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How many C-sections allowed

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Does anyone know how many times a doc would cut? Someone I know wants to have 4 kids...if she gets sectioned with her first child, would the docs section her 3 more times (assuming she doesn't want to try VBAC) or advise her to have less children? Trying to gather all the facts...

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Regardless of how many a doctor say they will perform, as that would be left up to the doctor's discretion, each c-section increases the mother's risk for her future pregnancies. Each c-section has it's own risks and the risks of the surgery become greater for each c/s that is performed. Not a risk I personally would want to take.

I've heard of some doctors saying only 3 c/s, other's I've heard that 7 is their limit. My thing is, it just doesn't have to be this way at all.

Just because a mom has one c-section does not mean she has to have a c/s with all subsequent pregnancies. It's my strong opinion that c/s should be saved for the small number of those who *really* need it.

What's more important, IMO, is preventing that primary cesarean from happening in the first place.
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I just wanted to clarify a bit. In my first paragraph, I am referring to two different sets of risks. One set of risks to future pregnancies (uterine rupture, placental issues etc) and another set of risks of the surgery itself. Each repeat c/s carries increased risk of complications so the more you have, the more the risk.
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Ditto what Tika said. But, in reality, I would think that as long as she keeps getting pregnant she'll give bith somehow. I'd think if she wants 4 kids and has a c with the first and then isn't able to have a vbac with the second, they'd just keep doign the c/s, right? I mean, it's not like they can just leave the baby in there!
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thanks for the info and replies..right, knittin in the shade, i said 'advise' because like you said, the baby's gotta come out somehow! i just wondered if doctors that won't do VBACS will tell you at some point that they don't want to cut you open AGAIN.

it's kind of a long story why i'm looking for this specific answer...trying to gather all my facts
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I would think that after 3 they'd probably start to advise against it because the risks do increase each time (more scar tissue means grat chance for one of them to rupture) I think they might even get to a point where they'd maybe refuse you as a patient if you can in early pregnancy after they'd said that it would be unsafe to do another c/section. But, if you showed up in labor needin a c/s, then they wouldn't be able to refuse to do it.
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I've had 3 sections and was never told I shouldn't have any more kids. I think it depends on a lot of things. My 1st was Emergency, 2nd elective and 3rd a failed vba2c. I agree that by all means that first section should be avoided at all costs. And yeah even if the doc tells you no more babies if you wind up pregnant they're gonna have to cut the baby out unless you are able to deliver vaginally. My midwife told me, let me know when you're ready for another one...so I assume I'm safe. I think 4 would be my limit though, too hard on my body to keep getting cut open like that. THough honestly if I ever got pregnant again, I secretly wish to be able to birth vaginally... too bad there are no hospitals here that support vba3c's.

Ethel Kennedy had 11 c-sections and that was many years ago, so I guess for someone wanting a larger family who has that first section, doesn't necessarily mean she can't keep having babies.
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Originally Posted by Drummer's Wife
Ethel Kennedy had 11 c-sections and that was many years ago, so I guess for someone wanting a larger family who has that first section, doesn't necessarily mean she can't keep having babies.
While I was still in the hospital after the birth of ds2 (both c/s - see siggy), I asked my OB, "So how many times can I do this?" He said that it would have to be reassessed each time. He also mentioned Kennedy.

A little OT, but I honestly don't know if VBAC2 is an option for me or not, although I will definitely look into it. We tried to avoid the 1st c/s but were not able to. After losing ds1, my emotions clouded any judgement I might have had in the first place, and I wouldn't have argued if they told me they were going to get ds2 out through my nose. I just wanted him safely in my arms.
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I've had 2. After my second, I asked my OB how many more c-sections I could have and she said it looked like definitely 2, but probably more. She has one patient who's had 9 c-sections so far (13 or 14 kids) and hasn't advised her to stop because her uterus is holding up really well. I plan on trying for a VBA2C next time, but it was reassuring to hear that I could probably "safely" have more c-sections I need to.
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I've had 3 myself, and my doctor stated there really is no limit. It actually gets a little easier with each one, and I heal more quickly with each one. I'm expecting my 4th child in August and unless I can VBA3C, i'm o.k. with a 4th c-section. Like all the other posts say, they'll have to c-section if they won't "allow" you to vbac, the baby has to come out some way.
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i just came across this by googling it.
we have 2 boys, both born by c-sections - first was emergency because he was breech and i went 4 weeks early, second was after failed VBAC (24 hours of labour, breech again, 10 weeks early). i have to have any future children by c-section because my OB had to make a vertical incision this time.
i'm SO glad to hear that i won't necessarily have to stop at 3 or 4. we always said we wanted at LEAST 4 children.
whether we stop because i tend to have premies is another story...
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I have heard stories of doctors telling women no more than three children via c-section, and pressuring them for a tubal at that point. However, this may be Doctors just trying to cover themselves liability wise as the risks of hysterectomy, hemmorage, etc. go up with each subsequent c-section. Like anything the doctors really should just be telling the women about their risks with whatever option they choose, and then let them decide. But, how often does that actually happen??
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The OB I saw last time says he's comfortable doing four, but no more than that. Of course, I'm not sure what he'd do if I showed up at the hospital pregnant with number five, after refusing consent for a tubal...force me to VBA4C?
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You can have as many as the # of pregnancies you have. They gunn'a force VBAC on ya...seriously?
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unfortunately, you will find OB's out there who will cut you 9 - 10 times.

There is really no limit.
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Originally Posted by turtlewomyn View Post
I have heard stories of doctors telling women no more than three children via c-section, and pressuring them for a tubal at that point.

That is very, very common in my area. so common, in fact, that i completely believed it myself until i stumbled on this website. When people asked why i wanted to vbac, my response was always "i want more than three kids" and no one questions it. Know i have TONS of responses

anyhoo, when they do a c/s, they can take a look at how thin your uterus is and give you a heads up. But it's all in how much you trust your doc to not fib a bit to cover his rumpus. A friend of mine thinks her doc is great and is saving her and her baby by informing her that when he did her last c/s he could look in and tell that her pelvis wouldn't spread : so she's having a repeat c/s for this baby.

She won't listen to reason, i've tried. And then she tells me that he recomended that she get her tubes tied! When she said no he said "well, we only do three then you'll have to" It's a sick, sick thing. It makes me want to cry
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My mom had 3 c/s, a VBA3C, another section with scar revision on the uterus and skin, and then a 5th c-section. She had a tubal after the 5th section because the OB said "no more". They had pressured her to get the tubal before that actually (only 2 pregnancies had the same OB), after the 3rd IIRC.
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Oh, yeah - the OB said "four sections", but he brought up whether or not I wanted a tubal at every prenatal appointment for the last 6 weeks of my third pregnancy. I said "no" every time, and he mentioned it again at the next appointment.
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I have had 4 c-sections and my OB has cleared me for another pg. It will be my 7th pg, 10th (at least) baby and 5th c-section (definitely section as I want a tubal). So really I bet it is totally just how your own body handles it.
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My MIL had 5 and just had to have a hysterectomy due to recurring bladder problems from all the scar tissue
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