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Are borax and boric acid the same thing??

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We have fleas in our carpet ( it is being replaced with wood floors next month) but My daughter is ate up with bites...she looks like she was in a fight with moscitos ( she allergic to the flea bites) Anyway someone told me to use borax on the carpet and I was reading somewhere on the boards to use boric acid leave it on for a few hours and vacuum it up. So are these two things the same??
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The are both from the borate subclass. You can read a bit about that here: http://mineral.galleries.com/mineral...AT/borates.htm

And here is flea control advice that suggests either/or:

Wash pets in Not Nice to Fleas® or 1 - 2 oz. of Safe Solutions, Inc. Enzyme Cleaner with Peppermint as needed. Steam clean or vacuum thoroughly every day for two weeks and/or mop with 1 cup of borax per gallon or wash or rinse-and-vac floors or spray with diluted Safe Solutions, Inc. Enzyme Cleaner with Peppermint. Use a steam cleaner weekly to clean carpets, floors and furniture. If you spray carpet with 1 gallon of a 2% solution of borax, boric acid or sodium borate per 2,000 sq. feet - and then respray with another gallon of hot water you take the toxic material (crystals) down to the nap. Note: Borax laundry powder may stain or cause rust.) Keep infants off borax treated floors.
Read the full article and advice at http://www.thebestcontrol.com/bugstop/control_fleas.htm
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Cynthia, I read the articles & they were very helpful. I am getting ready to get the Borax and clean clean clean! ( We have 5 inches of snow and more on the way ...what else am I supposed to do??) LOL
Thanks again!
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I mean there is a spray; mothballs w/ a young one around is dangerous.
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We had a nasty flea infestation a few years ago. Here is what did it without chems.

Wash the dog in baby shampoo. The J&J kind.

Get a carpet cleaner (I had one of those home hoover deals). I put a touch of baby shampoo and boric acid in the cleaner. A few drops of tea tree or lavender oil wont hurt.

Get cheap vaccum bags from dollar store. Vaccum every day. Throw the bag out immediately. After vacuuming. Clean carpet. I did this every other day.

It took me about 2 weeks to get rid of them. I scalded all of our rugs and bed sheets in really hot water in the washer.

My carpet was SO clean and my house looked SO good!!
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Well I am doing the dry method of borax and leaving it on the floor for a few hours. Then I plan on shampooing with borax& eucluptus Dr Bronners. I might even throw some tea tree oil in the mix.... I am going to do this every other day ( shampooing ) and vacuuming 2 times a day......Unfortunately I have an expensive vacuum and I can't afford to throw the bag away after every use...but I do take it off my vacuum and put it in a plastic bag until I am ready to do it again.... Thanks for your replies and by all means if you had something work for you that isn't mentioned...please share!

Do any of you know what I could put on my 2 year old to keep them off her until I kill them all?? Thanks
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