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Preggie mamas-(or mamas of NBs) share your NB stash! - Page 5

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Still working on it, but thus far I have:

7 Kissaluv 0s
8 various fitteds NB, 7 various fitteds SM, 22 various fitteds OS
2 unknown WAHM AIOs NB, 8 Muttaqin OS AIOs, 1 VB AIO LG
14 infant-size CPFs, 30 premium CPFs
24 flats
22 small FB, 24 med. FB
2 wool soakers NB-SM, 2 wool soakers SM-MED, 2 wool soakers MED-LG
1 pair of wool longies NB-SM, 1 pair of wool longies SM-MED, 1 pair of wool longies MED-LG
2 fleece side-snapping covers NB
1 Bumkins wrap NB, 2 SM
5 Bummis SWW NB
1 Prorap NB, 6 SM, 2 MED
1 Diaperap NB, 1 SM
1 Bummis Super Snap wrap NB, 1 SM

I plan to buy more infant CPFs but other than that, I'm done.

ETA: This is my newborn stash as well as for my 9-month-old, who will be 15-16 months when the baby is born.
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First off seeing those huge stashes make me want to buy MORE!

Due in Jan... 20 wks to go...

4 custom pockets
2xs bf
21 KL 0's

11 prowrap
2 sm me

4 custom pockets
7 fb
2 infant prefolds

One size
3 bg's
9 wonderoos
18 me

Still building the stash... no where done yet. I want some wool and more dipes.
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I have so far, due in Fabuary so I have lots of time.

4 dozen preemie prefolds (I use these as wipes after the newborn stage)
2 dozen flats
7 pairs of Happy Pants from Polar babies fit 8 to 15 lbs

I plan on getting a few more flats a dozen or so.. I plan on pinning or snapping the diapers in Happy Pants.

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Wow! Everyone seems to have such a great stash! I think I'll have to go shopping!

I just started 1 month ago cd'ing my almost 2yo and I am due with another in October. So far I have:

for the 2yo-

6 toddler ipfs , 1 prorap
6 premium ipfs , 2 bsww
7 FB , 1 litewrap
1 happy heiny , 1 iv bumpy soft
1 blue dog fitted
1 thirsties fitted
1 snappi fitted
1 heiny hugger
1 drybee

I wash every other day and I've never run out of anything. I really, really like the prorap and the iv bumpy soft! I think I like the pre-folds the best, too.

For the new baby all I have are 1 dz preemie ipf. I'd love to buy some Thirsties pf's and some Kissaluvs.

My daughter is crocheting me some longies and shorts - I can't wait to use them!

I hope I abbreviated everything correctly - I am new at this!
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Originally Posted by AngelBee

Good thing is now you get to move on to the small stash!
Thanks for the hug. The small stash is fun too!
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Well, I still have DD's old stash, but this time we're having two babies so I get to shop some more!

Here's what I already have in the newborn and small sizes:
12 newborn prefolds
24 infant premium prefolds
1 Bummis SWW, newborn
3 Bummis SWW, small
1 Prorap, newborn
3 Proraps, small
1 Bumpy Day cover, newborn
2 Alexis Featherlites, newborn
1 Bummis Whisper Pant, newborn
2 handknit wool pull-ons, newborn

Here's what I'm planning on getting:
12 Kissaluvs 0's
6 Cloth-Eez, newborn
6 Cloth-Eez, small
4 small Fuzzi Bunz and inserts
some extra inserts (probably Joey Bunz)
MORE WIPES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
and I have four handknit wool covers in size small in progress.

I'm also getting a sampler of one-size fitteds, to try out. I won't need them until the new arrivals are out of the Kissaluvs, but I figure I can get one of each kind I'm looking at, and try them out on DD to see which ones I like best. I'm gonna try the Motherease one size, Snug to Fit supremes, and the Growing Greens ones. That way when the twins are ready for bigger diapers, I can make a more educated decision about what to buy to supplement the medium and large stash that DD has.

I wish I could buy more cute WAHM stuff and all, but I'm kinda broke. We did all prefolds with DD until she grew into mediums, but I figure I can give myself a break and get a few fitteds this time around, to get me through the really hectic times.
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You ladies have nice stashes! Can't wait to start another newborn stash when I am expecting #2.
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