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Mystery Material & Finished 2nd Attempt Diaper!

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Okay...here is a link to check out some photos of that mystery material I had mentioned yesterday.http://pg.photos.yahoo.com/ph/andrearetel/my_photos
A couple of other things about it...when you nick it, you can rip it just like any other material to get straight lines without cutting it. On my messed up test diaper I had made day before yesterday, I threw it into the dryer last night and over dried it on purpose to see how it would stand up to heat. The stuff passed with flying colors. There was no shrinkage.
Also, at this link are photos of my second attempt at making my version of an AIO. Even the baby got to test it! It fitss him perfect! I was going to bring it to work but he decided that he needed to continue the test by peeing in it! No leak! Let me know what you think!
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Ooh this is the material that I found awhile ago!!! I made a diaper cover liner and I throw sopping wet diapers in it and have never had a leak!!! I made sandwich AIO's too, they worked pretty well, but I had wicking around the legs from lack of a serger. I have washed and dried like crazy with this material and it doesn't shrink. Did you sandwich that material in that AIO?? I know the ones I made my son and daughter can wear them for a couple of hours or a couple of pees.
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Yup, I did the sandwich thing. I realize that I've done a lot of things differently than what most people do but I wanted to start making something immediatley that looked good and did not leak. I used a 100% cotton print on the outside, this weird material in the center, then a super flannel inner. The pad is made of 4 layers of microfiber towels with a couple of scraps of fleece for good measure. I didn't even realize than my son had pottied until after I had taken his diaper off.
I think I'm going to go back to Wal-Mart and buy the entire bolt of this stuff! I really like it a lot!
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:doh I didn't mean a diaper cover liner I meant a diaper pail liner!!! Maybe your's didn't wick beacuse you are using such absorbant materials,flannel, fleece, and microfiber. I just used flannel and cotton, plus mine are AIO's not fitted so they don't have to ruffles. Don't know if any of this makes a difference?? I do know that all those absorbant materials will make drying time a lot longer, just so you know.
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What was this fabric called and where did you find it in the walmart fabric section, was it next to the interfacing or the flannel or the fleece. I know all walmarts are different, but it will give me an idea of where to start looking cause I wanna try some ,
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At the Wal-Mart I went to, it was with a variety of other mixed stuff on one of their huge displays. I just went through all of the displays and started to touch everything! That's when I found it. Did the pictures of the diaper show up? I think I posted the link wrong to my photo album...
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Why can't i get MY TABS to be that perfectly square? NOT FAIR *throwing temper tantrum*
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I can't really tell what it is. Maybe nylon?

That dipe is so cute!! I put my sewing machine away for awhile but I'm breaking it back out today. Hope mine turn out that good!
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That diaper is SUPER cute! Did you put gussets on the sides? What pattern did you use?
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It looks kind of like nylon to me. And they can treat that stuff to be fire resistant... maybe? What about breathablility? It looks like it may breath a little, I don't really worry about that, i just won't use vinyl or whatever plastic pants are made of.
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As I have mentioned before, I will be more than happy to send out a large sample (enough to make your own diaper just for your time!) to any one that thinks they can figure out what this stuff is.
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i didn't read the first post i'm off to find it now but what does the fabric fell like does it fell plastic on one side or anything
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You can see the weave (?) on one side and it is slicker on the other. Very smooth but soft as well. You can bunch it up in your hand and it will not leave a bunch of odd wrinkles. I really like how I can rip it when getting ready to sew.
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My first description is under the post "Had to laugh at my first cd"
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I don't know what it is, but I want some! If you find out let us know. Do you have a fabric store in your area? Maybe you can take it there and they will be able to tell you. Your dipe is beautiful!

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What a fun diaper!! LOVE the print you chose... adorable on your cutie-pie. And how brave of you to try a mystery fabric!
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I love your diaper. And I'm jealous of your perfectly square tabs too! Do you remember what it was called on the bolt or your slip? I'd like to get some to try.
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I went to Walmart today and I think I found some of your mystery fabric. =) It's in the dryer right now.

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Tenecwalker...If you got the same stuff I did, it feels really nice to touch! Let me know after you dry it. Also, does it melt a bit if you burn it?
Bufflum...I'm always the one to try something different! There are way too many kinds of fabrics out there to just stick to the same few...at least that's what I think!
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Love the cute diaper on your cutie! The fabric looks to me like it may be tent material??? Like Nylon or gortex something like that. Hmm... hope someone figures it out.
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