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I chop up or shred veggies, saute, then mix 'em into scrambled eggs while the eggs are still runny so that everything sticks together. He loves it! Zucchini and carrot breads are a big hit too. Luckily, he eats plenty of fruit, so if he doesn't eat all of his veggies, I've stopped stressing out. It also helps to think about the junk that most other kids his age are eating!
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We are vegetarian also and having a hard time getting Konur to eat anything other than peas and corn. I sat down the other day and realized that pea and corn arent even vegetables! You would think being a vegetarian i would have thought of this sooner, but nope, i never even thought about it. Peas are legumes and corn is a grain. He used to eat carrots, which are vegetable, right? But now refuses them. We are still nursing and i am very glad.

I have tried all sorts of veggies, but will try the blended steamed brocolli and spinach in things. The boy loved sweet potatoes so at least we have that.

Its funny how i grew up eating peas, green beans, and corn and was told they were vegetables and they arent. I just talked to my mom about it today then they were over for dinner. i was trying to find a vegetable to serve and she suggested peas, i let her know they were really a vegetable and she said she never thoght about it either.

The zucchini bread sounds great, too. Thanks!!!
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Thanks for this post! My DS has never LOVED veggies-but will eat a few. I've needed new ways to sneak them in for some time. Funny b/c we eat and love veggies and always have had him try whatever we're eating. I guess after he starting eating more fruit the sweetness just doesn't compare to the taste of lots of veggies.
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I'm printing out this thread! Great ideas!

My DD (21/2 yrs) loves frozen veggies right out of the freezer - still frozen. brocolli, peas, corn especially.

Okay and this one is tough to fess up to, but my 2 1/2 year old dd eats jarred babyfood green beans and squash on a pretty regular basis. She would choose these over many other snacks!

I even made most of her baby food when she was younger!!!

I would use jarred veggies as my emergency stash or when we ate out. She just really took to those 2 flavors. She would'nt touch the homemade green beans that I made and she won't eat whole green beans, but she just loooves the Gerber version.

On the other hand, she hated pureed peas, but now loves whole peas.

Toddlers can be weird sometimes!

Other ideas:

mix mashed turnips in with mashed potatoes

slice and bake a sweet potatoe for baked chips

homemade salsa with diced brocolli, avacado, corn added in

my dd loves plum tomatoes, she eats them whole
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