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Last week I started puking. I was like whats wrong with me? I then realized hmm acne, fatigue, nausea, etc. OMG I'm pregnant! Which after 2 failed cycles of Clomid, 3 years of trying and an upcoming visit to a RE, I never thought this would just happen. Nor did I ever think that I wouldn't have any idea of the day I ovulated or anything. I sort of just gave up on charting after Christmas. After obsessively charting for 3 years I have to laugh that I need an US to date the pregnancy. I'm 97% sure I'm due in November.

Oh yeah, I'm Meghan. My pregnancy with Sophie was uneventful until I went into labor at 35 weeks. I had an emergency c-section for breech presentation. After 3 days of labor, I was too tired to fight them and ask for a version. I did dialate to 8cm first so at least I know my body knows what to do. I'm a bit worried that I'll go early again with this baby. There wasn't a reason why I went into labor early the last time so I need to research and see if it's common in subsequent pregnancies. Sophie will be 4 in May. I'm a full time student. After spring quarter I'll be taking time off indefinately.
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Congrats! On the early labor... Your OB should be able to give you some idea of the chances, based on the circumstances of your last one. I had a 29 weeker preemie due to PROM, and my OB said I only had a 10-20% chance of it happening again.
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Congratulations! What a happy surprise!!!
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Wow, how exciting! It's so fascinating how just when we don't expect it the most amazing things happen.
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well, ya already have heard form me how happy I am for you

On the early-ness: did you have preterm labor, or was it just premature rupture of your water? One of the best indicators of preterm labor is previous preterm labor (I'm blanking on the stats, but I think it's if you've had one preterm lbaor before, your chance for a second goes to 20% and if you've had two previous preterms, your changes go to like, 40%. If you're like me and then have a THIRD preterm, well, then don't schedule anything important in those last few months cause you'll be flat on your back and then have a baby two months early, LOL!) BUT, in the past few years they've made some advances in managing preterm, and progesterone injectiosn are now the standard of care for avoiding preterm. So, if it's somethign you're worried about, mention it to your care provider.

On the flip side of that, if you didn't have any labor issues leading up to sophie's birth (ie - your water just broke, not thatyou had conractions leading up to it for weeks before) then it's most likely that it was a one-time thing and you won't have any issues this time around (I think I read a study recently that said a lot of the premature rupture of membranes that weren't associated with preterm labor were a result of vaginal infection. Apparently a LOT of pregnant women have silent infections that show no symptoms )

Are you planning a VBAC? I had the same issue as you (c/s because of breech preemie) with greg, and found out that my OB does't do vbacs (well, the hospital he delivers at won't allow them) So I've had to find a new provider. definitely something to talk about at your first visit, LOL!
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Congrats and welcome! What an amazing surprise
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congrats mama!! exciting!!!!!
Are you planning a VBAC? My last birth was one and it was just amazing a real healing experience
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