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I need everyones opinion on something. We are supposed to go to my BILs wedding on May 27th....not only that but my oldest DD is supposed to be one of the flower girls. Im due June 7th/14th (dr says the 7th though Im measuring closer to the 14th...tend to have big babys though and dd was a little early)

Anyhow....should we pull out of the wedding? She already knows there is a chance I wont be there.....but I just dont see how DD can possibly be in it. MIL will not watch the girls if Im in labor like we have planned, and clearly wont take her to get ready etc. I just dont know what to do! Between the wedding and my sisters graduation on the 10th...Im totally freaked out because basically this kid is an inconvience....the people Im counting on may/may not be available depeding upon when I deliver. AHHHH!

What would you do?
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for the wedding...play it by ear...you said "one of" the flower girls - so if she can't do it, no biggee, right? or do you have to buy a special dress? if that's the case, I'd probably just say 'no' to be on the safe side, but of course you'll show up if you can. they should understand.

for your birth...start working on getting a back-up plan/person in case MIL needs to be at the wedding or whatever and can't watch your girls for you.
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I agree w leighann (surprise right?) but again you need to play it by ear. Also being 37 weeks plus and involved in a wedding sounds very tiring for you the mama never mind you have to watch your family as well. And really you could go anytime after mid may and not have to worry about being in the wedding since you will have enough to do. I would be honest with the bridal couple and your sister- your baby may come anytime so please understand that you will be thinking of them on their special days but you might also have other plans. Again you maybe too tired to do any of these events anyway and just stay home and you can blame it on the baby and say your m/w or OB wanted you to take it easy. I say play the pregncy card as much as possible.

Then after all this, the baby comes after the 14th!
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Honestly, if it were me, I would back out now, work on your back-up plan and not stress over it. I just dont think any preggo mama needs that kind of stress in those last few weeks

If it were MY wedding, I would understand if someone couldn't make it b/c they are having a baby!

Just my honest opinion
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I'd say play it by ear, too and in the meantime be working on a back up plan (and mabye even a backup for the backup ?) about childcare ... it must be a worrisome situation for you, though. Please, remember, that like mountainsun said, I think most people would understand if a pregnant woman couldn't make a wedding and try not to stress about it Your plate is full enough already, you know?

Heck, we've been invited to a wedding in early July and I've already told dh to pass along (it is his side of the family) that we won't be going. I know me and when I have a new baby I just want to nest, snuggle, stay home, and enjoy my babymoon for as long as I can ... people will be understanding, I figure. And, if they aren't, well, they aren't the ones in charge of taking care of and deciding what is the best for *my* family, you know?

Best Wishes! I hope you find a solution ... and please, don't feel guilty if you feel like you need to skip it. You've got a VERY valid reason
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If it were me, I'd just back out now. Brides tend to be pretty freaky about such things on their wedding day, and I wouldn't want to let her down at the last minute.
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I'd back out of the wedding (tell her you'll attend if possible, but the flower girl gig is too much just in case and you don't want to back out at the last minute if baby is early or you're not up to going), and I'd tell your sis that you probably won't make her graduation, either - if you feel the need to, apologize to both, but say that it's just the timing, and newborn babies take precedent over adults no matter what!

A note to each of them around the time of their events saying how you're thinking about them and sorry you're missing out on the fun, etc. and maybe some flowers or something else they like would probably make them feel good, if you could swing it...I'm talking just a quicky, handwritten note, nothing major.
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You could talk to BIL and see if there's someone that could handle all the things that come with your daughter being the flower girl. My Godmom did that with me when I was in a wedding and really young. If no one can commit to it, then say you won't be able to do it. I'm sure they'll understand.

Work on your back up plan so you can stop stressing. You sound way to stressed to be a pregnant mommy!
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