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where is everybody?

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Where are all the February mamas? Just wondering if everyone has migrated to the birth and beyond board or the life with a babe board? I check in here sometimes but don't see any updates.
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I'm around but not posting very much anywhere. I'm too tired to write anything so I'm just lurking.
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I'm not sure where everyone is, but here is the Feb 06 Babies Thread Come on over! I have also been doing a lot more lurking than posting due to naking and just holding fussy baby. Nora has a great radar that makes her fuss whenever I try to do something for me, like eat, use the bathroom or post.
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I do lots of lurking here as well - I still haven't quite mastered the fine art of naking - it takes me 10 minutes to type a single sentence with one hand
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Yep, same here...just busy! Unfortunately I passed a 3mm kidney stone just five days post-partum!! With 5 DDs that's enough to knock me out!! Yasmeen and the girls are doing well though.
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Between baby care, my older DD, and DH working a zillion hours a week (mostly from home - so I can't get on the computer) I just haven't had much chance at all to visit MDC.

I'm glad to know about the Feb. babies thread, in case I get more opportunity to be online someday!

Hope you all are well and enjoying your little ones. Oliver is doing great and I'm totally loving having a new baby in the house!

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Hi all! Me too just been busy holding baby alot
All is good at our house. I am loving newborn baby life at our house. The bigger kids are adjusting well and I am figuring out how to get things done with a baby in my arms again. Just wanted t say hi to all of you and am hoping you are all adjusting to your new lives too.
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I get on forums when I can, I was in the February due dates club but had little corey March 4th... I do go to birth and beyond more often than not tho...
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