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My ped is pg with her first......

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After looking high and low I finally found a ped that I like (it is my third one in 5 months!) She recently opened a new pratice this year with 2 other women peds - all are young (30's) with no children of their own.

I am happy with this ped because she has always been supportive of my choices - bfing, co-sleeping, delayed solids - although she has made some comments that leads me to believe that althought she is accepting some things may not be her *personal* opinion - ie she asked about dd's sleeping patterns, and was fine with co-sleeping but added that the reason she may be waking is because we were waking each other up and that she would most likely continue to wake at night as long as we were co-sleeping - but not in a derogotory way, more in a she dosen't really know any better way KWIM????

Anyway......I just found out at our last well baby visit that she is pg with her first baby and due in May! I am so happy for her - but most of all I REALLY REALLY REALLY want her to breastfeed!!!!! I KNOW that she will be returning to work and that she has free formula available to her - but I also know that she praises bfing.

What I would like to do is get her a gift - a really good and comprehensive bfing book to keep for personal and professional reasons. I was thinking about The Breastfeeding Answer Book - but was wondering what everyone else thought???? Do you think that would come acrossed as strange???? Am I even allowed to give my dr a gift???? Anyway just wondering what everyones thoughts were......

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Totally get her the BAB!!!!

It will help her and all the babies/moms/clients she helps over the years. It is just out in a new edition!

Of course you can give a dr a book. God, I wish every doc had that book.
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