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Fertility Confusion -

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I am usually pretty good about this stuff - but my body is baffeling me at the moment....

I am 13 months into bf my baby on demand - got my first period last month on the 8th of Feb. Dh & I are not trying to get pg and are using barrier methods of bc.

On the 8th of this month, I got the compulsion to test (for no good reason) and got a speckled response.... in the pregnancy line space I got a few dots but not a line. Anyone else ever gotten dots??? Weird! The next morning I tested again - negative.... next morning after that I tested again and got a negative....


Now its the 13th and I still haven't gotten my period back and pre-baby I was 28 days on the dot. I have been having cramps, and general abdominal pain and nausea - but haven't had the tell-tell signs I had with Ella, no face acne (my biggest sign the first time) no food adversions or anything....

Should I test - AGAIN. Seems like I tested an awful lot and should be content with the answer - but where is my period????

Anyone got a crystal ball and can tell me what my problem is??? Help! Advice??? Anyone????????
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Everyone is different, but in my experience it took a few months for my period to get "regular" once it came back. Initially, I had several cycles that were all over the place, anywhere from 25 to almost 50 days, and I was always quite regular before. One of my sisters reccomended taking a flax oil supplement to help my cycles and I did. I don't know if it was coincidence or not, but as soon as I started taking it I went right back to my 26-28 day cycles. I probably went 5 or so months with irregular cycles, but once they went back to regular, they stayed that way. Hope that helps.
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