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We're in!

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Ds has been going to his current Montessori for two 1/2 years. I was thrilled with the parent/toddler class, then *again* thrilled with the toddler class, and 'just' satisfied with his preprimary class. Anyway, we had applied to another Montessori that goes up to 8th grade, had gone through the interview, etc. but were gently told not to be surprised if he didn't get in, since they didn't know how many spots would be open for the 2nd year of preprimary. There is a great demand for this school since it goes up to the 8th grade, and since when most of the kids move up the spots available are usually filled by siblings.

Well, I've been a nervous nellie all week, and the school administrator has been on sick leave this week and the fill in administrator kept giving me the old song and dance that the letters are going out this week, etc. Well, I explained I needed to send in my 'intent to return' form for the old school, and an hour later the Principal of the school called me to reassure me that ds is definitely in for next school year!! We are thrilled! *sigh of relief*! Just thought I'd share!
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Good news!
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We won't find out if we got a spot at our M school for another couple of weeks
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Yay Congrats! I was so excited when my dd got accepted last school year! What a relief and now you have no worries since he can stay thru 8th grade
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