrat wool that I've already gotten rid of because I didn't care for the fits.
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dangit I can't find the Disana sleep sack...where did I see that?
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Originally Posted by BCmamaof5
allnaturalmama- Do you remember where you bought it?
So sorry - haven't checked in here for a while.

Anyway, I did get two of them from Jenny at TinyBirds, and she is such a sweetheart, I'd send anybody her way in a heartbeat.

The other one came from Green Mountain Diapers, I believe.
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I'm due in June. I don't have everything yet, but here is what I am planning on.

13 Kissaluvs size 0
5 small Swaddlebees OV fitteds
3 XS FBs
3 Small FB
3 small Swaddlebees pockets
1 NB Heiny Hugger
6 NB Proraps
2 NB Bumpy Night Covers
1 NB Bumpy Wool Cover
1 Sm Aristocrat
1 sm Rumpster AIO
I also have a ton of infant CPFs as backup

Those are what I have, I need to get:
3-4 NB Mutts fitteds
Some of the new Swaddlebees NB fitteds that are coming out soon.
I also just ordered a BerryPlush Cover from JamTots - Dalmation Print
And I am going to grab a NB Stacinator Fleece cover and a Polar Bummis fleece cover. And probably some small HHs for Grandma to use.

I also have some older (USA) Wonderoos, a BumGenius, and a MT One Size pocket that dd still uses and a few cuddlebuns and mutts one size fitteds that dd still uses, but I could use on the baby too.

That should hold us until she gets into the mediums dd is still wearing, and will hopefully be done with by then.
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Marcy- that looks like a perfect sash!

Ooh! That wool stuff (sleepsacks & jammies) at Tiny Birds is so yummy! I have to get some of that before the baby's born.
The Disana one- is it closed at the bottom? Or does it open for diaper changing?
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Due in August

I have
1 motherease one size with snap in liner
1 motherease small sandy's diaper with nestle liner
2 motherease small airflow covers

on the way:
9 infant indian prefolds
2 snappis
1 sm prorap cover
2 sm fuzzibunz with cottonbabies stuffers
3 stay dry doublers
15 kissaluvs wipes

My son weighed almost 9 lb so I'm expecting another biggie and also will use disposables until the meconium is out.
I plan to order more small sandys, wipes and airflow or prorap covers.

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I figured there'd be a post like this!
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I have 3 fuzzi bunz size small..... do you think I will need more than that?

I plan on shopping now, I was just waiting for us to complete a move. I would like to pick up about another dozen fuzzi bunz and then a bunch of prefolds and some simple covers (proraps or bummis) and maybe even some wool. I don't know exactly what I will get, probably whatever I can barter for or get for a great deal. I do plan on picking up some preemie or x-small stuff too as my other kids have been peanuts.
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Originally Posted by hotwings640
I have 3 fuzzi bunz size small..... do you think I will need more than that?

Nah...you'll be fine...just do a load of diapers every hour!
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Okay, I have to type this quickly before DH sees! Last time I was a prefolds and proraps gal, which I enjoyed, but since I'm starting my stash early, I've had much more time to accumulate! I'm going to stick to basics but also wanted to try some fitteds. Last time I didn't really care for pockets. I have prefolds from before but somehow the hubby grabbed all the unbleached for cleaning, which were my fav! So that is about all - I need more pf and some newborn covers. I also knit and am planning on making some soakers once I get some small circulars!

So far:
6 kissaluvs size 0
3 newborn mutts
2 newborn loveybums
2 xs sandys
1 newborn LHC fitted
1 newborn LHC AIO
1 small sugarplum hemp fitted
6 preemie indian PF
6 infant indian PF
22 regular bleached CPF
1 XS rikki wrap
1 bumpy newborn cover
1 newborn loveybums wool cover
2 small BSWW
2 newborn dappi pull ons
1 newborn bummis cover
1 newborn staccinator wool
1 small staccinator wool
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Updated my stash list (for the last time...I swear ...I'm on the wagon )
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I'm still taking inventory from what I used with DS and figuring out what I else I'd like. I still have so much in boxes from our move.

12 NB mutts fitteds
12 NB/Sm Tykie fitteds
12 NB Sugr Plum Baby fitteds
9 NB Nanipoos (these don't fit my big babies for long )
13 Small Crystal's Cloth
30 OS mutts
5 Size 1 FCB

8 Sm Daisy Doodles
4 Sm LHC
2 Mutt

PUL Covers:
3 NB Bumpy day covers
3 NB prowrap
4 sm ME Airflow
3 NB covers (made by me)

3 NB/Sm Crystal Cloth
2 SM Polar Babies Happy pants
1 Tykie Born at Home cover

2 NB stacinators
3 Sm Stacinators
4 NB bumpy wool
4 SM Bumpy
1 SM Freshies cover
1 NB Loveybum cover
3 NB Simply Sage soakers
2 Holy Sheep soakers
1 Sm Crystal's Cloth wool
1 Sm Mutt
1 Sm Lana soaker
1 NB Dandelion Dreamer soaker
4 unknown WAHM Soakers
2 BBSS longies
1 NB BBSS soaker
1 Sm Tykie wool pants
2 Size 1 FCB covers

I'm in the process of knitting some more longies.
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I'm due in Oct and here's the stash. It has changed several times in the last few months but I think I need to say I'm done now, because I'm out of paypal and out of things to sell!

26-28 infant prefolds (2 of these are dyed girly so I won't use them if it's a boy!)
12 homemade Very Baby XS fitteds
3 Bummis Whisper pants NB
8 Dappi nylon pull-ons NB
8 Dappi nylon pull-ons small
2 NB Litewraps
2 XS Thirsties covers
4 Small Bummis SWW
2 Small Aristocrats
4 Small Fuzzi Bunz

Yes, lots of covers, but sometimes I'm in a pull-on mood, and sometimes I'm in a wrap mood! (Depends on how much poop is escaping the prefold and I'm having to smear all over the baby's legs.....)

The stash for larger sizes is pretty similar; just everything in larger sizes.
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