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Weather Gripe

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Boy do I hate Ohio weather! I was raised in NC and moved here at 16, I've hated it ever since. Its either not hot enuff in summer, to cool in spring, raining(ugh!) or worse yet, snowwing. We are having our 9th day straight of raining. It sux. I can't even go out for a walk to the mail, its just too windy and stormy. My dog Bucky is driving me nuts cuz hes scared. My kids are going stir crazy, as am I. It would be a wonderful day if not for the rain, its 70 out!! My mom is still in NC and keeps asking us to move down, and I want to. I figure DH has had enuff time with his fam, I want our kids to be around mine for a while. I miss my mommy, don't I sound like my 2yo? Must be my hormones, cuz I hate where I live and want to move now, crazy. Its in the 80s at moms.

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yeah, here in alabama, we've had everything in the past month or two from snow to ice on the roads and now 70-something degree weather and sunshine. I want it to be like this all the time. I want Spring-time! I have an aunt in Florida (which is where I am from) and I am kinda glad we don't talk too much. I want to live there again soooo bad! ARGH! I feel your pain. Maybe you'll have a nice, hot summer this year!
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Yeah, two days ago I took pictures of Livi running around in a t-shirt and pants playing with a soccer ball... Today we have nine inches of blowing snow. Blech!!

At least now I have a better chance of being able to use the one-piece fleece suit I got for the baby from Hanna Andersson! For awhile there I thought I would have to sell it on ebay because it was so warm!
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I'm an oddball I know but I despise the heat. It's not time for spring yet! I was sweating last night and cursing up a storm.

I so wish it would snow more.


(We live on a mountain in TN as that was the compromise -- DH's job is here so we're stuck here but at least it's cooler on the mountain. If I had my way, we'd be in Montana.)
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