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Headaches after dental visits?

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Does anyone else here get headaches after seeing the dentist? I went in a couple of weeks ago to have an old large filling removed and a dental crown put on. I was numbed up and sitting in the chair for about two hours. Well, after I came home, I ended up with a headache along with a little nausea that lasted at least 8 hours!! It was NOT fun!!

Fast forward to yesterday. I had another appointment to have my permanent crown put on. I told the dentist about my headache last time and he said that it was a side effect of the novocaine. He said that next time, he'll give me a different kind that isn't as strong. The other dentist there was saying that my headache could have also been caused from lying back in the chair for a long time.

Well, turns out I have to go back TWO more times because the crown they put on yesterday wasn't placed right (it's slightly tipped to the side). I am NOT looking forward to it because I'm worried about ending up with a headache!! It's strange because even though I wasn't numbed up yesterday, I still felt icky when I came home (an overall ill feeling and then had a headache later). I'm thinking that maybe my sinuses were aggrivated since he was working on my upper tooth (he was scrapping the temporary cement off, etc.) and that tooth is VERY close to my sinus cavity!

So, I am just wondering if there is anyone else here that experiences headaches after having dental work done, whether it's from the novocaine or due to your sinuses.
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I get headaches sometimes. I would think sitting there so long with your mouth open would aggravate your jaw which in turn can lead to headaches. I had a TMJ type thing for a while and I know that can lead to headaches.
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