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Teething, already?

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Tori has been inconsolable for the past few days. Crying for no apparent reason. So tonight she was having the worst night ever and after trying EVERYTHING she still would not stop crying. So I stuck my finger in her mouth and started rubbing her gums... And she stopped... Can she really be getting teeth this early? She's only 3 months old!
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or atleast that is what I have heard. If rubbing her gums helps I would just continue. If you like you can call you dr to see about tylenol or ibuprophen.

Good luck
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There's a boy on my other Dec. group with his top two incisors poking through.
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What's the usual timeframe for teething?
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It can really happen any points from here on out. It's typically genetic, so you can find out when your first tooth appeared & when your child's father's first too appeared and get a good idea. We have a lot of late teethers in my family. My kids are at the LATE end of the spectrum for sure. I KEPT thinking that Jude was teething (drool, cranky, etc) but his first tooth came in on his first birthday. Then, Cicely was even later. She was 14 mos for her first tooth.
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Samara seems like she's teething too. I don't remember when Mikayla and Jimmy's first teeth came in. I'll have to check their baby books.
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Yeah... I read somewhere that the 'normal' range for eruption of the first tooth is 3-18 months. But then some babies are born with a tooth or two.

They can also start having teething symptoms long before the tooth makes an appearance.
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I swear Tharen has been teething since he was 2.5 months old. I expect a tooth any time now. He loves having his gums rubbed, and he will spend hours knawing on dh's fingers. Kearnan didn't get teeth until about 6 months, so I was suprised, but I have read that it is pretty normal. The weird thing though is that i can feel his canine teeth poking at his gums. I don't think those are supposed to be the first teeth to arrive.
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I'd say no, but E is chewing on my thumb right now. DD got her teeth painfully slow. Every tooth would cause her weeks of agony. I'm really hoping DS's gums are a bit more efficient.
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Sada is teething. She loves having her gums rubbed and chewing on anything and its very purposeful over her front gum area. Josie's first teeth came through at 4 months. So I guess she was a pretty early teether....I remember her doing the same thing as what Sada is doing and I thought no way its teething but it surely was!
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carter got 8 teeth in the first week of his 4th month. so he was just barely more than 3 months when all 8 popped out!!! so it's definitely possible!
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both madeline and katherine had their first tooth make its appearance on The Day they turned six months, so i suspect louie will do the same.

and as to which teeth they're 'supposed' to get first... ususally babies to get their bottom two front teeth first... but mil said dh got his canines in first! so he looked like he had fangs for a bit!
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I think we have insicors.
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