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Rebecca Leigh is here!!!!

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Rebecca Leigh arrived at 7:15am on 3-10 weighing 8lbs 9oz and 20 1/2" long.

I started labor with my water breaking at 9:40pm on the 9th. After four hours things didn't seem right to me and I wanted to go to the hospital. It was about 2:30am and the fog was so dense you couldn't even see two feet in front of the vehicle. By 5am it had lifted enough we were able to call ahead and leave the house (we had good heart tones of 140 range and I was 3 cms dilated). The drive to the hospital was 1/2 hour (had to go to Covenant where my Dr had rights). When we arrived everyone kind of treated me as a normal laboring person instead of someone who'd had 2 sections. A half hour after arriving they finally got the monitor strips on me the heart rate was in the 190's. as I was being wheeled off to the OR her heart rate dropped to 70. On the table I felt what I thought was my uterus rupturing...what a horrid searing pain! I then was out under general.

When I woke up Tim told me I had ruptured and that Rebecca was outside the uterus when they cut me open. She was white as a sheet and they couldn't get her stabilized in the NICU and were calling for University of Michigan's NICU to come get her. The weather was still so bad down where they were coming from they couldn't use a helicopter. They had to drive to get her and they finally arrived at 10:30 and were able to stabilize her and head back for Holden. She qualified for a trial treatment called a "Cooling Cap" to bring her brain temperature down.

This is the diagnosis they gave her when she was born: Perinatal Hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy. As it stands right now: She's off the cooling cap (it is only something that works for 72 hours). Her CT was good, her cranial ultrasound was normal, she can suck on a pacifier, move her fingers and toes (she gripped our friends finger when they visited her on Sunday evening, and she gripped her daddy's finger with her toes this morning). She is breathing on her own above the ventilator, she is on a daily dose of Phenobarbital to control seizures she was having, she has to have occasional Morphine as she is starting to not like the vent tube. Some Drs that talk to us sound grim and not encouraging, and others are more positive and encouraging, saying it is a one day at a time thing. She will be having an MRI done in 5 days so maybe they will know more then. Right not it is a minute by minute thing. The waiting is terrible. She is a many ways MUCH better than when she first got to Holden but yet she so very far from being home with us.

I finally got to come home today after a long lonely and EXTREMELY painful stay that included a NG tube. (GAG literally) It was so weird to be driving home without the baby tonight. The house is so quiet. :*( I haven't even seen her in person yet. :*( Hopefully I will be well enough to go visit her tomorrow. I know it is going to be hard but not seeing her is even worse. I won't be able to hold her but I can touch her foot or hand. I'm pumping and freezing my milk for her for when she's well enough to have something other than fluids and electrolytes.

We just need lots and lots of prayers that whatever part of her brain that was affected by lack of oxygen would miraculously heal itself, and that she can be a testament to the power of our Almighty Healer. Also prayers for Tim and my self's emotional well being would be very helpful. This is by far the hardest thing we've ever been through.

The name Rebecca is of Hebrew origin and it's meaning is "to bind" and also means "refreshed". The Bible verse that goes with the name is Psalms 23:1-3. Learning that she was joining our family bound Tim and I together in an extremely difficult time and we believe that she will be refreshed in body mind and spirit from her traumatic birth.

Blessings in Christ,
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My prayers will be with you and your family. May God continue to refresh you and your family. Jeremiah 29:11 For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."
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Thank you soooo much.
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Rebecca sounds absolutely beautiful! I hope you are feeling well enough to go see her tomorrow. My thoughts are with you and your family*HUGS*
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You and your family and especially Rebecca will be in my prayers. Your mama's instincts didn't fail you. I am soo glad you got to the hospital when you did.

Hugs and wishes for a quick recovery for you and that Rebecca will be home with you very soon.
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Thank you for sharing so much with us. You are a strong mamma. I'm so sorry you've had such a hard beginning. I'll start my prayers for you tonight, hoping you'll be able to see your little girl tomorrow and asking for you all to have health, comfort, peace, and strength. I hope to read about your miracles soon. They are possible, especially with your faith.
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I'll be keeping you and the baby in my thoughts. I'm so glad to hear you are okay, and that Rebecca is improving. Take good care of each other.

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Thank you so much for sharing your birth story. It was very lucky that you followed your instincts and knew that something was wrong. We'll be praying for you and your family to heal physically and emotionally from this ordeal. I am glad to hear that you are doing alright and I hope she gets to come home with you soon.

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Dear Alison,

I am praying for your recovery and for Rebecca too. May she show the resiliance and stubborness that babies are known for.

I am a homebirth midwife in Ann Arbor. I live just a mile from UofM. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help you while you are here visiting. I would be happy to bring you food so that you can spend more time with her, or help you navigate Ann Arbor to find housing or services.

The Ronald McDonald house is nice if you decide to stay for a while. Also, the NICU has social workers who can be very helpful in working out the details of being an out-of-town mom who is staying with a recovering baby -- make sure to make good use of them. Holden may also have unit hosts now too -- their job is to help you be more comfortable as well -- think of them as hospital concieriges.

I worked at UofM in the pediatrics department many years ago and have encountered the NICU recently in my role as a midwife and doula. I don't think that there is a better place in the state she could be. I have seen a lot of miracles come out of that place. I hope that she does the very best that she can do and that her strength will surprise and amaze you. I also hope that you and Tim can be there for each other during this difficult time.

Take care,

Stacia Proefrock (734 222-0011)
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Thank you soooo much! I will be taking your number with me when we go to visit her. Knowing we won't be totally lost while we are down there is a big relief.

Just a dumb question...Are you related to a Proefrock who works with a Siamese Rescue?
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Oh my goodness...! What a strong and smart mama you are. You and Rebecca are both here today because you listened to your instincts.

Welcome to the world, Rebecca!

I'll be holding all of you in my heart.
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Originally Posted by Silvercrest79
Thank you soooo much! I will be taking your number with me when we go to visit her. Knowing we won't be totally lost while we are down there is a big relief.

Just a dumb question...Are you related to a Proefrock who works with a Siamese Rescue?
Not that I am aware of, but you never know what my dh's relatives might be up to.

Best wishes,

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You, your family, and Rebecca are in my heart and in my thoughts. I have two sons with neurological conditions, and what they say about children is true...their resilience, strength, and ability to overcome is incredible. Your Rebecca is so fortunate to have parents with such faith and love.

Blessings to you, and congratulations on the birth of your beautiful baby girl. She will bring you so much joy.
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Thinking of you and your family, and all of the healing energy and best wishes that we can send you . . . Keep us posted on Rebecca's progress.

Lots of love, mama!
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Congrats & will be thinking of you!! Keep us updated!!
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Alison, you & Rebecca will be in my thoughts. How fortunate for both of you that you were at the hospital.

I hope she continues to heal & is able to come home to you soon.
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: I'll be holding Rebecca and your family in my prayers.
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praying for you and Rebecca

I hope all is going well, I know how difficult a time this can be. My 3rd pregnancy had the same outcome. When I said I wanted to go VBAC after 2 Csec they said there was a 1% chance of having a uterine rupture and you think that it will never happen to me--but it did. My son was flown to Loma Linda NICU in So Cal and it was days before I could see him. He looked so huge among the premies--he was 11 lb 7oz. They discussed oxygen deprivation and thought it may be severe--he wouldn't eat so they wouldn't let me nurse him. Once I convinced them to let him nurse he improved quickly. He is doing well now--5 yo and hyper!

I am praying that Rebecca does well. Be sure to take care of yourself also!

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