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Another question

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I've never used a real breast pump before. My SIL bought one for herself and has loaned it to me. Nice, huh? It's a Medela Pump In Style.

Are there parts of this I need to replace for my own use?

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Yes! Absolutely replace the horns and the parts on the horns. If you have a hosp. birth ask them for the medela pump attachements. Gotta Run DD just woke!
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Maybe I'm gross, but I borrowed my step sister's PIS and only soaked the parts in bleach to sanitize them. (Made sure I rinsed them really, really well and could no longer smell the bleach smell on the parts. Don't want DS to be drinking bleach! )
I'm not a "germ" phobic person at all though, not that the other poster was, so this didn't bother me at all.
I know my step sister doesn't have any contagious diseases...

Just thought you'd like to know that some people don't replace all the parts, even if it is recommended.

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It's not that expensive to get the parts you need for yourself: tubes, horns, and valves. You can get them separately at

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When I was considering loaning my pump in style during a friend's emergency, the lactation consultant said that a thorough cleaning would take care of any germs.

After a thorough cleaning, I wouldn't worry about it. Especially since you know the person the pump is coming from.

Just my 2 cents. Germs don't bother me in particular, anyway.
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Thanks for all the feedback, ladies. And thanks for the link. medela.com said your warranty is null and void if you "share" a Pump In Style (they make two kinds that are meant for more than one user in a lifetime) but I couldn't find the parts on their site.

I'll probaby get replacements for the parts I can, but I think it'd take one major bad-nasty germ to live exposed to air after this long, ya know?
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good luck. I am a body fluid germ-o-phobe If you're comfortable with washing and disinfecting go for it. Enjoy the pump, and if all else fails, you can always use your hands!
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why is it that PIS is supposed to be one user only?

I've got a loaner, and it's totally saving my butt--makes it soo easy (and quick) to pump at work. but when I called the company for an intruction booklet they said I can
't have one, since it's a single use item.

btw--i just cleaned everything real well and then boiled it.
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sadie...it's something to do with inner workings that can't be cleaned. www.medela.com says what that part is.

But really, I think it's probably mostly a CYA thing for Medela since there's a possibility germs -could- be transferred. I think the main concern is probably HIV...and that doesn't live outside the human body for long, right? Sooo...

I think there'd be an issue with sharing a pump while both moms are lactating. Right now, I am the exclusive user of the pump. I'm not pumping and then letting someone else use it that day or even that week, kwim?

And for those of you using a used pump, don't feel gross. Think about it for a second. We have had posts on MDC about breastfeeding babies who are not our own and about breastmilk banks. I don't think either of those things is necessarily icky. Is using a pump you've cleaned the parts of yourself really that "gross"?
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Heck, I wouldn't feel gross using a used pump, especially since the milk shouldn't get into the pump workings at all if it's working correctly.

Not only that, I'm one of those diaper hyenas who buys and sells used dipes - so I guess my gross gene has been deactivated! :LOL
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