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Summer Activities

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Hi everyone. I just found this site yesterday and I am enjoying reading all the posts and taking in the info. I do have some questions and I am looking forward to all feedback!

My DD 4 1/2 yo has been in Montessori since she was 2 1/2 yo. She is doing great - reading well and just getting starting with sme banking and math. I am wondering what to do with her over the summer. We have never supplemented her education at home, but I'd like to continue with some activities over the summer. Are there any specific things you do with your children?

Also - my DS 2yo will be starting in August - he will turn 3 in November. I want to prepare him as well. We started him in August 2005, in the 3 day a week program and it didn't work out. He had extreme separation anxiety - would cry the entire 3 hours. We tried all types of things to help him adjust - shortening his days, me taking him in the classroom when the class wasn't there, nothing helped. So, as you can imagine I am anxious about him going back in the fall. Granted he will be a year older, but he is still a very clingy child! Anyway - any tips for helping this transition?

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It's not Montessori, but I like a lot of the ideas at Ambleside online (http://www.amblesideonline.org/New.shtml). It's a homeschooling curriculum using the Charlotte Mason technique, and there's a nice emphasis on nature, which I think would work well for summer.

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Thanks for the reply - I'll check it out. I couldn't access the link, but I'll do a search. How old are your children?
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Welcome Tomkat!
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Gardening and cooking with food from the garden are my ideas for summer activities!
In regards to your question about getting your child ready, maybe he can make friends with some of the other children (his age) who will be there, have some get togethers over the summer.
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